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It's true I went AWOL.  I had to take Ryan to the doctor.  He's had a cold/stuffy nose/cough for about 2 weeks now.Doc gave him Amoxicillian.  And suggested nasal spray.  Yeah, that's going to be fun.After we got home, I took a nap.  Maybe I should stop going to bed at 1AM My house has taken a real beating since Christmas.  It looks like a war zoneI left my dishes last night so I had a kitchen wipe out.I am drinking two diet cokes a day.  It used to be just one.  But now it is two at least. I actually feel my body crying for one.But it's okay cause I can cut that second one out any time I want.I thought about cutting chocolate out of my diet, but I'm no quitter!So far my decluttering resolution has not taken place.  I am trying to figure out where to start.Perhaps first I should make it possible to simply walk through the house.Seriously it's a mine field of toys, shoes, and miscellaneous items.I am totally addicted to my iPod.  Originally I wanted it to have w…

Things To Do When You Are Bored

Not that we are ever bored, because as parents it's nearly impossible to be bored.  This list was created by my kids and can be used by your own kids if you so desire.  I thought it would be fun to share.

write letters to yourself Send thank you notes to people you loveClimb the sidewalk *Post funny missing dog pictureturn your favorite book into a comicdecorate a shoe box like you (use cutouts and drawings)Follow an antMake a time capsuleBuild a birdhouse **Buy property on Mars +Neighborhood clean upSell Pet Rocks Yes, they actually set up a pet rock stand And yes, they sold some.  8 for $2!  How about that!?

*  Climbing the sidewalk:  On your hands and knees and pretending you are using a rope to climb up!  Bonus...jump off the curb and pretend it is a cliff.
** I know you can do this with milk cartons
+  Make a certificate claiming your land.  Be as creative as you want.

What do you do when you get bored?

The winner of our Extravaganza is Suze from Suze's Corner.

Be sure to ch…

Ten Things

Normally Emmy does this meme on the last Tuesday of the month, but with the holidays and being busy as we all have been, she waited til today.  So you haven't missed it and you can still play along.  It's a great way to look back and see the good that has been in your daily life.  I like to use my pictures as reference.  I am a very visual person.  And in looking at December I found there was much to smile about. So where do I begin!?
 Kristin looking so lovely for Winter Formal.  Even with a cast on! Fall finally arrived Ryan finally sat with Santa Ryan's first school performance:  The Nutcracker.  He was an Arabian Dancer.  That's him with the yellow hat front and center! seeing my nephew for the first time in 9 years!! And the fact that Kristin remembers him!
Fake snow & a fantastic light display
This actually spans three houses.  It's quite spectacular complete with a synchronized show. Learning a new photography trick. Making cookies on Christmas Eve Christmas!! Smile…


I am six feet tall.  I wear a size 10 wide in shoes.  Do you know how hard it is to find shoes???  Basically I get to go into the store and see what they have in my size.  And usually it looks something like this...

Are you freaking kidding me with these things???  Even Granny is saying NO WAY!
We Amazons are a rare and precious breed, but gees cut us some slack!  We like cute shoes too!  And I know they are out there, but why should have to spend three digits to get a pair shoes that fit??  Because I am tall and therefore must be a model who can have her shoes custom made?  It drives me crazy.  My cousin is also an Amazon...she is taller than me!  I am sure she feels my pain.  Her brother is almost seven feet tall as is my nephew.  They go in the shoe stores and say "What do you have in my size."  On a good day they bring out 2 pairs of shoes.  I was brought 4.  I lucked out with a straight 10.
I added the pink laces, and I am thinking of getting some rhinestones to bling the…