Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Am Tickled!

I am tickled!  Tickled pink that is!  When Holly of 504 Main asked me if I would like to be featured on her blog, I won't lie...I did the happy dance.  If she were in my presence I would have hugged her.  I am truly excited to be included in her featured bloggers.  I am still so young in my blogginess.  If you haven't been to Holly's site, please click on this cute pink button to go and see her.  She has other bloggers featured besides me, plus a blog hop.  She has fabulous crafty ideas and projects she shares and gives instructions.  And she always features wonderful bloggers, who craft, garden, create, and all things fantastic, so why would she choose me?? LOL...

I’m Tickled Pink at 504 Main

If you don't know me, I am a CA girl born and bred.  My husband was in the military for 20 years and we moved around a lot.  The farthest we lived away from here was VA.  After his retirement in 07 we made our way back west.  We have three beautiful children who drive me crazy as children should, but I love them anyway.  I am still finding my roots here, but in the meantime I like to ask questions.  I participate in writing prompts.   And sometimes I am just plain random.

I also have two other blogs.  Go ahead and check them out.  There are buttons for Metabolism Blues, my blog about my weight loss journey. And Point and Shoot, my photo blog.  I guess all these things are the reasons Holly picked me.  I am honored to be in the company of these fantastic bloggers.  Thanks for coming over. Grab a drink and some snacks and feel free to look around!

Road Rage Rant

I have Road Rage.  Luckily for those idiot bad other--drivers--which--are--not--us-- of course--I do not really carry a gun.  And it is also lucky for them that I am mostly "no action, talk only."  Today I will use the written word for my rant on road rage.  Because after all, the pen is mightier than the sword.  Or in this case, the keys are mightier than the car?  
Raise your hand if you have school age kids.  Raise your hand if you drive them to school.  Raise your hand if you think ninety percent of the parents are idiots careless drivers.  How do these people get their license anyway???  Let me set the scene for you.  

The school parking lot is small.  It was not meant for the capacity of students the school has.  It has a little over 500 kids.  Which is small compared to their school in VA which had 1100 kids.  I digress School CA has a small parking lot, with one way in and one way out.  It has two lanes of "traffic" which should be obvious to anyone that the right lane is drop off, and the left is go.  I see people nodding their heads.  Good, we are all on the same page then.

Yesterday, as I dropped Little Middle aka Emily off at school, I ended up behind the person who obviously was the only other person there.  But really what she was, was the one of the many idiot bad drivers I have encountered there.  Here comes the Rant.  First of all, she was about two car lengths in from the entrance.  I will give a little wiggle room for this since it is likely that before I got there, there might have been cars in front of her.  However, no one was in front of her when I pulled up behind her.  She let's her child out and waits and watches as little girlie skips off to class.  It is apparent that the child is kindergarten.'s been four years since I had one of those, and it will be another year and a half before I have the last one go, but let's be real here.  She is going to school, not college, or a mission, or serving her country.  You can go.  Nothing.  She sits there.  Unmoving.  I told my Little Middle that I would just have her get out, but there would be no point since I would still be stuck!

After this lady's child was long out of sight, I figured she would ease into the left side of the traffic, you know the side that is supposed to be moving.  Well this lady wasn't moving. At all.  I try to be fair.  People can be so rude.  It's what creates that road rage.  I could see the moving side was actually moving, nobody pausing to let her in.  But then, there was a space.  She sat.  Another space.  Still she sat.  Of course she is in a little pipsqueak car and I am in a minivan and people behind me can't see the little car that won't go.  I don't want to get honked at.  That makes me so mad.  But she was just sitting there.  Not doing anything.  Not looking for papers.  Not talking on the phone.  Nothing.  I want to clarify here, I do not use my horn unless it is absolutely necessary.  It is like shouting to me.  It loses its meaning if it is used too much.  I honked.  Nothing.  Really?  My blood is raging now.  And finally she inches forward...oh did I forget to mention that there were NO CARS IN THE DROP OFF SIDE for at least SIX car lengths.  Just sayin.  Finally someone let her in.  I thanked them, even though they didn't see me do so.  They wanted in.  I let them.  After all they got that dumb lady out of EVERYONES way.  Then just as I was about to make my move to the left, someone on the left stopped and dropped their kid off  from the moving side!  AAAAAACK!  
"Hello, Idiot Police?  Yeah, I have two for you."
Today's Road Rage Rant, was brought to you buy the letter R, and by the number 2. If you want to play along head on over to Ms. Jenny!  She's awesome.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

