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It Was A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night.  I was seven months pregnant.  I ordered my book.  It was supposed to be on my door step the day it was released.  That day was long. No book came.  I gave up around eight thirty that night.  I took matters into my own hands.  I drove to Target and bought my copy.  I had to have it.  There were piles and piles of my coveted book.  I quickly grabbed my treasure and paid for it.  Despite thundering and lightening, I had gone out, alone, for a book.  I'm a geek. It was:  Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

Today's post was brought to you by Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.  Using only a phrase given by Jenny creating a 100 word or less story real or imagined.  This
one was very real.  I would do it again.  No judging here.

I Make Excuses

It's Friday and that can only mean one thing!  It is time to come clean!  Thank you Glamazon for creating this meme for sinners like me!  If you haven't played before well you are missing out!  click on her lovely button and air out your dirty laundry.  It's okay.  We don't judge. 

I make excuses.  Like right now, this is my blog because it is late and I am tired.  It was my birthday today(yesterday) we didn't do a don't feel sorry for me.  My party is next weekend.  My mom and sister took me to lunch.  We ate at Chili's and I shared my free dessert with them.  It was so yummy.  I regretted it for the rest of the day.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I chose to eat it.

I am terrible at thank yous.  If you say something nice to me, or do something nice and you are right there, I will say thank you.  That's good manners.  I am talking about formal thank yous.  You know for gifts and such.  Yeah, I suck at that.  It's not that I don't wan…

My Day

I don't know if this picture counts for indigo blue for Jenny's Rainbow Alphabet or not....but it is my birthday, so I guess I get a little slack.  It's the day we are born, it's the day to mark our time here on earth.  Each one comes faster than the last.  I swear I was just doing my Little Middle's birthday.  Soon it will be The teen's birthday, then it will be my anniversary.  September is a busy month at our house!  So is my sign acceptable?  I don't know.  But it is my birthday!


Surgery was the topic of discussion last week.  I've had some.  I had a laparoscopy in 1995 to remove some endometriosis.  I remember my then boss telling me that when SHE had it done she was back up and to work in three days.  My thoughts were:  Well big fat hairy deal!  She was a witch.  But let's not darken an otherwise delightful blog post!!  Endoscopies are fun!  Okay so they really aren't.  I mean they…

One Word

Jenny from Denton Sanatorium challenged her readers to describe themselves with one word, a la Eat, Love, Pray.  I have had a few days to wrestle with this one.  Of course during those few days some major things took place.  While Rich recovers and we wait completely agitated ever so patiently for the compressor to be delivered I started to think of words...hoping to narrow it down.

"Mom" came to mind.  I am a mom.  A mom covers many many avenues.  We are doctor's, lawyers, therapists, nurses, maids, chefs, short order cooks, taxi drivers, teachers, referees, the list goes on and on.  But as much as I love my kids, "Mom" does not define who I am.  I am not strong, tho there are those who would say otherwise.  I have had people describe me as:  calm/easy-going.  Well thank you, but you don't live with me.  I can do a 180 in less than 5 seconds.  And it ain't pretty!

So I thought of taking the easy way out...hmmm maybe "cheater" would be my wo…

Ten Things

Once a month my dear friend, Emmy, hosts TEN THINGS TO SMILE ABOUT.  If you haven't done it before or never heard of it, this where she takes time to reflect on ten things that made her smile during the month.  I love this assignment because it reminds us of the good things we have whether they be simple or grand!  So come on and link up!  
1.  A weekend of swimming with friends and family 
Photo by Emmy 2.  Successful first days of school

3.  Naps
Theirs AND mine! 4.  Milestones in my weight loss journey
5.  Getting that cool shot you've been waiting for!

6.  Kristin for buying her family the game of Life with her babysitting money 7.  Emily for putting out bowls for people in the mornings for breakfast 8.  Ryan for being a good helper 9.  Brownies--well they do! 10.  Having such a successful hit with my FB post last week, that I have decided to turn it in a monthly meme!!
Starting Sept 14th, Emmy and I will be hosting:  THE STATUS QUOTE Where we gather up our friends status updates and …

Why do we say/do that?

Humans are a curious race.  We say and do some of the goofiest things.  For instance, have you ever been waiting for the elevator when someone comes up and pushes the button for the elevator.  The same one you pushed just ten seconds before they showed up.  How about the crosswalk button.  How many times do you push that button?  Once?  Twice?  Twenty?  Or, if you are walking through the parking lot at Wal-Mart or Target or wherever you go and the driver motions for you to cross in front of them.  Why is it necessary to jog across? 

Why must people ask if it is hot/cold enough.  Just once I would like to say, "Yes, yes it is.  I put my request in last Tuesday." 

Do you ever go on a long road trip, only to finally arrive and the first thing you want to do is sit?  Why is that?  Additionally, do you notice how for that night as you drift to sleep all you can see is the road before you?

When you go to regular places:  the store, work, church you park in the same place…