Friday, March 25, 2011

Migraines, Lasers, and DWTS

  • I had to pick up my sister from the ER this morning.  She is fine.  She went in for a migraine.  I get that.  Migraines hurt. But sometimes I want to tell her to suck it up.  So if you are reading this sis, suck it up!!!  ;)  You know I love you.

  • Last night I dreamed I had a convertible.  A convertible people.  And all I can think of is the fact that it wasn't red.  What the heck is that about?  It was a convertible.
  • I am going to Zumba today.  And I am excited.  Excited.  To exercise.  Part of it is hey I paid up front for this.  And the other part is I actually like it.  My mom and I made shirts.  I will have to post them.
  • My mom gave Rich a laser pointer and flashlight combo for his birthday.  We use it to torture play with the cat.  I had that silly beast jumping up the walls last night.   The cat.  Stay with me.
  • I am following Ralph Macchio on Twitter now.  He shared a picture of him and Karina before they went on.  This led me to Karina's page.  She had a picture of her own to share.
  • Poor guy looks exhausted.  But what a great shot! 
  • A lot of new people commented yesterday and asked me questions.  But they are no-reply.  Please change it folks.  I would love to carry on the conversation.
Now it is time for me to go to Zumba!!!  Hoo-ray!  I told you I was excited.  Now it's your turn to confess. 


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Generation X

If you were born after 1963 and before 1982 you are a gen X.  You come from a long line of great kids.  Our parents could let us play outside.  All day long.  UNSUPERVISED.  We walked to school.  We went to the park.  BY OURSELVES.  Not only that some great movies were made.

"Does Barry Manillow know you raid his wardrobe?"
"Don't mess with the bull young man.  You'll get the horns."

The Breakfast Club is probably my favorite movie out of all those Brat Packer movies.  And the most awesome thing about it, is it is still true today.  All those classes still exist.  The Princess, The Athlete, The Brain, The Basket Case, and The Criminal.

Generation X had some good moments.  But we also made some poor choices...
Who told us this was a good way to wear our hair?  Raise your hand if you could ride a roller coaster and come off it with not a hair out of place?  No?   Just me?

We saw real tragedy for the first time in our lives.

Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion

We had totally rad Sony Walkman's.   We spent Friday nights at the roller rink.  We tried to master the crane technique.  Yes we Gen X kids are totally rad!  

Today's post was brought to you by the letter X and by Miss Jenny Matlock!!

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DWTS Season 12?

All day long I watched the clock with great anticipation.  I was like a kid waiting for dark to come so I could finally see the fireworks.  Is it 8 o'clock yet!?  I made sure dishes were done and Ryan was in bed in a timely manner.  I had time to spare.  Come on 8 o'clock!  And finally the hour arrives.  I get my list out with all their names and partners since I don't know what their number will be.  I quickly write them down as they descend the stairs.   The dances tonight are: The Foxtrot and The Cha Cha Cha.

Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas 1-800-868-3401
 "Yes, I kissed Joe Jonas.  And it didn't suck."

Chelsea Kane is adorable.  She fell a couple of times in rehearsal--most of them do. She and Mark danced the Foxtrot. She did a  good job and I do see potential with her.  She will also most definitely have the younger (male) votes.

Len said they were a young fresh couple and that they started out like Peter, Paul and Mary turned Blacked Eyed Peas.  There was a little funk in their dance.  Len doesn't like funk.  Even so he still gave them a,  "well done."

"You started and finished on your backs and in between it was one and a half minutes of after glow."Bruno told them.  He told Chelsea she hit the moves very well but that she needs to follow through with her lines.

Carrie Ann told her she has lots of potential. and that she likes the flare. She warned her to watch her shoulders and holds. And then concurred with Bruno telling her to connect it all.


Carrie Ann:  7
Len:  7
Bruno:  7
Total:  21
 It is scary to say the least to be the first on the dance floor, but now she has set the bar.

Wendy Williams/Tony Dovolani1-800-868-3402
"I cry a lot.  It is how I deal with stress"

I do not know anything about Wendy Williams other than she is an Amazon.  An Amazon with a huge chest.  She makes me look flat.  She is known for being outrageous, outspoken, and eccentric.  So how will she fare on the dance floor?  After her seeing her timid attempt of the Cha-Cha-Cha, I hope for her sake and Tony's that she can get the votes and the gusto to really bring it next week.

Bruno said, "You are a sultry luscious woman so why are you marching???  I know you've got fire!  Show it to me!!"  He went on to tell her that her technique can improve.

Carrie Ann told her she saw real fear.  But that it was the good thing about this show.  "People get out there."  She went on to say that she is a "bigger than life spirit" and that next week she wants her to "unleash the beast."

Len told her she has got to bring her personality out. And that she didn't.  She was introverted.  Timid. "Show us YOU!"


Carrie Ann:  5
Len: 4 (ouch that one hurt!)
Bruno: 5
Total:  14

Hines Ward and Kym Johnson 1-800-868-3403

Hines likes to horse around, but he also wants to win.  They all do.  I don't know what the celebs and athletes think before they take it on, but I think realities hits on that first lesson when they feel like fish out of water.

