Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza!! April - June

It's week two of the 2010 Review Extravaganza!  We are covering April, May and June.  If you missed out on playing last week, no worries start up now!  There is no grading here.  So come and play along with all of us!

I missed something in last weeks was my first blogiversary.  It was in Feb.  But really it was before that.  You can see my "return" post here.  I had a really weird incident with my glasses and losing a lens.  I never did find it.  I got tickled pink!

There were two earthquakes within about 2 months of each other and they were related to each other.  It was the Easter quake in the Mexi/Cali area.  That one was a pretty good shaker.  The second one got our attention but it wasn't quite as bad as the first.  

In May, Emmy had something really big happen.  I will let her do the honors.  I will just say that I took care of Lucas for a few days while he and Eric were here for Lucas' preschool graduation.  Curious to know what Emmy had going on?  Go check out her post!  But finish this one first, k. 

 Ryan and Lucas keeping cool.

In June, we got to reconnect with some old friends.  My BF whom I grew up with has a daughter who will be headed to college soon, and her daughter and her mother were out here scoping out colleges.  Sadly my BF didn't make it, but we did get to see her daughter and mom.  It was a great reunion!

We had that second quake.  It was while Kristin went to Girls Camp.  It was her first trip ever.  She had a total blast.  And she also missed that earthquake! We also got to meet some one very special....

June also was a special day for my Little Middle.  She turned ten this year!

And some where in those three months I also had a milestone...I lost my first ten pounds.  The post for that can be found here.  And I also started my third blog!!!

So now that you see how much fun this it, I bet you are just ready to come and play.  Post whenever you want, and then come and link up.  Plus we are doing a giveaway!!!  So come on and play.

Samantha's Day


Family of Shorts


It's A Christmas Movie!!!

For some curious reason, every year around this time, Harry Potter movies are played along with other holiday movies.  Why?  Well, as Rich would tell you, since Christmas is depicted in each movie, it stands to reason that they would each be a Christmas movie.

Movie One:  Shows Hagrid bringing a tree to be decorated in the grand hall of Hogwarts.  We see Harry delight in receiving his first ever, real Christmas presents.  Hermione even wishes them a "Happy Christmas."  On and on in each movie Christmas is depicted in one form or another.  Each movie spans a year of time, so naturally Christmas will show up.  So what am I babbling about anyway???  I finally got to see it!!!  Yeah that one.  Up there!!  **squeal!**  Sadly we didn't get to see it in IMAX.  But we so totally could have!  How?  Welllll

See I am a bit of a scatter brain.  I heard the guy say HP on the left.  Forget that this theatre has 16 cinemas.  Forget that HP is playing in two of them.  I just B-lined it to the one that said HP!  But's already started.  What the heck??  Well this was theatre 7 we were supposed to go in 4.  The movie had not been on long, and we totally could have snuck into the IMAX theatre.  But we went where we belonged.

It was awesome.  And in IMAX I imagine more so!!  It was getting so close to the end and my bladder was screaming at me.  I have only read the book once.  And that was 3 years ago.  I don't want to miss ANYTHING!  But man, I really had to go!!!  So I finally couldn't take it anymore.  I took off and made it to the bathrooms in record time.  Then, just a quickly headed back out.  But where is my theatre.  Shoot...I am totally turned around here!  And I am missing my movie!!!  GRRR.  Salvation.  An employee.  I ask him where is theatre 7.  Yes, I said 7.  What is my hang up anyway?  I went in...happily....until I was in an empty theatre and a blank screen.  What the heck?   FOUR!  Theatre FOUR!  D'oh!   I bolted back to right theatre and found I was a little lost.  I figured enough out, but during the credits I made Rich give me the play by play of what I missed.  Oh and for the record, HP7 remains true to form and Christmas came.  So this one is a Christmas movie.  The next one...nope.  It's the second half of the year.

I can't believe I have to wait til July now!  UGH!  It ended spectacularly in an awful place.  Makes it worse.  But that is what they want.  It follows the book pretty closely.  I even went back and read some places, where I wasn't sure if that is what happened or how.  It was a good treat.  What movies have you seen recently?



When I was about 13, I was treating myself to a chocolate covered cherry.  I guess I got a little carried away with the goodness of it, that or I was talking.  And I began to choke.  It was not one of those hack a second or two, then gulp some air in, no this was heavy duty choking.  I remember my mom doing the Heimlich and nothing.  Nothing.  I heard her shout for my Dad.  I was okay after that.  I am not sure if I lost conscience-nous or not. But I am guessing I did.

