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The Eye of the Storm

One day when I was about 11 or 12 years old, the day started out to be a nice day. It was a spring day I believe complete with a blue sky and a slight breeze. There were some clouds in the sky floating lazily along. Then out of no where it seemed, the skies suddenly turned dark and ominus. The breeze changed from light to nearly gale force. Leaves and other things that had found places to rest on the ground were now actually spinning around. Before my friend and I could scramble inside, there was lightening, thunder and rain. That day, a tornado touched down just 7 miles from my home in the happiest place on earth! That's right. It hit Disneyland. It was surreal. Tornadoes were not supposed to strike in Southern Ca. And yet, one had. In the blink of an eye.

Today, my life felt much like a tornado. It came without warning. They always do. Even with all wonderful technology they still can not predict a tornado. The clouds were already dark and looming as my day began…

Make Sure Their Happy

There are two people in this world who you want to be happy when you are sitting in their chair. You're hair dresser and you're hygienist. Do you really want to be sitting at the mercy or your hair dresser with your crown of locks while he/she is dealing with a family crisis? Or worse, at the mercy of your hygienist after a bad break up? Now I know that they know better than put that stress on you--at least I hope they do! But come on, wouldn't you rather have them in a good mood!?

I am not a good dental patient. In fact, I am a bad one. Now I don't bite or anything like that, although as a child I did. So the possibility exists that I could start that up again. In other words, don't make me angry. I take good care of my teeth. I floss, brush, and all that good for your mouth stuff. But to sit in that chair...excuse me...LIE DOWN in that chair, I am white knuckling it from start to finish. So when I went for my long overdue cleaning today, I knew it woul…