I can't believe it's already almost over.  It went so fast.  Maybe because there were only 11 celebrities.  Maybe because time just flies.  Whatever the reason,  it has really flown.  Every Monday night my fingers fly on the keyboard during the show, and on my phones after.  By Tuesday morning I have texting thumbitis.  Yeah, it's real.   First on the roster are my pet favorites.  Erin and Maks.  I love them because they are so dang cute together.  They just fight like a romantic comedy.  Or like brother and sister.  I prefer to think of the former.  Tonight everyone dances two dances and the second includes a solo.  For the first dance, Erin and Maks are dancing the Viennese Waltz.  In practice she nails a move and Maks couldn't be prouder.  Their dance was in a word:  BEAUTIFUL.  She is really neat to watch.  She is so tall and thin and she is talented so when she dances it is good.

Len told her she took a giant step through the door.  Bruno gushed about how much she has improved.  Carrie Ann said how much she loves to watch her, but she saw the nerves in her ankles.  ANKLES?  Really?  But then I don't know what to look for.  She went onto say, "I want you to pull it together for the next dance."

Carrie Ann:  9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Total 27

Derek came into practice this week with neck pain.  I am not totally clear on what happened to him.  He did injure his neck last season, so it is possible he was having trouble from that.  Their first dance is The Argentine Tango, not an easy dance to do when your neck is stiff and hurting.  And he was.   Frustrated but determined, Derek worked through the pain and went on with the show.  And....*shaking my hand*  Ssssssss Sizzling hot dance!  WOW!  It was....HOT.  Just my HO.   Bruno, with his grand dramatic gestures said, "A divine enchantress using each move to throw us deeper, and deeper and deeper into a love spell from which their is no escape!  Enchanted by you!  Loved the dance!"  Carrie Ann said, that Nicole took Bruno some place else but that she was moved to tears.  And Len told her that her performance was more delicious than his grandmothers apple pie!!

Carrie Ann:  10
Len: 10
Bruno: 10
Total: 30

It's no secret that I do not care for Chad or his lack of skills for dancing.  So when my husband asked me if I would vote for him if he did a complete turn around and blew everybody out of the water, I had to say "no."  He's just too much about Chad.  And then seeing his offer of 10 thousand dollars to his millionth follower on Twitter, I had to wonder if that offer would be rescinded if he was eliminated.  Their dance tonight was the Waltz.  And I wouldn't say he did a 180, but I will say he did about a 45.  It was better, but just not a contender.  Not at all.  Jake would have been a better contender.  Okay so I ended up liking Jake, but he is the better dancer.  See ya next Tuesday, Jake! ;)  Ahem....

Carrie Ann told Chad that he nailed the Waltz!  That there was a new Chad with new posture.  And then she started giggling.  Len told him he was the only one (now) with no dance experience and to produce a dance like that was fantastic.  Bruno, told him that they have been harsh, because they knew there was something to there to see.

Carrie Ann:9
Len: 9
Bruno: 9
Total: 27

Evan aka Mr. Excitement(okay not really) was set to dance The Fox Trot.  Anna wanted to know what it was that made Evan really happy. Ummmm coffee....*crickets* I seriously don't remember what he said next, and then he said his nephew.  This sweet little chubby baby just learning to walk.  Evan's entire face lit up.    That was the face she wanted in the Fox Trot.  And he brought it.  It was a lively dance.  He was there with her and the audience for probably the first time.  Ever.  Len told him it was happy go lucky and fun.  Bruno told him it had vitality! And Carrie Ann praised him for finally making those connections and thanked for listening to her. 

