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Hey Verizon...YOU SUCK

Do you believe in signs?  I do.    I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted I to post about today.  Was I going to confess today as usual, or was I going to blow off some steam?  Well when I visited Mimi over at Living in France I knew had to gripe and then I would feel a lot better.
Last month I got an iPhone.  Wow do I love this toy.  Let's face it, it's more than just a phone.  It's a toy.  If it wasn't a toy, the kids wouldn't ask to "play" with it.  Something was going wrong with my old phone.  It wasn't keeping time.  The outer screen would lock but not unlock.  It would keep a charge for days, it would only keep a charge for one day.  I didn't have to get the iPhone.  But I wanted it.  I was told it would be put on the phones bill and that I could make payments.  "As long as you are making payments it is fine."  All right sounds good.
After a month of enjoying my new toy, my husband has developed envy for a better phone.  And so has …

Proud Mommy Moments: A Theif in the Night

I am not necessarily hanging my head in shame over this one, more like shaking it and laughing behind someone's back so they don't see.  The other night as I finally drifted into a restless sleep I was awakened by the vibrations of my phone.  It rattled and rattled at my head.  I groggily picked it up to see who the heck would be calling me at 1 in the morning.  The picture on the screen was my husbands.  It was for "Face Time."  Well now that is interesting since he is asleep.  I put my phone down and figured Rich's iPod Touch must be misbehaving.  Just as I was about to lay back down, I realized I didn't actually check to see if the iPod was in its place.  It wasn't. 

I quickly got up and headed to the boy's room.  Sure enough.  There was Ryan, wide awake and playing on the iPod.  He defended he was thirsty.  I was still in too much of a fog to find reason or even simply give him a drink of water.  Instead, I laid down with him and fell asleep.  I w…

We Want to Know

Now that Dancing with the Stars is over...until Sept 19th...mark your calendars!  I need to think of something to fill my Wednesday up.  With what?  A fun new Meme hosted by four fabulous ladies:  Mamarazzi, Janette,Impulsive Addict, and Seriously Shawn. 

The questions today come from The Impulsive Addict.

1). If the blogging world had a talent show, what would your act be?  Well I can suck a lemon straight and not make a face.  I can pick things up with my feet.  How's that for entertainment.  You could also watch me Zumba.  Now that IS entertainment. 2). What's the most likely reason you might become famous? For blogging of course.  What else would it be?  Either that or my talk show.  You know the one I play out in my head.
3). What question are you repeatedly asked that you are tired of hearing? Pretty much anything that starts with Mom, Mama, or Mommy.  That and "what's for dinner?" 
4.) What's the last thing you broke?  Are we talking bones here?  We…

Ten Things to Smile About--May

Every day there is something to smile about, and every month EmmyMom hosts her meme of "Ten Things to Smile  About."  It's a great way to look back on the month and bring a smile to your face.

Mother's Day tea with my son.  He had much to share with me.  It was a lot of fun and the kids were super cute.

A GNO with my BFF
Walking with my BFF

And Mani/Pedi's with my BFF and my daughter.  (no pictures of that) We also had Root Beer Floats and popcorn!  Double yum.

A baby shower for my niece that was a great turn out.
Finally getting a haircut.  After 3 months I was ready for one!

Getting some new clothes because mine are just too big(and I hope to keep it that way!)

Getting new sandals because I really needed them!

Going out to dinner with my hubby and coming home to no kitchen messes.

Getting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One on Blu-Ray.

What made you smile this month? Link up with my BFF, EmmyMom

Enjoy the Day

It's the kick off to summer.  It's a three day weekend.  It's a time to remember the fallen men and women who served our country.  It's a time to thank those who serve and the families who support them.   How are you celebrating the day?