The athletes almost always prove to be light on their feet and have smooth moves.  Hines did not disappoint.  Plus he has lots of charisma. 

Carrie Ann said that it was the sparkliest Cha cha she ever saw.  "Your smiles lights up the whole stage.  Good job."

Len told him that he continues the tradition of footballers being able to dance. Then he made remarks about watching his bum and told him to work on his posture and cleaner footwork, but "good job."

Bruno told him he was nimble and had good timing. He counseled him to work on the footwork,and do the hip action, "Like a piston, you have to keep it moving." Which of course he has to demonstrate to make his point. 


Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 21

Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin 1-800-868-3404
After the news of the Japan earthquake and tsunami Petra dedicates her dance to all who have been affected by this tragedy.

Petra Nemcova survived the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004.  She also suffered a broken pelvis, which may or may not cause her problems on the dance floor.  Whether it will or not, I am not sure, but their Foxtrot was beautiful.

Len said it had charm, grace and elegance.  He told her to work on her posture and holds.

Bruno said that there were moments of extreme beauty. He wants her to sustain the beauty.

Carrie Ann told her she is stunning and brings a natural grace to the stage.  BUT "there was a long drag that turned into a little lift." {dun dun dun!}  LIFT NAZI returns!  She promises not to penalize tonight.

Carrie Ann:  6
Len: 6
Bruno:  6
Total: 18
I expected higher.

Romeo and Chelsie Hightower 1-800-868-3405
Probably the only star to be on the show twice...sort of.  He hurt his ankle before season 2 began so his father Master P filled in.  It is up to Romeo to clear the family's ...errr feet.

Their first dance, the Cha cha cha.  I was pleasantly surprised with his performance.  More practice and polish and he will do quite well.

Bruno said it was energetic, but messy and flat footed.  But a good performance.
Carrie Ann: (does some gushing about his sexuality--sigh) Then tells him he needs to work on his posture, and that he has tons of potential.

Len told him he has plenty of energy, but he was casual.  "You can't dance as you like it." As a   performance he nailed it but Len wants to work on technique.

Carrie Ann:  7
Len:  6
Bruno: 6
Total: 19

Sugar Ray Leonard /Anna Trebunskya1-800-868-3406
In the boxing ring he says he can move, but on the dance floor he isn't so sure.

Their dance was the Foxtrot, and he can do it.  He just needs to work on his posture.  He also was making me laugh with with the faces he was making as he concentrated very hard on each step and move.

Carrie Ann had three words:  POSTURE! POSTURE! POSTURE!

Len said how it was lovely to be in the company of a fellow athlete.  However, a Foxtrot is supposed to be "wine and caviar." He described Sugar Ray's as "beer and pizza."

Bruno asked him if could call him Sugar. He then said,  "Out of holds it's sugar and spice everything nice, but in holds it more like teenage mutant ninja turtle." And proceeds to hunch over.

Carrie Ann:  6
Len: 5
Bruno: 6
Total: 17

Kendra Wilkinson/Louis Van Amstel 1-800-868-3407
She said she knows how to work it, "I'm not a stripper....well I was...."

Len told her she definitely held his interest. One word Len:  DUH. He told her the content was great but that she needed to work on her legs.

Bruno told her she can definitely strut her stuff.  You can work it.  He told her the performance wasn't clean and also told her to work on her legs.

Carrie Ann praised her for attacking every move and even went on to say she didn't miss a step.  Umm excuse me Carrie Ann, but which dance did you watch? She missed several and even stumbled.  Maybe she was doodling hearts on her paper.  She did tell her to work on her legs.

CarrieAnn:  6
Bruno: 6
Total: 18

Ralph Macchio/Karina Smirnoff 1-800-868-3408
"Don't let the face fool ya, the working parts are a lot older!"

Well despite his working parts being 49, he certainly worked it.  He did a fabulous job.  He was smooth and energetic.  And he got the first standing ovation. 

Bruno said," I get the feeling that you're a hit!"  He went on to say that the routine was fantastic, but warned him to watch his hands.

Carrie Ann told him he was an amazing surprise and that the dance was truly gorgeous.  But she agreed with Bruno on the hands.

Len told him he can definitely dance, and that he has great potential. "A little rough around the egdes, but by far the best foxtrot tonight."


CArriAnn; 8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Total: 24

Chris Jericho/Cheryl Burke 1-800-868-3409
Before the rehearsals began he said dancing was a lot like wrestling.  It is all about performance.  Well he was half right, after rehearsals he said that dancing was a lot more difficult than he expected.

It was fun and as they like to say, "cheeky."  He has a way to go, but I think he will shine later.

Carrie Ann said he had  power when he  dances and that he didn't miss anything. She must have been doodling again. She did tell him he needed a little more content.

Len told him he thought his hips were allergic to music. He said he liked the fun and energy that he gave.

Bruno called him The Dancing Beast. "I haven't had this much fun with leather since the village people."  He called the dance unsteady and messy but always entertaining.

