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Gluttony and Vanity

It's Friday, and you know what that means, right?  What?  You don't?  Well, then let me explain.  Every Friday these two great ladies, Glamazon and Mamarazzi, host Friday Confessional.  You get to share your dirtiest laundry and your juiciest secrets...all about yourself of course.

I Confess...

I am a totally vain woman.  I got my hair cut on Saturday.  I was long long overdue.  She did a weird swooping thing with my bangs and crown.  Didn't like it, but I wanted a picture to share.  I snapped a picture with my phone and then I saw it.  My NECK!  Holy cow!  My neck looked like it was a hundred years old.  I couldn't hit delete fast enough.  No wonder older ladies wear high collars and big chunky necklaces.  Sheesh!  As for my hair, well it didn't like the look either.  Less than 2 hours after I got it done, it settled into its own comfortable places.  Even my hair is vain!

I confess...

Yesterday Emily came to the car after school with a dipstick candy package.  Rem…

Proud Mommy Moments: DARE

Emily, my Little Middle, is in the 5th grade.  When kids are in the 5th grade they go through a course for DARE.  They are instructed by specially trained officers who become their friend.  A requirement of their curriculum is to write an essay about what they have learned.  Emily wrote about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  She went on to say that it is best to keep yourself out of situations where you might be pressured to do things you shouldn't.

At the end of their course, they have a graduation where they hear the top written essay in the school.  Almost like a valedictorian speech.  Then each student gets to shake hands with their officer and the principal.   At the end of the day, they receive their graduation certificate.  They also got a pizza party and a lock in at the local family fun center.  It's supervised by teachers and parents alike, but the kids are free to play and have fun.   It reminds me of when I would go to Knott's Berry Farm with my friends…

Dancing With the Stars Week 9

The dancers are dancing three dances tonight.  THREE! Because two in one night wasn't challenging enough.   On Friday during rehearsals, Kym Johnson sustained a painful and scary injury.

They took her to the hospital mostly for precaution.  As you can see, she was able to dance.  It was awful to watch though.

Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff 1-800-868-3408
Ralph and Karina's first dance is the Argentine Tango. I like this Tango better than the traditional Tango.  If it is danced right, you can easily be swept up in the intensity of it.  Also, lifts are allowed.  Ralph and Karina did a a great job.  I liked their intensity.

Len said it lacked emotion and it didn't smolder. He said he liked the set up however, and that over all they did a good job.

Bruno told him he needed to bring out the Latin Lover; that he was too"stern."

Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno saying that Ralph needed to connect his feet and face to the music.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 9
Bruno: 8

Totally Random Tuesday

I went walking with Emmy yesterday.  It's a good thing too, because I have been being careless lately.  And it will catch up!  Back to basics.  It's also good to go walking with her because we have lots of fun doing it.

I hate May.  It's Sweeps.  Cliff hangers.  Screamer endings.  What the H E double toothpicks are you people doing to me!  Now I have to wait 4 months to wait and see what happens next!  Unacceptable.

Ryan got a split lip yesterday.  He got into a fight with a swing.  The swing won.  He is fine.  Just a tiny little mark.  The teacher said he didn't even cry.

May is flying by.  The year so far has been going at a nice pace.  Last year I remember feeling like it was passing by me and I was running to catch up to it.  I haven't felt that until now.  May is just zooming by.  School is almost over.  Proms have been held.  End of school activities are taking place.  It's just been this month though.

I just got through watching DWTS.  Man.  Basically it…

Because Little Girls Need Them

Have you seen or heard of this commercial?  Can you tell who it targets?  Shape up shoes as most of us know, are shoes designed to tone your legs and butt while you walk.  You are not supposed to just wear these shoes and start walking all over the place.  You have to break them in.  Slowly.  Did you know that part?  I didn't.  I also didn't know about their latest line for girls.  Girls ages 7 to 12.  Now as a shoe, and nothing but a shoe, I get it.  It's  a way to reach a bigger demographic.  Fine, whatever.  
I do have a couple of problems with this line of shoes.  Let's step away from the obvious of little girls "needing" a shoe that will firm and tone their butts and legs for a moment.  What about the physical impact?  Our bodies are grown and mature.  Their bodies have a lot of changing yet to do.  What will these shoes do to them?  And back to the bigger problem, the marketing.  Our lovely daughters do not need to further their image issues with a carto…