Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ABC of Me...

It's old school blogging again.  I was tagged by Emmy.  She is nagging me again.  Yeah. Yeah I know! ;)  This one is fun.  The whole alphabet all about yourself.  So ready or not...here we go...

Alphabet Meme...

A.  Attached or single?  Attached...like forever.  ;)
B.  Best Friend.   I can only name one?  I have more than one best.
C.  Cake or pie?  This is hard.  If you put either one in front of me, I am likely to eat both.  I love food.
D.  Day of choice.  I like Saturday.  We usually just hang out.  It's nice to lounge around and not have to try to frantically get somewhere.
E.  Essential item.  My glasses.  I am in need of new ones my age is showing.
F.  Favorite color:  red.
G.  Gummy bears or worms?  Neither.
H.  Hometown.  Midway City.  Don't worry no one has heard of it.
I.  Indulgence.
J.  January or July?  I am with Emmy, living in So. Cal it's pretty nice.  January is never super cold, and if July gets too hot (usually does) we go to the beach!

K.  Kids.  Three.  Kristin 15 though she is claiming 16 most days now.  Emily 13(in about 17 days) and Ryan is 7.  If I survive through his mission it will be a miracle.
L.  Life isn't complete without?  My family.  What would I do without these mixed bag of nuts?  They get me.  
M.  Marriage date.  Would you believe I have two?  We were married til death do us part on Sept 25, 1993.  Then two years later on the exact same date we were sealed for time and all eternity. 

N.  Number of brothers and sisters you have.  I have one of each.
O.  Oranges or Apples.  Either.  I like food.
P.   Phobias. The unknown, and lack of control
Q.  Quotes.   "If guns kill people, do pencils misspell words?"   "You don't have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body" ~C.S. Lewis.  
R.   Reasons to smile....

S.  Season of choice.  I will say fall.  The weather is nice, we do have a few maples around here so I have the colors, and you can have the windows open.
T.  Tag five people...I am way out of touch.  If you want to play...go for it!
U.  Unknown fact about me.... I've never been drunk or high.  I am truly glad to be able to say that.
V.  Vegetable.  I will just eat about any veggie.  I like carrots, broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, man I am getting hungry!
W.  Worst habit.  Procrastinator.
X.  Xray or Ultra-sound?  Not sure if this is a preference question.  I have had both.  I can probably glow in the dark!!!  Ultra sounds are more interesting as you get to see what is going on, and you get to try and guess what things are.
Y.  Your favorite food.  Okay...food has come up a lot through out this post.  I just really like it.  And now I am hungry!!!  I like bread, sweets, and steak...big juicy grilled steak!!!!
Z.   Zodiac sign.  Virgo

And there you have it.  The ABC's of me.