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DWTS Season 14--Starts of with BANG!

Season 14 is going to be amazing!  And that is all I have to say about that.  Let's get this party started!
 Derek and Maria 1-800-868-3401
Derek describes Maria's first dance steps as "Bambi like"....on ice.  She has an....interesting laugh. It borders on creepy.  You just have to hear it to truly appreciate it.  Maria will definitely have the male vote, while Derek will have the female vote. I see lots of potential here.  She just needs to step out of her shell, and she won't have to step far either.  She did good.

Len told her that nothing prepares you for the first dance, and that overall she coped very well. He said she needed a little more hip action but great stuff otherwise.
 Bruno said she was  curvaciously delicious, and that her timing was good.  He wants her to be softer on the hip work.  "Open the sex spot."
Carrie Ann told her she did a great job, but she wanted to see more confidence in her.
Carrie Ann:  7
Lren: 7
Bruno: 7

Gettin' Random

Dancing with the Stars started last night!  Wow!  I am excited about this season.  And that is all I am saying about that.  If you all didn't love my recaps so much, I would probably just not do it.  It's hard work yo!  And I do not get paid for it.  Too bad too.  That would be a sweet gig.

What is this?  It's my new addiction!!!  Thanks a lot Emmy!  hahaha.  But I also have many others hooked too.  It's called "Draw Something" and it is like Pictionary.  It's really fun.  If you have a smart phone.  You have to play it. Oh and that is an iPad.  I had to text my sister and ask her what the heck it was.  How do you draw that anyway?  Yeah we all cheat and text each other.  We don't want to break our streaks!  I've noticed though that once you hit 99 it stops counting!  What!?  It should move back to zero.  Kind of like a speedometer.

Did you ever run out of gas?  I mean literally run out of gas?  To the point where your car choked, sputtered and q…

And Your Point Is...?

You have no power here!
Friday my Twitter account was hacked.  For those of you who follow me, you might have received this message from me:
" Hey. somebody is saying bad stuff about you here"  and then a bogus link followed it.  Well I should have listened to my instinct and texted  my bestie Emmymom--cause she's got my back. She would have told me DON'T click that!!! I also know that Mimi's got my back too, but stupid Verizon didn't save her in my contact list--that's another story.  I digress.  I clicked the link!!!!  GAH!   Well that opened a can a worms and it sent those messages to many of you that follow me!  Well I am glad you checked with me first!!  See that is smart!  I had to change my password twice, and my email plus revoke privileges from Twitter.  It's finally under control.
I just have one question for the hackers.  What is their point?  No private information is available in my account.  I just don't understand it.  What is in i…