Thursday, January 23, 2014

Since It's Been A While...

ABC's of Me....

Let's see if I can even pull this off...I thought I would do a little sharing this week about me since it's been forever....

A.  Anxious...sometimes I am anxious about stuff.  I can't help it.  I try to be cool.  But...anxiety has a way of sneaking in.
B.  Braindead...not always...but I have my moments.  Like on Halloween while walking around with Ryan...I actually said, "Mmmm I smell pumpkin!"  Yep.  
C.  Cats...I have two.  Spencer and Sheldon.  They think they own me.
D.  Diet Coke because I love the stuff.  My weakness.
E.  Emily my middle girl...

F.  Food...because you know...I like it.
G.  Grateful...I try to be grateful everyday for the things I have.
H. hearing just isn't what it used to be.  I totally understand why people with hearing issues bow out of social events.  It's because you can't hear 75% of what is being said anyway.  It's as if you are in a dream state and someone is trying to convey a message to you, and you do not understand the words no matter how loudly they speak.  Yeah, like that.  
I.  I stay up too late every single night.  I may never learn.
J.  Jewelry....I do like it.  I just don't wear it.  
K. eldest.  
L.  Lazy and my personal battle with it.  I get in modes of "I don't want to" especially after a few days of running around town.  
M.  Mom...being one, and mine.  I love my kids.  And I love my mom.  
N.  No Time....more like...I need to MANAGE my time!!! 
O.  Obessesion....not the perfume!  I have a few.  My mid-life crisis has come in the form of reliving my teen years by fan girling!  

P.  Pet peeves...I have of them is people who lie and use.  
Q.  Quiet.  I am quiet when you first meet me...this is my introvert showing.  Once you have me opened up, I never shut up.
R.  Rich and two favorite guys...who are first in my life.

S.  Silly.  Silly is something I live to be.  Some days you need it more than others.  Laughing is so much better than fretting or crying.
T.  Technology...I am a huge addict/nerd about it.  Phone and computer all the time.  You won't see me without one of them.
U.  Ugly...I can be ugly if I don't get my way.  
V.  Vague...sometimes I answer a question vaguely...but it's because of that whole squirel thing I do.  I will get there, but there are sidetrips.  It's entertaining.  I promise.  Just roll with it.  
W.  Wide...I wear a 10 Wide shoe.  Do you know how impossible it is to find anything cute in that size???
X.  X-rays...I have had several in my 40 plus of life.  I was a dare-devil kid.  Now I have arthritis.  Yay.
Y. are super for reading this!!!
Z.  Zoo...sometimes my life is one.