Friday, September 16, 2016

Five Things: Five Brains, Cars, and Cosplay

Emmy Mom

AWOL or MIA call it what you want, but I am back. Life throws curve balls, crap storms, and all other things horrible. When it does, you just have to look for the rainbows and silver linings. Today I am playing along with my bestie Emmy and her Friday Five link up!

1.  My van started acting funny. It had no giddyup. I took it into a shop recommended to me. I thought it was the transmission. It wasn't. Instead, it turned out to be the catalytic converter. These are very expensive because they are made up of precious metals such as gold and platinum. However, it still didn't explain the $1,000 price tag on the labor. My niece's boyfriend is a mechanic he explained that they probably would have to take apart the suspension to get to the cat. He also said that the car is likely not worth saving. Oh goody. Silver lining and rainbow: he is looking at some places to fix it cheaper, and he knows a dealership that is taking any car no matter what condition for 3K. I have two cars I can offer. Does that mean 6K? Doesn't hurt to ask. 

2.  My son is afraid of cops. I blame the media. We see these images of cops abusing their power, shooting people, beating them and it is terrible. I love cops. My BIL was a cop. He is a teacher now. It just saddens me how they are portrayed. How any person is portrayed through the media.

3.  Sometimes I have too many brains. I think of things I would like to write. I worry about everything. Especially stuff I don't have any control over. I guess I like that. The stress you know.

4.  Kristin is officially in BYUI now. It is online. She is starting with two courses as that is all we could afford. After she receives her Associates Degree we are going to work toward sending her to the actual university to obtain her Bachelor's. 

5.  We celebrated "Supernatural Day." Supernatural is our favorite TV show. It's been on the air for 11 years and is headed into year 12. It's a good show with everything. I mean everything. They push the boundaries whenever they can. This show had God in it! Plus the main characters have died thousands of times. Literally. It's quite a show.

Time for pictures

Our tribute to Supernatural
I made pie on Supernatural day because one of the main characters love pie and because PIE!
Poor Kristin being crammed into the back of the Mercedes. No room for a tall person.
Spa day at home. Man that stuff was sticky!
Kristin's latest cosplay. "Harlequinn" from Suicide Squad.

That's all folks!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday FIve: Anxiety and Red Dye

Emmy Mom

I made it back! If I only blog once a week, it is a start. Of course, it is Emmy who is bringing me back. 

1.  Anxiety is a terrible thing. It is very real. You cannot see it, and it is also hard to describe. I want to write about this more. I have a feeling I would either go off on a tangent or I would derail...a lot. I still want to talk about it here.

2.  School is back in session and we are finishing up week two. No major dramas so far. The hardest part is pick up because it has been so hot and there is space of about 30 minutes between the two pick up times.

3.  The Olympics are winding down, and I am still just a couch potato while they excel to the absolute extreme. I do get excited for the ones who medal for the first time. 

4.  I have been in a funk lately, and I am working to turn that around. 

5.  Ryan's schedule has changed at least three times in these first two weeks of school. Not really a drama, more of a bother. However, he has taken it like a champ and has been able to adapt to it well. This is huge for him. 

Always Keep Fighting. This campaign is championed by Supernatural star Jared Padalecki who deals with anxiety and depression himself. He launched the campaign after losing a friend to suicide. 
I got to be one of the girls! They even wanted me to go to the mall with them. Sadly I had to decline as I had to pick up kids.

When your Weight Watchers Leader plays Pokemon Go, she will doodle on the poster of her meeting room! She is awesome.
My cat thinks he is human. He wanted was I having. At least he was polite.

When your daughter does cosplay there is a high probability for Rit Dye to be in your sink. Her latest creation is Harley Quinn, and my sink looked like a blood bath. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Five: Back to School

Emmy Mom

So it is Friday and I am playing along with my bestie, Emmy and her Friday Five where you share five thoughts and five pictures.

1. School is back in session for the kids and it feels like summer just started. My oldest is in the process of registering for BYUI (online). We have a few more steps before the process is complete. As for me, I am still trucking along to earn my degree. I want to be done so bad. The finish line is coming up.

2.  Been watching the Olympics.  I like diving, gymnastics, swimming and that is about it. What are your go to events?

3.  Finding work is hard when you haven't done it in almost ten years. 

4.  We have only been to the beach once this summer. That is unusual for us. 

5.  I need time to stand still for a while so that I can catch up on things like sleep.

Sometimes I see weird stuff when I am out and about...this was one of the weirdest. 

