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Friday Five

Friday means five now..

Five thoughts and five pictures.  I am linking up with my bestie Emmy to share with you.

1.  I don't like St. Patirck's Day.  It's an excuse to drink and pinch people who don't wear green.  Now guess what?  We celebrate it WRONG!  Surprise, the stupid Americans have it wrong.  St.  Patrick's color was blue, and it used to be a DRY holiday.  So for anybody who has ever pinched or plans to pinch in the future, I will find you and squash you.  Sorry, my Loki is showing.
2.  I'm not supposed to like the bad guy.  Well I have a history for it.  Wile E. Coyote!  Loved him.  Felt so sorry for him.  I always wanted him to catch that stupid bird.  Donal Duck.  So he feels inferior to Mickey.  Who wouldn't?  Stupid rodent anyway.  Plus the stupid chipmunks were mean to him.  Tom Cat.  I felt bad for him too.  Jerry Mouse was cool, but he was mean to Tom...okay they were mean to each other, but sometimes Tom should have won the fight.*  Dallas Wi…