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Picture of the Day

Just messing around with the camera and Ryan.  He had fun hamming it up.


I had an appointment with the dermatologist yesterday.  Yeah, I live in CA so I get to have all the perks.  No, nothing that glamorous.  I have a
lovely mole on the side of my nose.  We had to make sure it wasn't pre-cancerous.  How glamorous is that?  It's not.  It's just a mole that I hate.  It won't kill me, or cause damage.  It will just bug me.  Stupid mole.  I digress.

The first part of this appointment was a 30 minute seminar.  We all learned about the different types of moles and what to look out for.  Okay, first of all, if I had any of the unsightly moles I saw in those pictures, I would not hesitate to go to the doctor.  But that is just me.

After the seminar, we all waited to be seen.  Their were less than 10 people, but even so he did get to every one in a timely manner.  This is where my eavesdropping comes in.  During the seminar, the doctor talked about creams, yes creams that they are now using for mole removal for certain kinds of moles.  I can't …

Book Review

There is always that one book that your little sweetie absolutely adores.  The one that they wear out because they want it read to them day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute.  We have one such book.  It's actually beautifully illustrated.  I have had it since Kristin was a baby.  It was never one of her favorites.  I kept it.  Why?  Well, it is educational. The "Things that go" page is filled with cars, trains, plains, and all things that...go!  There is an animal page, food page, sweet treat page, clothing page.  It's not a story.  I am not thrilled with explaining page after page of what everything is.  I find it tiresome.  The plot is weak and the characters are too one dimensional.  Emily never cared for it either, but I did use it with her more for speech purposes.  

Then along came Ryan.  He is different.  Man how he is different.  Boys just are.  He loves this silly book.  He wants it for his story.  But dude, it's NOT a story!  It is a book w…

My Mother's Voice

Every once in a while when I am speaking, I swear it is my mother's voice coming out of MY mouth. How else can I explain some of the things I say? The things I was never going to say. The things I hated to hear. The things I have long forgotten have somehow crept back to the surface!

Yesterday I caved in graciously let Kristin have a sleepover. I hardly ever have my extras anymore so a sleepover was not completely out of the question. They were noisy and giggly as 12 year old girls should be. Ryan chased them around giggling right along with them and Emily was part of the play as well; happily. It was a lot to take in. It really has been a while since I had any other kids in the house. You forget. And somehow, your own kids noise is easier to block out. My husband once asked me, "How can you stand all that noise?" I looked up at him and said, "What noise?" I wasn't being sarcastic. I honestly didn't know what he meant. Then I heard them,…

The Little Engine That Could

We all know the story of the little engine that could. That big hill and that chant of "I think I can!" Well today I am the little engine that could. I am at the bottom of a great climb and I need to keep telling myself, "I think I can!" I think I can.

Call it Post-Christmas Blues. Call it burn out. Call it whatever you want, cause I've got it. But hey, I got up! I showered. Yes ladies and gentlemen she did shower! And not only that...I used my new smelly soap that smells of raspberries and cream. I am dressed!!! So I have started to climb. I think I can.

I have business phone calls to make(which by the way, I detest!) and mount wahsmore to tackle along with the burning inferno that was once my somewhat presentable home. I know what needs to be done, and I am formulating a plan! I think I can.

I check my email first. Such a geek. And I have some new comments to my post from yesterday. Yay! I love comments! And then I got this from Emmy!
Well tha…

Why So Soon!?

It's January right? I just want to be sure that I didn't sleep through a few months, or that I am in such a frazzled state of being that I missed them entirely. I ask this because on Saturday Jan.2 when I braved going to Wal-Mart, I saw bathing suits on display. Coats are already being marked down. Why so soon!? Is the world ending tomorrow? Is there a bikini shortage I don't know about? I know all about global warming, but this is ridiculous!

On Dec. 28th when my mom and I went shopping, all the Christmas gift isles were replaced with Valentine's Day gifts. What!? Wasn't it Christmas just two days prior!? And isn't New Year's Eve just a few short days away? Why so soon? Did Valentine's Day get moved up? If so, please tell me when it is. Of course Valentine's in our house is somewhat of a joke. Not because my husband is a dud, but because every single one of our Valentine's for the first several years were somehow interrupted. May…

Grand Plans

I have had many grand plans for my blog this year. And I fully intend to deliver! However at the moment I am just a bit frazzled. I am a bit buried under mountains of escrow papers, and I suddenly realized they want to close in ELEVEN days! So as soon as I get a translator and I get my $@#* together I can focus on the important stuff! Check back with me later case of a miracle. Otherwise...I will see you tomorrow. :o)

Have a great day!!!