Friday, April 2, 2010

Woman, why weepest thou?

14 And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.
15 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why weepest thou?  whom seekest thou?  She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.
16 Jesus saith unto her, Mary.  She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master.
17 Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.

(New Testament | John 20:14 - 17)

I have a firm testimony of Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior.  May you all have a wonderful Easter!!  

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Week 2

As I sit here and type, I am watching the results show.  At this point, we know that Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa are safe.  He is an American hero.  People of all ages are going to vote for this man.  I admit that I did.  People will vote for who they like first before who can dance.  I voted and voted and voted for Donny Osmond.  At first it was because I liked him, but in the end it was because he was a good performer and he danced with joy.  That being said, I was shocked to learn that Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood were in the bottom two.  What?  The way she is selling it I thought she'd be a shoe in for the safe spot.  Time will tell.

Last night was week two.  The dances this week were:  The Fox Trot and The Jive.  I love The Jive it is one of my favorites.

Shannen & Mark 1-800-868-3402 danced The Jive.  In rehearsal Shannen got very frustrated with her partner so frustrated that she cussed him out.  Kristin was appalled and exclaimed that she has a potty mouth.  Does she kiss her mom with that mouth?  They made nice.  Mark pushed her to do the harder dance rather than dumbing it down.

My take:  This was another hard dance for her.  It's only week two.  It amazes me how these people jump in without a net.  I know I couldn't grasp it like they do.  She did good.  I think she was a bit cautious but she pulled through a complicated jive well.

Len:  The Jive is fun, fast, and energetic and you showed that.  The Jive also requires a lot of control and sometimes you lost that.  You just need to work on your finesse.  Great stuff.  Score: 6

Bruno:  Your energy is better!  Keep your weight on your toes.  Score; 7

Carrie Ann:  Mark was right to make the dance harder for you.  You did good.  Next time work on the musicality.  Score:  7

Brooke Burke's dress looks like it is made of duct tape. 

Aiden and Edyta 1-800-868-3409  The dance:  The Fox Trot.  Stress is starting early this season.  Aiden is mad at Edyta for being "all business" and not "relaxing" more.  He wants to focus but he can't when she acts like that.  She's mad now.  Off she storms.  They make nice. 

My take:  Aiden you have improved!  He is still on the stiff side, loosen up honey it's okay.  In a lovely spin Edyta's elbow clocked him right in the eye.  This is not the first time she has tried to take out a partner's eye.

Bruno:  I see a glimmer of hope for Aiden.  You paid a lot of attention to your foot work and your frame.  Good.  You had a lot of sticky moments.  Keep focused. Score: 6

Carrie Ann:  Nice job!  You are still trying to hard though.  Score:  7

Len:  The movement was economic at times(???)  You need to flow more.  You had good framework.  Well done.  Score: 6

Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskya  1-800-868-3406  dance:  The Jive

I don't much about Evan Lysacek.  I know that he is an ice skater.  And I know he won the gold.  I also know he is a bit...flamboyant.  Notice the first two parts of that word are:  flam(e) and boy.  Just sayin'.

My take:  He did a great job this week.  He made contact with the audience and his partner.  I watched his feet.  He was still a bit flat footed.  He is also very tall.

Carrie Ann:  Great energy!  Great jive for someone as tall as you.  You had connection with the audience and with Anna.  Your connection was complete.   Score:  8

Len:  The Jive is suited more for small compact people, but you overcame the tall issues.  Great improvement this week.  But there is something strange going on with your feet.  Score:  8

Bruno:  It was like Grease Lightnin!  Good connection. Be softer on your feet and point your toes.  Don't go wobbly either.  Score: 8

Tom Bergeron:  I think that is good advice for all of us.

Neicey Nash and Louis Van Amstel 1-800-868-3405 dance:  Fox Trot

sassy Neicey goes from Sass to Class.  Louis told her she has to calm down for this dance.  "I have never been described as graceful, but tonight people will say, 'that Neicey Nash is graceful!'"  then she did a prat fall. 

My Take:  Their Fox Trot was elegant smooth and she threw in a little sultry.  It worked.  She will have lots of fun with the Latin dances.

Len:  You had musicality, ease, and sophistication and a sassy twist.  You were a revelation compared to last week.  Score: 7

Bruno:  Nicely done Neicey!  You will light and frothy like a strawberry milkshake(she was a wearing pink dress with a feathery trim)  Score: 7

Carrie:  Did I spy a lift?  (Carrie Ann is The Lift Nazi)  No, I didn't!  You kept your feet on the ground.  You are spectacular.  I think you need to go bigger next week.  Score:  7

Jake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower  1-800-868-3404  Dance:  The Jive.

Jake, you surprise me.  If you don't kill Chelsie in rehearsals, I think you can go far in this competition!  Seriously the man fell on her at least three times learning this dance. take:  Jake, you surprise me.  I am looking forward to next week to see how you pull it out of the hat.  He sure did this week!

