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Interviews with My Kids

I followed Emmy's lead, and I have interviewed my kids.  Their answers are fun, funny and sometimes surprising.

Name:  Kristin
Age:  15
Favorite Cereal:  Cheerios
Favorite Vegetable:  broccoli
Favorite Drink:  Lemonade
Favorite toy:  my phone
Favorite TV Show:  Big Bang Theory
Favorite Thing To Do:  Listen to music
Favorite game:  Just Dance (for the Wii)
Favorite Book:  Hunger Games
Favorite Restaurant:  Chili's
Favorite Place to go:  The Mall

If you could change your name, what would it be:  Brenna
Something Mom says:  Come out of your cave (room).
What do you want to be when you grown up?  Famous actress.
What are you going to different this year than last?  Work on my homework more, get organized, and change my style.
Who are your friends?  Karlee, Cassidy, Annasofia, Cameron, Teddy, and she kept going and going.
What is one wish you have for the new year?  To be in a community play
If I gave you a $100 right now what would you do with it?  Check the sales online at Foreve…

Random Stuffs

I am back to the random stuff!  Yesterday it was random it's just random stuff.

I do my homework, and then I go through my "decompression."  I can do the writing part of it just fine.  However, the mechanics of how they want me to format everything is destroying my creative flare.  I love my blog.  I can do it anyway I want!

Kristin informed me that I need start taking pictures of the kids again.  Is she for real?  Well...I just might dust off my good camera and get a little happy with it.  She may have unleashed a monster!

Cats drive me crazy.  That is to say, MY cats drive me crazy.  Every morning when I wake up, there they are waiting.  I like internet kitties...for instance...

Tardar, aka Grumpy cat has become a personal favorite of mine.  He's even my profile pic on Facebook right now.  Do you think my cats are jealous?  Grumpy cat doesn't care.

We have one more week of winter break.  In some ways, it is good.  There is no homework.  There …

What If...

What if you woke up and the laundry was already done? What if all you had to do was drink hot chocolate and read a book? What if the kids didn't argue? What if the sky wasn't blue? What if we used forks for cereal and spoons for steak? What if cookies were good for you? What if losing weight was determined by the amount time spent on FB/Twitter/Instagram and blogs? What if politicians had to live the way think is best for the rest of us to do so? What if the moon really is made of cheese?
Just some totally random questions to start off the new year!