Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bed Rest

Bed rest is usually something you hear when a woman is pregnant and has to stay in bed to keep the pregnancy going. It's also likely the only time that woman will ever have "bed rest". As a mother of three, and a wife of one, I do not have the luxury of bed rest. Is it because I do not allow myself that luxury? Am I not worth the time spent in bed to allow my body to heal so that I am stronger and able to care for my family? Well of course I am, but in the real world, moms just don't have time for that kind of vacation. And frankly, if that is how I get one I'd just as soon forget the vacation. Sometimes we simply do not have the choice and we have to perform the basic duties of the day because we are the only ones there.

I am not on my death bed...yet. Drama queen? Me? No way. I do have to be extremely ill to stay in bed. For one thing, I have control issues. See my previous post, "A Grand Adventure." I also know the house will fall apart and crumble to its foundation without me. Of course this would never happen. However, I think most mothers think real hard before they tell their loved ones, "I'm going to bed. I am sick." The panic our family feels does not kick in right away. First of all, moms never get sick. We are not allowed. Second, at least for me, my kids have a habit of saying, "Mom doesn't do it that way." It's okay if Dad does it differently. As long as he gets the job done. When Mom is sick it disrupts the routine. Kids like routine. In fact they thrive on it. If you throw in a curve like Mom being sick it takes a toll; especially if the illness is an extended one.

As I said, I am not on my "death bed"...yet. I am just feeling "under the weather." My hope is if I rest today--as much as I can, that I will be better for it. I will fight the good fight. After all, I am a mom and I am not allowed to be sick.