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Pasta + Pie + Blogger = Food, Fun, and Laughs.

What do you get when you cross 8 bloggers with Marie Callender's and a new promotion called Pasta and Pie Amore?  For starters you get a lot of tweets, status updates, and one very patient and gracious server.

Our server Miguel was awesome.
For a limited time, Marie Callender's has a special menu called Pie and Pasta Amore!  The menu items start at $9.99.  They have Baked Rigatoni with Caesar Salad, Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Rosemary Chicken, Shrimp Angel Hair Sorrento, and Chicken Pesto Alfredo with Caesar Salad.
 Wild Mushroom Ravioli
I chose the wild mushroom.  It was very tasty.  I was a rebel and didn't let my fellow bloggers get a hold of it to take pictures first.  I dove right in.  I delighted in every bight.  I also got a taste of the Angel Hair with Shrimp.  Creamy and delicious.

I also mentioned pie.  We can not forget pie.  It's always such a hard decision.  However, I always go to my standard favorite:  chocolate cream pie.
Marie's pie's never d…