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It's So Random

Today's post is so random, that I am posting it on Thursday!  seriously, my life is so messed up and filled with crazy drama that I rarely know if I am coming or going.  Who has time to blog??  I see now why some of my blogger friends have closed up shop and created a group page on FB for updates and short posts for close friends (yep I have been invited) and family.   I refuse to give up.  I love my blog and my blog community.
I am excited for Halloween.  Three hints...and if you know...*cough* Emmy you can't play.  Not that there is a prize or anything.  It's just fun.  Hint number one:  why so serious?  Hint number two:  wings  Hint number three:  Justice.
I am excited because...I ordered my iPhone5 yesterday.  No, I really don't NEED it.  Yes, we had the money.  And yeah, we are going to totally mess with Siri.  But not too much, I want her to like me.  
It's a big weekend here.  Ryan gets to see his best bud Lucas get baptized.  He's very excited to see h…

DWTS Iconic Dance Week

This week on DWTS the celebrities are choosing past dances from past winners, and they get to direct, set design, costume design, and even choreograph.

First up are Anna and Drew and they are dancing the cha cha.  All I can say is...It's already getting harder and harder!  Who do I vote for??  Their cha-cha is excellent.  At least in my humble opinion!

Len said he liked the concept & the content. And that it was overall terrific!
Bruno, oh Bruno!  I think he liked it at least a little as he referred to Drew as "Magic Mike" and a "Power drill" was also mentioned.  Nice to see you are back Bruno!
Carrie Ann said she loved the creative direction and said it was great. She added that the moves were tight and precise.
Carrie Ann:  8
Len:  8
Bruno:  8
Total: 24

Gilles and Peta have the Tango, and while Gilles doesn't want to simply duplicate a dance, he wants to put himself into the routine.  So he designed the costumes, and came up with idea of hav…