Thursday, December 5, 2013

Review Extravaganza January thru March 2013

Are you ready for week one of The Review Extravaganza?   If you need a refresher of the rules and prizes, just go check out that post right here.

Let's start with... JANUARY:

We went to Knott's Berry Farm!!

We went with Emmy and her family, plus a few other members of my family.
Ryan and Lucas riding together.  
I got held up
We had a blast!

Another thing we did in January was see a I had to rack my tiny mind to figure out what play that would have been.  To no avail, I was unable to figure it out.  So, I asked Kristin....

After giving it some careful thought, she was reminded of the play she was Tom Sawyer!  She played a boy.  She was a cute boy.  A cute boy with southern accent.  I enjoyed the show.  I do not have pictures from it.  That makes me sad.  The really funny part, her very pasty white English friend played Injun Joe!  And he did an amazing job.  


We celebrated my nephew's birthday....

We said goodbye to our Dear Elder!  (8 months now in Taiwan!)


The biggest thing in March would be a birthday....Rich's...which we likely combined with my Dad, my brother, and my other nephew.  Yes, March is a big birthday month in our family.

There was also Easter...

My (great) Nephew

Ryan on the Easter egg hunt in Grandma's yard.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Smiles

Emmy Mom

Thanksgiving and all it's craziness made even Emmy forget about her regular Meme of Ten Things to Smile About.  Luckily she remembered and this gets me blogging this week!!!  And again later in the week for the Review Extravaganza!!! Woot!  Woot!

1.  My son got baptized.  
What a sweet day this was
2.  When your homework can include....
This's going to be fun!  Yep, I got to write about the actor not the character.  He is quite skilled at his craft, but then he preforms Shakespeare.  
3.  I asked my son if he liked girls (he is 8 mind you) he smirked a little but then he gave me one of these...
4.  Someone told me *cough* Emmy *cough*  that I am not supposed to like the bad guy... AKA Loki....
ummmm....have you seen the way he can command the stage?

This isn't even the full appearance!  Just saying.  

5.  And speaking of Thor the Dark World...we saw it twice already.... now we need to see it again... *cough* Emmy!  
Isn't that hysterical!?  (This is the Chinese Poster--by "accident")

6.   I got to see my Bestie!!!  Yippeee.  That is always fun!

7.  Kristin was one of about 10 students named student of the month.

8.  More fun homework, though it wasn't Tom Hiddleston this time.  It was Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.  Cool!  I will miss this class!

9.  I have to poke fun at my niece who was noting on Thanksgiving that her genuine ugg boots were made out of real sheep did you know that they skinned the sheep and put it inside the boots?  Oh it got much worse when she started talking about the outside of the boots.  

10.  I made this movie trailer with iMovie...I think I may have problem as I am horribly addicted to this app.

What made you smile in November?