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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

It's true.  I am beautiful.  It's a curse.  But please don't hate me.  Do you promise?  Ok.

I have zero stretch mark on my belly.  I really don't.  I do, however, have them on my thighs and chest.  Nursing causes you have an instant boob job.  I was always amazed at just how ginormous they got.  But the end result is...stretched beyond capacity.

I haven't had any plastic surgery.  I know it is so hard to believe. 

I am six feet tall.  Please don't hate me.  I have to wear a 10W shoe!  Practically impossible to find.

I once weighed 123.  Once.  I was too skinny.  I weigh more than that now.  Much more.  I don't want or need to weigh that again.  Ever.

When I weighed 123, I was a size 5.  I'm not a size 5 anymore.  And I am okay with that.  I am heading into a 14.  Much more realistic.

Thank you for not hating don't hate me right?  Whew!  Have a wonderful weekend!  You are all beautiful!

Y...Because we like you!

Do you remember?  I mean really?  Way back when.  It's Alphabae-Thursday with Jenny, and you know what that means?  I have to come up with something clever for the letter Y.  My daughter gave me the perfect word the other day when we were being nerdy and quoting Toy Story 2--since we have only seen it about 30 times.  Well she tried to yodel like Jesse the Yodeling Cowgirl.  And while she (Jesse) does do a good job, it isn't true yodeling.  I gave a feeble attempt and quickly wished I had left it to the imagination.  But how else can you describe yodeling?  Besides to...YODEL!

I am not a yodeler.  And that is a fact.  Last week, I had the letter X with some fact and fiction....and wow the guesses were all over the place.  I will say, that despite the way my sister and I fought, we did grow up and became the best of friends.  With that being said...let me tell the truth....

1.  My sister broke my pinky.  True.  She did indeed.  She was throwing a punch and I put my hand up to …

Wordless Wednesday...Plus.....

Now that I have your attention...head over to Point and Shoot for a special feature!

Short and Sweet!

Today is Sticky Note Tuesday!  My husband always knows when it is Tuesday because I go here and make a whole bunch of sticky notes.  Then I use my creations for my Tuesday post! Then you get to link up with Supah Mom! It's fun.  It's short. And it's sweet.

I noticed that a lot of people use Sticky Note Tuesday to write letters to people.  I thought I would give this a whirl.

PS:  Send Chocolate! Really, I'm not.  Is it hot in here? I would write one for stupid drivers, but it would need a whole post! Seriously, what made me think I WOULDN'T get burned! ***************************************************
Tomorrow be sure and visit my photo blog!  I am featuring Emmy!  Come and visit and see how she got into photography and what tips she has to offer!

When Push Comes to Shove

We went to see Toy Story 3 on Friday.  I loved it.  I want to see it again.  In 3D.  Why does it have to be so danged expensive to see them that way!  Especially since most of the movies are being presented that way anyway.  Not the point.  We all loved it.  We all boo-hooed some.  It was the best in the series. 

After the movie, we had designs on going to dinner.  Well it was only 4 when the movie was over so we decided to walk around the mall.  There is a play area in our mall that is perfect for the younger set. Little cars  with slides, a "stone" bridge for crossing is usually used for jumping.  It's always packed with kids and chaos.  Friday was no different.  Kids and chaos as usual.

Ryan was happily playing and all of the sudden he was running to me, crying.  Apparently some little monster child boy had pushed Ryan.  We calmed him down, and told him to go back and play.  He did. And then I saw it.  The monster child who was likely 3..or a very short 4.  It's h…