Now that's a roll back!
Hello Darkness my old friend...(back to school)
He really got brave. The water was mostly calm so that helped.
Signs by my artist Emily. I can't believe how much they have grown. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About

I am linking up with my bestie Emmy to share Ten Things that made me smile in July!


Two zoo trips in one month! Season passes! 
35 pounds down and counting!

Walking a 5K with my church on the 4th. Look at all those steps!

Bittersweet as we always laughed and smiled with our hairdresser (Center) She is moving away. 

If this doesn't make you happy, you are not living.

This moment from the cats. 
This girl completing the Pathways program. Next stop: BYUI
This handsome devil
Walking and capturing this sunset.
A weekend getaway with my bestie--you know the one I am linking up with today. We had a blast!

What made you smile this month?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five: Zoo, Virtual Reality and Big Wine

Emmy Mom

     I am linking up with my bestie (again) because Emmy will get me blogging again. Today is Friday Five where we share five thoughts and five pictures. That's easy right?  Well then, let's get this rodeo started.

1.  We went to the zoo. It was for Emily's birthday. Originally she wanted Disneyland, but that was way out of our budget. Thankfully when I mentioned the zoo her eyes lit up and we bought (through the military) season passes and we can go back. It covers the regular zoo and the safari park. Good investment.

2.  I learned about a new cooking show. Worst Cooks in America. Oh my goodness this show is hilarious. For me, not knowing how to cook--and these people do not know how to cook it is sad--is a foreign and unknown concept. How can a person not know how to cook?  One person actually sent her spouse to the ER because she didn't realize you could not leave food out all day. All right, my mom worked in a hospital so I got all kinds of food pro tips, but come on that one seems pretty easy.
Can you cook? What is the extent of your knowledge?

3.  I made a discovery today. My brand new belt which I bought to hold up my shorts/jeans that are loose but not too loose is now too big even on the smallest notch. I need to add notches! Go me! 33 pounds down and counting! I am such a LOSER! hahahaha.

4.  My week overall has been mostly uneventful...this is a good thing.

5.  The 4th of July I did a 5K with my church and made a nice BBQ dinner and stayed home. No fireworks for us. We watched all of the Back to the Future movies on Netflix instead. It was great!

Picture time.

One of many zoo pictures. I had fun.

Ryan did this pose on his own. I love this kid.

I played monopoly against Kristin. She said I would lose. She was wrong.
I do not drink, but I have friends who do. This struck me as very funny.
Ryan got to try virtual reality. He really liked it.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Charlie Brown

The Peanuts Gang is quite possibly the most iconic pop culture group of kids after The Little Rascals, and I am talking about the original ones not the movie that was made. Raise your hand if you remember them! Yes, I am too young for The Little Rascals (in their original run) but I know who they are because of syndication. What a ridiculous show about the battle of the sexes between little boys and little girls. However, this post is about The Peanuts Gang. 

     I was thinking about good old Charlie Brown the other day. I remember how much I could relate to him as a child. He is so disregarded and yet filled with hope. I sure felt picked on. I never had my head drawn on for what a pumpkin should look like, but probably faced some similar humiliation in my time. Haven't we all at some point or another been just like Charlie Brown? I believe I even landed more than one kite in a tree.  

     Charlie Brown is insecure and full of anxiety, which is why I can relate to him so much. Despite his insecurities and anxieties he keeps going. He always tries to kick the ball. He went ahead and bought the sad Christmas tree because it touched his heart and felt like what Christmas really meant. 

     The next most relatable character for me is Lucy. What a crabapple she can be, but let's be honest who here hasn't had a cranky day. 

Lucy isn't just crabby though. She can be kind of...well...she is bossy or she can be thought of as the quintessential mean girl. Think about it for a second. Yes, she gives advice (usually to Charlie Brown) but she charges him for it. And like most older siblings she uses her overbearing personality to push her little brother around. 

After Lucy and Charlie Brown, I found my comfort with Peppermint Patty. She was is so cool. She didn't care what anybody said or did. She was fierce, and she was good at baseball. I wanted to be cool and fierce like her, and I was really good at softball. 

How about Linus? Linus with his blanket and deep thoughts. I always admired this character. He is deep and seems to be the one that keeps the group grounded. Are you that person in your circle? I'm not. I wish I was. To be so thoughtful and insightful. I used to think no kid is that insightful. I am amazed at how insightful kids can be. It isn't any wonder that the Linuses of the world keep us grounded and thinking on that spiritual plane.

