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ABC of Me...

It's old school blogging again.  I was tagged by Emmy.  She is nagging me again.  Yeah. Yeah I know! ;)  This one is fun.  The whole alphabet all about yourself.  So ready or we go...

Alphabet Meme...

A.  Attached or single? forever.  ;)
B.  Best Friend.   I can only name one?  I have more than one best.
C.  Cake or pie?  This is hard.  If you put either one in front of me, I am likely to eat both.  I love food.
D.  Day of choice.  I like Saturday.  We usually just hang out.  It's nice to lounge around and not have to try to frantically get somewhere.
E.  Essential item.  My glasses.  I am in need of new ones my age is showing.
F.  Favorite color:  red.
G.  Gummy bears or worms?  Neither.
H.  Hometown.  Midway City.  Don't worry no one has heard of it.
I.  Indulgence.
J.  January or July?  I am with Emmy, living in So. Cal it's pretty nice.  January is never super cold, and if July gets too hot (usually does) we go to the beach!
K.  Kids.  Three.  Kr…