Bruno:  Jake, you really want this badly don't you!?  I wish everybody would put as much effort in what they do as you do.  Work on:  Precision and technique.  Score: 7

Carrie Ann:  I saw a lift.  I don't want to be nit picky(yes you do) but I have to call it.  I saw a lift.  You had a great start and great energy.  You are a joy to watch.  Score: 6

Tom (to Jake):  She doesn't even like her car on a lift!

Len:  You were a little heavy on your feet.  You just need to be lighter on your feet.  Tomorrow someone will have to go home.  I truly hope it isn't you.  Score: 7

Buzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa  1-800-868-3407  Dance:  The Fox Trot

She's baaaaaaaack!  Lois stopped by for a visit to scare encourage Buzz.  Buzz had Ashly draw him an MPG of the Fox Trot.  MPG means:  Military Photography Graphic.  She obliged. 

My take:  We already know Buzz is safe.  He is a hero.  This will keep him in the game for a few weeks.  But, he is 80.  He isn't moving so good.  He won't be able to do those fast paced dances.  Oh and did they really have to pick "Fly Me to the Moon" for them.  The couples do not pick their own music. 

Carrie Ann:  It was tender. It was charming.  It definitely pulls the heart strings.  That was the emotional side.  The technical side...was part trepidation.  For such a courageous man you look like you are terrified you might break Ashly. Score:  4

Len:  It's hard to criticize an American Hero.  So I won't.  You inspire people.  Anyone can dance.  Anyone can get out there and try. Score: 4

Bruno:  Buzz, I made an "astronomical discovery"( come on Bruno!)  You looked like you were avoiding moon craters.  Score:  4


I don't have much to say about Brooke and her hosting abilities as yet.  She has tried humor a few times and it seems to fall short.  I don't think it is her per se.  I think the competitors simply are not used to the girl host being witty.  Keep it up Brooke.

Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger  1-800-868-3409  The Dance:  The Jive.

Nicole was hoping for a classic jive song.  They gave her contemporary.  This is not fair.  Contemporary = more modern moves aka hip hop.  Len frowns on this.   Len scares Nicole.  Derek pushes her.  He is a good teacher.  He promises her all the classic moves with their own twist.

My take:  Nicole has a fabulous teacher.  She is a fabulous performer and a fierce competitor.  She pulled out all the stops.  Once again they have set the bar.  This will make the weeks to come even harder.

Len:  I am ambivalent about this dance(it's not ballroom) there were parts that were fantastic.  The traditional jive parts were really good.  Score: 8

Bruno:  (pronouncing every syllable!)  PHE- NAH- MEN- AL!!!  (stands)  Sensational!  Is it any surprise that he gave them a TEN?

Carrie Ann;  Nicole. Derek.  SOS. Break dance. Perfection! WOW.  Score:  10

These are the first 10's of the season, and the first 10's this early in any season.

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy  The dance:  Fox Trot.  Maksim tells Erin this dance is the complete opposite of the Cha Cha Cha.  That she needs to find her inner princess.  She is a self proclaimed tomboy but is excited for him to be her prince and she his princess...followed up with a lovely belch.  Maks is impressed and returns the gesture.  There is some tension but he sets her straight.  He is tough!

My take:  It was a lovely Fox trot.  I think she can go far. At the end of the dance, (thankfully), a wardrobe malfunction. everything was to speak. 

Bruno:  You are a natural!  You take to dance, like a duck to water.  You are stunning.  You...(and Tom cuts him off--usually he just ignores the cue) Score:  8

Carrie Ann:  You are a lyrical dancer.  You need to watch the death grips on the holds.  (Erin claims Maks tells her to hold his biceps which she says she can never find! I think perhaps she meant he is so muscly it's hard to figure out where to hold.)  Score:  8

Len:  You have good posture.  Good footwork.  You need to trust in your professional. 

Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood  1-800-868-3411  The Dance:  Fox Trot

Pamela decides to go old Hollywood a'la Marilyn Monroe.  She played it up big time.

My Take:  Her dance went well.  She surprised me again.  However, seeing a clip tonight of their dance I think the sexy/cute stuff will only last her so long.  She needs to stop hiding behind that and dance.  She can do it.

Carrie Ann:  You can go from one extreme to another.  Score: 7

Len:  You were titivating.  (you read that right--google it everyone else did.)  Work on your posture.  Score:  7

Tom:  I can't wait to go home and play scrabble tonight!

Bruno:  What a delicious tribute to the original blond bombshell and the dance was good too.  Score:  8

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke  1-800-868-3401   The dance:  Fox Trot

Chad had a special shirt made for the ladies.  On the front:  If you don't vote for me on DWTS... and on the back:  Girl your trippin'!  Chad is a flirt.  Cheryl used that to reward him.  "If you can get through the routine without sticking your butt out, I'll give you a big kiss."  He did.  She did.

My take:  Football fans vote for the football players...even the ones who can't dance.  He back paddled here.

