Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five: Rain, Sleeping Downstairs and Scary Cakes!

Emmy Mom

     Today I am linking up with my bestie Emmy to share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures. It's a great way to summarize the week and share those random thoughts that pop into my brain.

1. My personal break from school came to an end this week. I cherish the two weeks I get each year. I am in my last year of school and I feel the senioritis kicking in. I want to be DONE. This week the instructor used two videos as part of his instruction (all of my school is online) and one of the videos I had already seen from a previous course. Yeah I skipped that one. The other one was far more helpful to the topic at hand. 

2.  Raise your hand if your kids get three weeks for Christmas break.  Yes...three. This last week has been torture. You would think it would be easy because they have their new toys from Christmas. However, it's quite the opposite. While my 15 y/o is perfectly capable of entertaining herself. My 10 y/o needs movement and entertainment, plus add to that feelings of anxiety he is harboring about returning to school. It's been a rough week.

3.  I am a Primary teacher for my church. In my church the children ages 3-11 are in an auxiliary program called primary and the teachers (such as myself) are asked to volunteer their services to teach the children.The age group I have been assigned are the 9 year olds. I just started this month. We shall see how it goes.

4. Earthquakes are not fun. That is all.

5.  I actually got into an argument with my son this morning about whether or not it was winter. I assured him if it were in fact Spring it would be a lot warmer. Here in Southern California we have two seasons: Summer and Not Summer. Right now I am perfectly content with the 50 and below temps because in just a few short weeks we will be right back up to triple digits. 

My son loves bow ties. My BIL gave him a REAL one for Christmas. I have never even tied a real tie let alone a bow tie. I did pretty good! Plus he is a handsome kid.

Ringing in the new year complete with noisy noise makers. Funny how the noisy  noise makers hit the trash immediately after midnight!!

There is so much wrong with this cake! The pink elephants look like pink turds. "Happy New YAHHH" ???? It's too much...this was clearly a mistake and they were trying to get rid of it while still making a profit.

It rained for two days straight. That was a big deal here. A very big deal. In fact on Wednesday while I was at Wal-Mart everyone's phones kept going off for flash flood warnings including my own.

It's a strange fascination for kids. I never wanted to sleep in the living room. Give me my own bed! Kids are funny. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Weekly Check In: New Years

It's January and most people are making New Year's Resolutions to lose weight and start anew. These are all great and fantastic things! I support you in your journey! It's a long road ahead. I gained 3.8 pounds over the holidays. The fun is over and I am back on my routine. I have already lost 1.4 of what I gained. It's all good. 

How am I doing it?  Weight Watchers.  This is how I choose to take my journey. It works for me. The best part about this program is there is nothing I cannot have. That being said, I do not indulge every day for if I did I would not have the picture above to demonstrate how far I've come. Am I strictly doing Weight Watchers(eating a certain way)? No, I am also moving more...oh that darn word anyway. I do yoga! 

All right, so it is not like that, but if you would like to know who I follow her name is Adrienne and I think she is great. She is the right level of cheery, explains everything exceptionally well and her videos are for the beginner to the advanced "yogi."  

Here's my other super secret...are you ready?  While I do still "indulge" from time to time, it is not an all the time thing. I rarely eat anything sugary anymore. Hint: if it is high in fat, calories, and sugar I will likely turn it down because chances are it is unworthy of my love. Let's be honest, I might love the food but it is not going to love me back. 

I will report back each week on my journey, struggles and successes because that is what this all about. What are you doing in 2016?

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Telling It Like Is: Special Snowflake Edition

Once again another term we are all familiar with: Special Snowflake is a thing. Actually to be more specific it is known as "Special Snowflake Syndrome!" Are you kidding me? Now this one comes from the urban dictionary and other similar forms, but there is some science behind it. "The Special Snowflake (Also referred to as one with the "Special Snowflake Syndrome" or "SSS") is a person who believes they are different and unique from everyone else because of something they are or do. This thing they are or do, most commonly is something is something many many other people are doing, E.G.GenderfluidTherian (Otherkin), etc. Special Snowflakes almost always have a superiority complex." (urban dictionary) Is it any surprise that individuals with "special snowflake syndrome" have a superiority complex?  Another explanation points at mothers..."Our mothers always told us we were special snowflakes, each having our own unique beauty." Excuse me, but my mother never once uttered those words to me. She told me I was beautiful yes, and kind but a special snowflake? Aaack! No! Likewise I have never (nor will I ever spout such drivel to my own children.  

That being said, I do believe that we are in fact special snowflakes, but not in the terms described above. What makes us beautiful and unique is we are kind and think of others. We let that car in on the freeway. We do not throw temper tantrums because the waitress got the order wrong or because barista put three squirts instead of four.We do not think the world revolves around us, but rather realize that world in fact, revolves around the sun. The rest of those people are simply being selfish, rude ugly jerks. Do not encourage this behavior by reminding these idiots what beautiful snowflakes they are, instead they need to be chastised for their disgusting attitude and knocked down from their pedestal. No need to be rude or cruel(unless they are not within earshot!) just remind them that most 4 year olds behave better. 

The special snowflakes of the world are officially de-throned and the true snowflakes will now reign in harmony because we do not believe in superiority of others.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What is Me Time?

Most people have heard of the term, "me time" it can even be found in the Oxford dictionary. "Time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy: schedule some me time when you get home"

By definition everyone should be scheduling "me time" into their daily lives. It seems impossible when the lists are already never ending, the workload is piled up and typically as mothers we are one or ten steps behind.

The first the step toward making "me time" is to look at it in a whole new light. When I first started thinking about this "me time" topic I wanted a picture to summarize it perfectly. I was not disappointed by our dear friend, Google.

Can you see that? You are right in the word TIME. Now that we know we are in the word time itself lets work on that "me time." It has been said that all we need is 5-10 minutes a day of that quality me time in order to recharge. In school kids get recess because they need to blow off that steam. They get recess along with their lunch for the same reason. Can you imagine if they were not given these times of recharging? Why then, as adults do we think it is no longer necessary to have "me time?" Just because we are "adults" does not mean we should ever stop "playing." 

I searched around for articles relating to the topic of "me time" and why it is crucial for everyone, not just mothers to schedule in that me time and believe it or not the one that stood out to me was webmd*. We do not have cancer from not scheduling our me time! We do however, gain many benefits for our health by having this me time, and we only need five to ten minutes a day.  Suggestions are given in the article from listening to music (with your earbuds in) and putting it on shuffle, to sitting on the porch and looking at the clouds. Remember looking at the clouds when you were a kid on a lazy summer day? Why shouldn't we all take five minutes to look at the clouds now? This is just about taking 5-10 small minutes no matter who you are or what is going on in your life. It's your recess. Since this is recess it stands to reason that we should use it for something that is enjoyable and not for working. In other words do not take those 5 minutes to pay a bill or refill a prescription. This is about you taking a moment that is all about you. After all you are in the word time itself. 

How will you schedule me time for yourself?

*webmd article found here.