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Proud Mommy Moments

This girl is quite the puzzle.  Sometimes she is super sweet.  Sometimes she is silly and making jokes.  Sometimes she and her brother are fighting over who took the last cookie.  She is never easy to wake up in the morning, but the other day when told me how she stood up for her friend I just had to share.  She has a friend at school who is legally blind.  A boy was picking on her friend at lunch time and Emily stood up to this rotten kid.  It wasn't just that she stood up to him, it was how she did it.  As an English major and a lover of words, I am always looking for new and different words and then I share them with my kids.  As result, they gain an interesting vocabulary.  When this boy started picking on her friend, Emily took no time whatsoever to say, "Why don't you take your infinitesimal brilliance somewhere else you ignoramus."  She had to explain it to hear friend.  As for the boy, he was a deer in the headlights, and he walked away.  HA!  I am so proud …