Len:  Your posture was terrible.  You were clumsy. It was like snow.  You're glad when it's over.  OUCH!  Score: 5

Bruno:  You looked like a robot (moves like a robot) You need to refocus.  Score: 5

Carrie:  You have a great potential.  You just need to understand your movement and not think about it.  It's like football.  Don't think about it.  (she likes the athletes)  Score: 6

during the post interview Brooke sums up their total score (16) and asks them how that feels.  SCORE!  It feels like crap, Brooke!  But you wouldn't know that because you never scored that low!  No, they didn't say that.  They gave some typical a sporting answer.

Kate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani  1-800-868-3410  the dance:  The Jive

Kate doesn't understand the terminology.  Now she has a week to learn the dance instead of 4.  She got mad at Tony and told him she didn't like the way he was teaching her.  That he should teach her differently.  Okay...I get that.  Here is how I learn.  Teach me that way.  But she was snitty about it.  She needed to breathe first than explain.  Tony was mad.  He stormed out.  They made nice.

My take:  Kate...some people simply are not cut out for this.  You counted every step you made.  You were scared out of your wits.  It's just not your cup of tea.  and that is okay.

Competitors:  gave her a "golf clap" at the end. was that bad.

Bruno:  That was a nightmare!  You went through the dance like a stepford wife.   Score: 5

Carrie Ann:  You made it through.  That was a tough dance.  (Pointed out a lift) Even when you got lost, you kept bouncing.   Score: 5

Len:  Nerves can make or break you.  But you are a fighter and a worker!  You need go out fighting.  (he got boos for this)  Score: 5

The first couple to go home:  Shannen and Mark.  While I am not happy at all with this result, I think it is for the best.  Now Mark can heal properly.  See below.

The first drama of the season:  Mark Ballas was taken to the hospital for a knee injury before dancing Monday.  They gave him shots and likely pain meds.  He was fine Monday night.  Now he is looking at up to 6 weeks recovery time for repair on his knee.  Muscle torn away from the bone.

Next weeks dances are:  Paso Doble, Quick Step, and The Waltz.  Len has issued a challenge to the dancers to tell a story through the dance, but no gimmicks.  i.e.  no handing roses, giving kisses on the cheek etc.  A real story.

Come back tomorrow for the Writer's Workshop!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Just Don't Miss It

Yesterday, my blog was rudely interrupted by our first homeowner breakdown.  Our water heater.  My guess is that is has been slowly dying for a while now.  Sunday morning there was a puddle of water on the ground.  It was not a small puddle either.  It was a good size one.  This can not be good.  With the help of our neighbor--since neither one of us is the handy type--Rich and he emptied the now broken water heater and turned it off at the source.  Rich put in an order with our home warranty people.  Yay, home warranties!!!  No homeowner should be without one.  It's just not right!   Anyhoo....back on track.

Monday morning came and the home warranty people called by 8AM.  Now to me, this is good response time.  But then this is my first experience.  They informed me a contractor would be contacting me.  And so he did within 5 or 10 minutes of the first call.  Impressive.  Until...."The soonest I can be out there is Wednesday."  I turned him over to my husband.  I did this for two reasons:  Rich saw the damage not me.  And repairMEN respond better to men.  Whatever.  Well man or not, he had the same song for Rich.  So we are supposed to go 3 days without hot water.  So not happening.  I need a shower.  I was getting riper by the second!

I quickly called the Home Warranty people back and explained the situation.  He said that until it has been 24 hours we can not be considered priority.  I assured him that it had been 24 hours.  This IS a priority.  He clarified with 24 hours from the time we made the claim.  Okay I get that.  He then said that he would try to find someone else who could come out today.  He succeeded.  They were at my door in about 30 minutes.  I barely had time to "freshen up." 

They looked kind of like thugs.  One more so than the other.  Is this a good idea after all?  Should I have waited?  They worked quickly and then told me they were leaving to get the new water heater.  They were back within an hour.  I asked how long it would take to fill and how soon the water would be hot.  15 minutes to fill and about an hour and a half to heat. 

It turned out that the one that looked the "thuggiest" was really super nice.  He has 4 kids, three of which go to the same school as my little middle. The other guy was a little creepy.  Creepy like keep your kids away.  I was bigger than him both in height and weight.  I could easily take him.  Don't mess with Mama Bear!  *ahem*

After they left, and I had water and hot water on the way, I started thinking about things we simply take for granted until we do not have them.  Things like hot water. water--mine was shut off while they worked.  Electricity.  Cars.  So my question for the day is:  What do you take for granted?  What did you do when you had to go without?  Did you appreciate it more after you got it back?  I know I did.  My shower was so lovely and warm it was hard to get out. 

Isn't it purdy?

Monday, March 29, 2010

We Interrupt...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog due to the water heater breaking.  The repairmen are here...they kind of look like thugs.  But I want hot water.  It really sucks not having hot water. 

Stop by tomorrow when I will be asking my question of the week!