Friday, January 20, 2012

Good News Friday!

I am linking up with with fellow bloggy friend Grumpy Grateful Mom for her Good News Friday meme.  This is a great idea to focus on what is good in our lives.

So what is my good news?  In just three months our van will be paid off!
Back when we first bought it in 06
We checked it out yesterday.  Imagine our surprise!  There is less than 50K miles on it.  And we even drove across the country in it!  That is most definitely good news!
Do you have good news to share??

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments

It's time for some proud mommy moments with Emmymom and Kmama!

I have one for each!  Like brag worthy!  How about them apples! growing up.  Shoot.  But it's fun.  She has quite a few talents.  One of which is photography.  She wishes she could draw.  Aren't we silly?  Why do we do that?  I digress.  She recently had a project for school and she used her brother and sister as models.  She had to demonstrate six different aspects of health.  Mental health was one of them.  And this is one she used for mental health.
I am not sure I would have thought of this.  And even if I had, would it come out like this?  It's just sweet.  She took a bunch more, one of which I posted on my photoblog today!


I got an email from her teacher, and it said she had some unfinished classwork(not the brag part obviously!) and could I have her finish it over the holiday.  We did our best.  But as I tunneled through her backpack what did I find???  Her report card....and her GPA....drumroll please... 3.0!  Honor roll!  Boo and a yah!  


Oh I love my boy.  He has these big beautiful blue eyes that can just melt your heart.  Watch out parents.  Future heart breaker.  His teacher adores him.  He is a sweetie pie.  However, he gets super busy.  He just can't be still.  Some days at school--not all--he is on yellow.  Last week he had a pink day!!!  Woot!  Pink is one away from the top of the chart for good behavior.  

What are your proud moments?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get Random

It's time for me to get random.  I love it.  My son gets so random that it makes my head hurt.  I will try not to do that to you.
I want to start with a gripe so I can get it out of the way.  Why oh why do people think they are above the rules?  That they can do whatever the heck they want?  Example:  I dropped my son off at school today like normal.  And there was a long line of cars at the drop off.  He was already going to be late, so rather than wait to get to the closer gate, I chose the main gate.  I let him out, wished him a good day, and drove away.  Isn't that how it is supposed to be done!??  Except...the lady in front of me, parked.  Got out!  Walked her kids to class.  What!?  It wasn't 5 days ago that there was a phone message and email from the principal talking about this very problem.  It just IRKS me to no end that people do this!

Ryan wanted to buy lunch today.  He is forever begging to do this.  I checked his account and he was $4.00 in the hole.  Whoops.  So I had to add back that much plus enough to buy lunch.  Easy.  Except, I put it into Emily's account.  Which goes to ANOTHER school!  D'oh!  Talk about an expensive mistake. 

My oven needs fixing.  Actually it's just the igniter that needs to be replaced.  I have the part.  All I need to do is call my uncle and get him out here to do the job.  He will do it.  I just need to make the call.  Have I done it?  Nope.  Do I miss my oven?  Like you can't even imagine. 

Last Friday Kristin brought her friend who is a boy home to hang out. (her cactus buddy) And Ryan had his first sleep over.  I think it was good that was I was so sick with a retched sinus infection so that I wasn't really able to let that sink in.  My daughter is growing up, and so is my baby.  *sniff*  Well they can grow up if they want to, but I absolutely refuse to do so!

Oh, the fun I could have had as a teen with this kind of technology! Scary to think!

My kids are always asking me how to spell things.  I am probably one the worst spellers on the planet.  Which is annoying because I distinctly remember in the 5th grade, being one of the last ones standing in a spelling bee.  That being said, I found an app for my phone that is simply a spell checker.  It's awesome.  And to check its amazing abilities, I typed in a word I am forever misspelling:  restaurant! HA!  Spelled it right again!  I spelled it right the first time.  I very rarely, if ever spell that one right.  I usually refuse to spell it.  Yeah, it's that bad!  But it's my little ace in the hole when I  need it!

I am being so random that I am linking up with Impulsive Addict and Seriously Shawn today!!  Be sure and stop by their places too. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

As If...

As if this needed anymore publicity.  As if I needed to ask the question at all.  But I just can't help myself.  Perhaps you haven't heard of the girl from Durango, Colorado who is now suing (With her MOTHER'S help) for her civil rights because her senior picture was deemed too racy for the school yearbook.

She was quoted as saying, “I honestly think (the picture) describes who I am,” Sydney said on NBC’s “Today” on Monday, after being invited to New York to give her side of the argument.  Wow.  "Describes who you are" 

Okay folks...go ahead...tell me who she is.  And if that picture in fact should be used as her senior picture.  She was given the opportunity to use it as her senior ad instead.