Friday, June 17, 2011

The Whole Truth....

I confess....

This is not my view, nor or those my toes.  I was dreaming.  Still am.  Who wouldn't want that!?  Did I get caught up?  Almost.  I had to do my weekly grocery shopping.  I spent $175 and still forgot stuff.  Ugh!  Don't you hate that??  Then I got slammed....broad-sided is more like it...with a killer migraine.  Stupid headaches anyway!  My mom came over so I could take a real nap.  Thank goodness it was pizza night.  Slow but sure it went away.  And not too soon because we went to Zumba.  A special class being taught at my church.  I hope they keep it up.  Free and I will definitely go.  I came home and showered and then gave myself a well deserved snack.

I confess I look a moron when I is proof positive...

Look closely at me.  I am doing the right move...but opposite!  But I have a smile on my face.  Mostly because I know how dorky I look.  This is my Zumba Gold class.  Love these ladies.  Do I know their names?  Nope.  But I know their faces.  

I confess...

I feel like an oaf most of the time during Zumba.  A big sweaty oaf.  But despite feeling that way.  I go.  And I realized something very important.  I don't go to help in my weight loss or to better myself.  Nope.  Those are just the perks.  I go so I can get away from craziness and sibling rivalry.

I Confess...

I love my blog.  I love the voice it has given me here.  I just wish sometimes I could have anonymity.  Just sometimes.  Anyone looking for a ghost writer?  shoot me an email.  ;)

I confess...

I have nothing else to tell this week.  Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catching Up

I am putting my feet up for the day and catching up blogs.  I will be back tomorrow.  Have a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out...

Today I am participating in Shell's Pour Your Heart Out.  If you haven't heard of this Meme before, head on over to Shell's place and read all about it.  If you have something you need to get off your chest this is the time to do it.

My best friend is moving.  Actually.  She moved!  It's done.  It sucks.  She isn't far.  We can still get together.  Just not as often as we are used to.  Our sons are best friends too.  And when you are 5 and 6 it's hard to understand why you just can't go to your friends house.

It's funny how life works.  We met a long time ago actually.  About one month before she married my cousin.  My Grandma had a stroke.  I went to Utah to see my Grandma one last time.  It was hard.  And it was just another notch in what was a miserable vacation.  The whole family was there.  It was amazing.  My cousin was there with his bride to be.  I only remembered her name.  I would be pretty sad if I forgot a name like EMILY!    And who knew that just eight years later that same Emily would soon become my best friend.

I knew when they moved here in 09 that it was temporary.  But I was excited still to have a friend, to have family, and to have someone for my son.  Two years isn't long.  I told myself.   So it is good they haven't gone far.  It still makes me sad though.  No more walks.  But thank goodness for technology.  We will get together still.  But my best friend has moved.  :(

She may have moved, but I will see her next week and again next month.  So it's not so horrible.  But best friend moved.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Status Quote

It's time for The Status Quote.  And I am flying solo this month.  Just because she is moving this very week, EmmyMom thinks she is some how excused from it!  ;)  I kid.  And you know I love you!  And now....on with the show....

Early morning meetings would be better with gunfire. More interesting at least.  I have always maintained that people are lucky I don't carry guns.  
1980's: Invite friends over and bore them w/slideshow of vacation photos.
2010's: Invite friends to view vacation photos on Facebook. What is funnier the fact that this is true, or the fact that we are definitely more apt to look through the FB version!
8YO to me: What's that noise? Me: The air conditioner. 8YO: No. It's oudside. Me: Still the air conditioner. 8YO: No. It's like **humming**. Me: The Air conditioner. 8YO: No. It goes like tihs **growling**. Me: Would you like to give me one MORE reason that mom's obviously wrong? 8YO: Yes! **forhead slap** When does this "stage" go away?This sounds like me and my son.  He will argue simply to argue.
Can you please spare a square? "I don't have a square to spare"
Come know you want to say it..."Anthony 'Peter Tweeter' Wiener"...admit it made you giggle just a little bit. Okay...maybe I smirked a little
Sorry to the person who bought the letter mats at our garage sale- I just found the letter K. That's O
I've been wondering about my empty tupperware shelf. Then I looked under B's bed. He has bugs in each of them!!! Granted they were stacked nicely. But between the fly, bee, spider, and little things that looked like a mites... I'm buying a new set. To be a little boy...I guess this trumps Ryan shoving a bead up his nose the other day.
Its pretty sad when I think im getting a good deal by paying $3.57 a gallon of gas.I would be thrilled beyond measure!!!
There are at least 20 toys on my office floor, but he needs to eat my sicky tabs.But they taste so yummy!
What have your friends been saying this month?



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Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockin' the Bump

I am taking a break from asking my weekly questions, and participating in Shell's Rockin' the Bump.  Show pictures of you rockin' the bump in the past or presently.  Well since I am not presently rockin' any bump I am only sharing past bump pictures of myself.  However, I also am adding a picture of my niece.

With Ryan....wishing it was over...
Really wishing it was over. 

She is due next month.

You don't have to be pregnant to play along.  Just share pictures of when you were.  Or like me, share some of someone who IS!  It's fun.