Carrie Ann:  7
Len: 6
Bruno: 6
Total: 19

Mike "Psycho Mike" Catherwood/Lacey Schwimmer 1-800-868-3410
"Our first dance is the foxtrot.  Which is fine because I have never danced before so it is the same as any other."

Considering the fact, that he does his work on radio, I think he did the performance quite well.  Dance however.....we shall see.

Len told him he needed to connect his movemnt to the music.  " You did move and there was music, but there was very little dance."

Bruno told him the Foxtrot is a smooth dance and that his was a little bit gangly. He told him he needed to keep the movement flowing.

Carrie Ann told him his moves were jerky but that he put forth a good effort. 

Carrie Ann:  5
Len: 4
Bruno: 4
Total: 13(ouch again)

Kirstie Alley/Maks Chmerkoskiy  1-800-868-3411
"He calls me 'G' for 'Grandma'  I call him 'M' for 'MEAN'" Maks you have met your match!

Kirstie Alley is 60 years old and she knocked my socks off.  She danced amazingly.  And what made it even better is she was having a blast.  Go Kirstie go! And she received standing ovation #2.

"Kirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrstie"Bruno rolled that r for as long as he could. Then he told her likes what he sees.  "Looks who's dancing! I think we are just scratching at the surface of what you can do."  He called it the best cha cha cha of the night.

Carrie Ann asked her, "Are you over 40?" To which Kirstie replied, "Way!" Carrie Ann told her,  "You were working it!  Way to go!"

Len told her it was fun and cheeky and it looked as though she was having fun doing it.

Carrie Ann:  8
Len:  7
Bruno: 8
Total: 23

Next Monday they all get to dance one more time before the first elimination. So you have a chance to vote for the one you love!!  I think they should always do it this way.

Photos from ABC

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've Got A Secret

I really don't have a secret, but I do have something to share!  I have the sweetest bloggy friend who lives right in my computer.  Okay she really lives in New York City.  Despite living in such a big city, Nikki lives the simple life.  And by simple, I really mean simple.  She loves to make everything.  From fabulous foods, to her own laundry soap, shampoo, and even lotions!  I wish I would be so willing to do the things she does.  But the fact is, I am not.  Which is why it is so great that she is offering to share a bit of her talents with all of you.

She and her mom make soaps.  That's their stuff right there.  They call themselves, "Olive Your Beeswax."  I have actually been lucky enough to try her soap once before.  The first time was because I won it.  This time is because she asked me to do a review and offered a giveaway. 

The soap I tried this time has aloe and eucalyptus in it.  The eucalyptus is great for fighting the cold/flu and the aloe is awesome for the skin.  I have been using it mainly for my face and let me tell you it really has made a huge difference in my skin.  I have adult acne.  Yeah.  It sucks.  But I haven't had a major breakout since I started using her soap.  And I got a compliment the other day that I had not heard in years.  "Your skin looks so soft and beautiful."  Made. My. Day.

So now Miss Nikki is offering one of you a soap of your choice.  What do you have to do?  Not much really.  I'm pretty easy going and she's a love!  Just comment here and go visit her as well.  Show her some love today.  That's it. 

Come back tomorrow for my first recap of the season for Dancing with the Stars!  It's going to be a great season.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Over the weekend, I was to take part in an expo for the city.  It is an annual thing for all the classes the community has to offer.  From the teeniest ballerinas to all things Senior.  Including "Zumba Gold."  Zumba Gold is for the Senior variety.  Do not be fooled by the name.  You still sweat and burn between 500 and 700 calories.  The differences are:  no jumping and it is 15 minutes shorter than a regular Zumba class.  Also the instructor is to stop between each song and remind the ladies to drink and she always makes sure everyone is okay.  Well, it rained Saturday...kind of.  Mostly in the morning.  Which meant the activities were moved inside.  However, there just wasn't room for the amount of people that were there.  And the Zumba demo was canceled.  Oh well.

The weekend wasn't a total rain out.  We had our annual "combined" March birthdays celebrations.  We have four birthdays in March....five if you count my cousin.  But he got his own birthday party.   We had yummy chicken chimichangas made by my sister.  Homemade refried beans, Spanish rice, and guacamole made by mom.  Oh and did I mention the killer chocolate cake my sister makes???  It was all good!

After dinner and all the birthday stuff we settled in the family room and the kids were doing mock presentations using the cake board that didn't actually get used for the cake.  By the way, total cheap entertainment.  We were giving them odd things to demo.  One of them gave a presentation on Ear Wax Removal and another did one on navel lint.  Then Grandma (aka my mother) tried to make it funny by assigning the presentation:  Who Farted?  Well this blossomed into a silly twist on the game of "Murder."  We sent one kid out of the room, and quietly agreed on a...."farter."  We then would make a sound...(insert fart noise here) and the "detective" would arrive.  The kids were extremely silly with their questioning but they could always figure out whodunit.  It made for great entertainment and lots of giggling and laughing.  Leave it to us to create a game centered around farting.

What silly games do you play?