Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About

I am joining up with Emmy today for Ten Things to Smile About where we get to remember ten things that made us smile in the past month! What a wonderful gift to think about the positives in life.

Emmy Mom

First I'm sorry not sorry  for the amount of times my smiles are a direct result of my kids or actors. I'm just easily amused and a proud Mama.

1.  Kristin was the best Fairy Godmother!  She simply shined and she was so adorable with the little girls.
Just look at the little on the left.  It's too much! 

2.  Sometimes I play Mario Kart with Ryan on the WiiU. We trash talk each other, and the computer players. It's all in good fun.

3.  And speaking of Ryan...he had to a biography of a favorite scientist/inventor complete with a short video.
Thanks to Kristin for editing the video.

4.  Emily got her hair colored a nice golden blone (weaves) it looks so pretty and natural. And bonus she really likes it!  
She's so stinking cute!
5.  If this silly cat video wasn't funny enough....

But then my favorite actors Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins from Supernatural had to go and ACT it out in CHARACTER! Jensen in the closet as Dean Winchester and Misha as Castiel in the trench coat.

I can't tell you how long I laughed over this. It was ridiculous! They are fantastically silly.

6.  Kristin was asked to prom... not like, "Kristin do you want to go to prom with me?"  But a full flegded "prom-posal." 

7.  Which leads me to prom dress shopping... it wasn't too terrible. Kristin is a joy to shop with. The dresses are what is hard. We lucked out at Macy's. While the dress is sleeveless, it still goes up and over.  Very charming and covers. Prom is not til May 9th. Sorry. It is a peachy/pink.  

8.  Ummm we have a game of Clue which is modeled after the game of Supernatural. We have lots of fun with that.

I may or may not have bought this air freshner.  What does is smell like?  Angel.

10.  Two words:  Spring Break!

What made you smile this month.