Carrie Ann: 10
Len: 9
Bruno: 10
Total: 29

Erin and Maks' second dance was the Paso Doble.  When Erin did her solo, that cool cape was wrapped up all around her and looked more like a hefty bag.  I thought YUCK!  That is UGLY!  Then Maks took it down and it made all the difference in the world.  She rocked this one!

Carrie Ann:  10
Bruno 10

Nicole and Derek danced the Cha Cha Cha.  It was perfection.  I still believe they will take the trophy.  But then you never know.  Bruno told Nicole that she was the "sexy-licious purple Queen of the cha-cha-cha!"

Carrie Ann 10
Len 9
Bruno 10

Chad and Cheryl  danced the Samba and somewhere in there Chad lost his shirt...well he didn't lose it, he knew where it was.  I wasn't overly impressed with the dance.  Len said it was a tough dance and that he did a great job.  Bruno said he would torn between admiration and bitter envy.  Carrie Ann proclaimed that he lit up the room.  And she is giggling again.  What is she on anyway?

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 8
Bruno 9

Evan and Anna dance The Paso Doble.  Evan. Nailed. It.  Bruno told him he was strong and artistic.  The best Paso ever. And the still giggly Carrie Ann gushed about the power of his movements.  Len pointed out how hard it is for the male celebrities to dominate these professional ladies, but that he did it. 

Scores: Carrie Ann:  10
Len 10
Bruno 10
Total: 30/59

So with my phones all lined up, and my fingers at the ready I did my part to keep my favorites on the show.  I posted on my FB to please keep MAKS and ERIN dancing!  And my pleas worked!  Sorry Chad...okay...I'm not really, but I am trying to be nice here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Tuesday...time for some STICKY NOTE fun. 


Now if you want to play along with all the other cool kids, just link up with SUPAH MOMMY.  Or if you simply want to play with the sticky notes...go here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Which is Worse?

Can I just say I hate commercials?  They are loud, obnoxious, and I just wish I could skip through them always.  But no such luck.  We are subjected to their noise and stupidity.  Okay, every now and then a clever one sneaks in just to throw us off track.  But the commercials I am focusing on are not loud necessarily,  obnoxious ...?  Probably.  Disgusting?  Definitely.  Quick go give the babies something to do.  I'll wait we can discuss.

First up is a Victoria's Secret commercial.  Good, I see we are all on the same page here.  Once upon a time this place was class and elegance.  Now....welll... you decide...

Okay.... now let's look at commercial number 2.

Now you may or may not recall, that the Lane Bryant commercial was pulled from the networks, because it was too suggestive and might offend people.  Can somebody tell me how a curvy woman going to surprise her man is more offensive than a bunch of girls rolling around in their underwear?  I'm confused.  

Okay next up.  Carl's Jr.  I really like their burgers, but I am thinking their founder did not have this in mind to sell his product, nor did his wife...

This commercial disgusts me on every level of disgust.  Where's the guy in the faded jeans, no shirt, working his way through his burger?  Come on Carl's give me fairness! 

Seriously? That's their answer?  A dork in a van playing with a hoola doll?  UGH!  What do you think?  Were networks right to pull the Lane Bryant ad?  Are Victoria's Secret ads more or less racy?  Do the Carl's ads border on obscene?  Let's not forget that Paris Hilton ad that DID get pulled a few years ago.  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heeeeeere's Ryder

Emmy is having trouble uploading her pictures so my cousin put them on her blog, and I am such a bully I stole snatched saved them and thought I would share here. I excited?  Of course I am.  I get baby fixes this way.  haha.  
My cousin, Rachel--Eric's sister-- says he is small but a fighter in deed.  I am just grateful we all get to see him.  

Not too happy here, maybe if they would stop poking him.

Keep checking Emmy's blog, mine or Rachel's.