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I Must Confess--I'm a MOM

It is time to confess with Mamarazzi...and it feels like it has been forever since my last confession!

I confess....

I am a mother!

I dress like a mom.  Not that it's a bad thing.  I just want something that doesn't totally scream mom. Even my hair is mom-like.
I am totally blown away pleasantly surprised by my niece.  Her baby spit up on her right before we were about to go out to lunch.  Rather than change her entire outfit shirt she simply shrugged and said, "I'm a mom."

Because I am a mom I can not remember when I had my last haircut.  The other day Rich was telling me he needed one.  I said it had been months since I had one.  Months people.  My bangs touch the tip of my nose.  It's time.

Back on my "mom" look...I was at the store yesterday, and I was getting warm--it was NOT a hot flash.  I took my hoodie off and my shirt was TUCKED IN!  Tucked in!  What am I, 90????  I don't even know how I managed that. 

I may dress and look like a mo…

DWTS--Totally Rad 80's!!!

Like ohmygosh it's totally radical!  It's 80's night on DWTS!  Sometimes it's like barf me out the door while other times it was totally trippendicular!

 Hope and Maks 1-800-868-3408
Hope and Maks are dancing the Tango tonight.  She is very driven and quite the perfectionist.  I think she would do really well if she could loosen up a little and believe in herself.  I didn't like their Tango, perhaps it was the dulled down version of "Living on a Prayer!"

Len tells Maks that he did a good job but that the Tango is about action and reaction. He goes on to tell Hope she was to too filleted and willowy(He got booed for tha!)He told her she was too loose limbed but that  he liked the aggression the attack.  
Bruno called Hope the 80's super bitch,  "Full on  Alexis Carrington-Colby mode(scary that he knows this!) Padded shoulders, sharp stilletos, always ready for a fight or a night of passion.  Strong, Sexy and powerful!!!"
Carrie Ann agrees wi…

Curse You Blogger!

I know what you are thinking...where the heck is DWTS???  It's a good thing I don't get paid to do this--though we all know I should!  ;)  I spent two hours writing and working on my recap.  I was ready to publish and go to bed.  Blogger had not saved my rewrite!  Thankfully all my notes are still there.  I will be posting the recap tomorrow.  I simply do not have time to get it out this morning before school and other errands.  Bad blogger!  Arrrgh!

See you tomorrow with my recap.

It's Just Random

It's time to get my random on.  Why?  Why not?    It's been a while since I have been random.  It's fun to be random.  I am tired.  Tired is the best time to BE random.

I gave that pretty kitty a ride to the vet.  He's a butterball and would never hurt anyone or anything....except maybe a fly.  He's a gentle giant.  He got out and got into a fight.  He lost...he's okay...just has a bite wound on his back foot.  But he won't put weight on it so we took him to make sure he wasn't hurt real bad.  Poor Sumo.

This is Ryan's "tent."  He made it himself.  I took it with the new features on my iPhone.  The volume button doubles as a shutter release, and bonus there is a grid now too!  Who knew?  Fun stuff.  Other stuff I am still getting used to, but I am enjoying it.  I had to do a complete factory reset though.  That kind of (totally) sucked. But I have it almost back to "normal."

Saw this on Pintrest and just had to to have it.  You …

Are You Born That Way?

Yesterday as we sat around the dinner table, we talked about the talks that were given during church.  As most conversations do, it took a slight turn.  Kristin was talking about how one of her friends at school was asking questions about the church.  Baptism came into the discussion, and she was able to tell the story of her baptism.  She had to go under three times.  Yes three!  We believe the prayer should be said perfectly, and that the person should be immersed entirely.  Long story short, it took three attempts.  This moved the conversation to the Catholic faith--which Rich grew up Catholic--and how in their faith you are baptized as a baby.  This in turn led to another conversation.

In one of her classes, Kristin's teacher asked the class if people are born good, neutral, or evil.  She had them stand at certain points in the room according to their opinion.  Kristin, being young, and seeing good in everyone chose "neutral."  I didn't.   I am of the opinion th…