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Age is a Number, Nothing More

I have been looking for work for eight months now. In eight months time, I have been graced with two interviews. One interview, I completely tanked.

I was fine with them telling me no, because I knew I tanked the interview. I was out of practice. I actually looked good on paper and was a good fit for them. It was a marketing company; a small one and since I majored in English with a minor in marketing it looked nice. I stumbled and fell flat on my face. Well when that happens we brush ourselves off and get back up, right? I even had coaching through my church, at no cost to me. This was an immense help. I applied for months before I got another interview. Then, when I finally got one, I was given a refresher course in how to interview so I would be sure to sell it. I did great! (In my mind.) I did a phone interview first, and then an in person interview the next day. I felt it went well. Sadly, I never heard back. I have applied many other places. I honestly have lost count, and forgo…