I have been hospitalized three times to have something removed.  And each time, the doctor's made me name it and sent me home with it.    So no, I haven't been hospitalized four times, and despite my track record, I have only been in the hospital to give birth.

I was in high school and during a drama class I got very hot and light headed and I almost passed out.  The teacher had me escorted to the nurse.  I probably hadn't eaten that day is my guess. 

1.  While I worked at the Jelly Belly Factory I met Lisa Welchel (Facts of Life) and gave her and her kids a private tour.
2.  While working at Weight Watchers I was featured in the magazine for a success story
3.  While working at Michael's Arts and Crafts, I did demonstrations for fabric and tole painting.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She's Good...

Kristin took this one.  How she ever managed to get Ryan to lay there is beyond me.  It's a cool shot.  Here's a few more..
A borrowed idea...but still a good one.
Action shots
And why aren't there any pictures of Kristin....welll....
The doctor slowed her down!  She will have it on for a month. Plus 4 weeks after of no P.E.  Yeah, she's crushed about that.  Her cast is now covered with signatures.  It took less than 4 days for that to happen.

Come see her winter formal shots here...

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Status Quote

It is time once again for the Status Quote.  This is where we gather all those funny things people put on their FB or Twitter accounts.  We never include names or locations for privacy, but we always have lots of fun.  Join in the fun, don't have these types of accounts?   Worry not, simply sit back and see what folks are saying.  My comments are in green.
The 20 year veteran Santa at Macy's  gets canned - the very one we've visited every year. M.: "I can't believe you let me sit on that freakshow's lap all these years!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! If you know the'll recognize the daughter!!! OMG!  I can totally hear this from her daughter. She has taught her well.  I am a similar influence on my own kids! 
B is chasing the cat around yelling, "give me a hug! Give me a hug!" Poor kitty. She reminds me of Elmyra from Tiny Toons :) I remember her.  All the animals were terrified of her.  Hahaha.
Not enough chocolate in the world to help today. Is there ever really enough?
Had to fit the pool in today - Merry Christmas everyone!! Seriously no hating here, but there she was in her pool!  If I had one, I would be there too!  This weather rocks my world!
It's the start of a new week and Christmas just keeps getting closer! And closer and closer.
What would it be like to eat a bunch of food, have a big burp and them spit up a lot of your food right after eating?  A follow remark said something about throwing up a little in your mouth.  Either way...BLAH.  Soo very glad I am not a baby. listening to Junior sing his version of Hey Jude. "Hey, dude. No make a bed...Mr.Lennon got a good chuckle out that up above!
For real news story on the radio: Lady GaGa has decided to replace all of her undies with ones made of silk ... reportedly to the tune of 15K. Are u kidding me? This is newsworthy?  Ummm it's not.  And that is totally sick.  Why doesn't she do something actually useful with that 15K?
‎4 batches of Peanut Brittle...I'm on a sugar high. :)  I wish I was there with her! 

This one is a friend of a friend....
so I haven't been shopping all week due to illness. This morning I pack my kids white trash lunch (corn dog) in a breast milk storage bag. It says 'Mommy's Milk' on the front. So Zoey says 'Great, I can't wait for my friends to call me a titty baby today Mom, thanks I nearly peed myself laughing.  Hahaha.  Thanks for this one A.

Favorite Christmas....

When I was little, I loved to decorate the Christmas tree and sing the songs.  I still do.  When I was little, I would get so excited as the presents started collecting under the tree.  It would grow and grow.  I can still remember some favorite presents.  A big girl doll.  Basically she was a 3 foot tall doll.  I loved that doll.  But I can't really tell you all Christmas presents I have received.  Can you?  Can you remember what you got last year?

Growing up, I remember being so excited on Christmas Eve.  I could barely sleep.  Santa was sure smart, he always left a little something in our rooms to keep us busy.  A coloring book when we were kids.  Or an activity magazine.  Sure I remember --kind of--those silly presents.  But what I remember more than that, is sitting in the hall with my sister...waiting and giggling and making opening and closing the door of the wall heater.  "Accidentally." kicking the same door.  It was metal.  Both were a noise maker.  It worked.  Our parents would stumble our of bed and the fun would begin....after we ate something.

Now my favorite memories are of my children.  The looks on their faces as they see the stuff on Christmas morning.  One Christmas when the girls were little, they got Cinderella's castle from Santa.  Emily was just 3 and still wasn't talking much, so when she shouted, "Oh, it's a castle!!"  It was quite an event.  I love Christmas morning.  I love having Christmas through my kids eyes.  It is what makes Christmas wonderful.

What are your favorite Christmas memories?