Schroder. Lucy's cursh. He has no clue whatsoever. By today's standard that kid would likely be labeled as Autistic. Please do not send me hate. My own daughter is in the spectrum. Let's think about it. He is a child prodigy who is an absolute genius on the piano. He rarely, if ever talks to anyone and especially not Lucy. When he does communicate with her it is about his passion, the classic piano and his favorite of all Beethoven. I just enjoyed watching Lucy spend countless hours throwing herself at Schroder when he clearly had no designs on her. It made me the mean girl I guess.

Sally Brown.  The little sibling to our anit-hero. She gushed over Linus. She was going to marry him. I say she did. I think secretly Linus likes the attention, but being a little boy he is too embarrassed to admit it, plus he doesn't want Charlie Brown to know because that's his little sister after all. Sally Brown was the first official fan girl.

Then of course, there is Snoopy. Charlie Brown's best friend. Lucy's nemesis. And Peppermint Patty's crush because apparently when a dog walks upright, it is hard to tell if it is human or not. Maybe she needed glasses more than Marcie. Snoopy was good at everything; everything except being a dog. Think about it. Snoopy is more human than canine. He writes, has adventures as the WWI flying ace, cooks full thanksgiving dinners, he is afraid of cats, his best friend is a bird;about the only thing dog-like he does is eat bones and dog food(occasionally.) No matter what you think Snoopy is, he is the coolest dog out there, and at the end of the day he is Charlie Brown's dog. 

My mother told me that as a child I reminded her of Pigpen because I carried a cloud dust with me wherever I went. Pigpen was another one of those great characters who didn't seem all that interested in the opinions of others. He was proud of his dirt.

For me the most relatable and lovable character is Charlie Brown because he never gives up, he hates no one, and all this despite overwhelming social anxieties and fears. I relate more to Lucy as an adult because as a mother I get cranky faster and I do tend to get bossy. I don't even have to give FIVE reasons for the kids to do things, I can do it with a look. Beat that Lucy. Though I bet adult Lucy could easily do so. 

Who do you identify with? Are you a Lucy? A Charlie Brown? Maybe you are a Snoopy. Or are you a Pigpen?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Five Things: If One Person Can Get Me Blogging...

If anyone can get me blogging again, it will be Emmy! Yes, you will. It will happen. Stop shaking your head, woman! Today is Friday Five with Emmy and that is where you share five thoughts and five pictures. Okay this could be interesting...

1.  Summer vacay so far has been mostly uneventful. No major dramas--knock wood. Ryan and Rich did Cub Camp and the weather was fantastic! The weather overall here has been HOT! He and Rich both had a good time.

2.  Rich's brother and sister-in-law and daughter came to CA for a visit. Their visit was short but we were happy to spend time with them just the same.

3. My sweet Emily turned 16! I just can't believe it. She had such a rough beginning born three weeks early and not breathing! YOu would never know it. She is a brilliant artist and incredibly sweet and funny.

4.  I am continuing on with college. It's hard! I will not quit. I am going for the finish! Sometimes I think about going for a Masters Degree, but I shudder at the extra school! Sigh.

5. I want a million dollars....wait...let's make it Ten Billion. I mean if I am going to be greedy let's do it right! 

Picture time!

1. I Snapchat! And one of the things I snapchat is when I watch Supernatural. Why? Because that show is as hilarious as it is serious. Yesterday, I discovered an Easter Egg. Forest wallpaper when they were dealing with fairies. Yes, fairies. 

Homemade cookies because...cookies.
Grocery shopping and cringing at the upcoming total.
Ummm...Come on....admit want this!!

Ryan and his friend.  Selfie and such a good job!

When will I blog next???  

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ten Things to Smile About

Yes, I know it has been far too long. It may be a long time again, but here I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy.

Emmy Mom

1. This kid and his silly ways always make me smile everyday of the year.

2. Trying on a Medium shirt and having it fit!

3. Seeing this shirt at a thrift store and finding it oddly amusing.

4. This sweet girl being abundantly pleased with her birthday cake

5. Spending time with family even if it was short.

6. An impromptu one shot "photo shoot" for Father's Day

7. When my mom and I dressed alike without even trying. It happens a lot.

8. When Ryan invited his Dad to talk at Scouts as a hero. Just look at that face!
9. In a moment of weakness, Spencer put an arm over his brother.

10. I am actually on the fence about this one. But he sure is a happy kid.

That is what made me smile this month. What made you smile?