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2010 Review Extravaganza!!

It is week three of the 2010 Review Extravaganza.  And that means we are now up to July-September!  If you haven't played along yet, there is no time like the present to jump in and start sharing.
Some of my favorite posts from July are (in no particular order):
When Push Comes to Shove Kid TVRed ShoesIn July we went to the beach a couple of times...

One time it was really JULY! And another time it was crowded. We went to a huge park with this fabulous art

We also had a mini family reunion.  And when I say mini, I really mean it.  My uncle's kids were all in town for a visit at the same so we all got together.
 My Aunt and Uncle and their kids. We also went to the mountains for the day.
August was a big month.  Ryan started school!  I could hardly believe it! My BABY!
Before school started we spent the weekend with Emmy and her family in the high desert of CA for a last hurrah's to summer vacation!
I hit another milestone in my weight loss journey.  I made it to the 20 pou…

Identity Theft

Someone is trying to steal my identity! It's true! I am NOT being paranoid!!  Am I? But I know what I saw!
Yesterday the kids and I went to see TANGLED with my mom and sister.  It's been miserable here in "sunny" California.  It has been raining since last week.  I tried to get a close spot.  Of course I did, it was raining!  I might melt!  I got the closet spot I could...which actually wasn't too bad.  And that is when I saw it!!  The car next to mine with a license plate frame that said:  California Girl! Oh no she didn't!!!
But oh yes she did!  Doesn't she know, that I am the one and only CA Girl!?  Who does she think she's fooling anyway!?  But then imitation is the highest form of flattery.
I will be posting my 2010 Reveiw Extravaganza tomorrow.  Remember you can link up anytime between Thursday and Sunday.
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So Much To Do...



With only days before Christmas, I am sure most of you are much like me and very busy and struggling to keep up with the normal day to day stuff on top of all the other crazy stuff we do this time of year.  I know I am very behind in my bloggy world.  I am trying to catch up and I know you are all busy as well.  Perhaps it will settle down in January. 

During this week, we will be focused on a lot of traditions in the CA Girl house.  We make candy:  fudge, butterfingers, and peanut butter cups.  We visit houses (one in particular) with lights.  On Christmas Eve, we make three kinds of cookies, listen to Christmas music and track Santa on NORAD.  We also read three special stories before putting the kids to bed:  Twas the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.  I never manage to read it without tears.  I love that this is our long standing tradition as it puts emphasis on what Christmas is truly celebrated for. 

We also brew…