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Ten Things to Smile About

July was a rough and long month in the CA home.  Personally, I would like to dig a very deep hole and bury it.  Let's look at it shall we:  the cat ran away, husband in the hospital, rotten neighbors and their children, being sick, breaking out in psoriasis, and the list goes on and on.  So participating in EmmyMom's Ten things to smile about this month was especially difficult for me, but absolutely necessary!!!

1.  On our first beach trip we had a stow away...a frog!  We used our wagon to carry things, and we figure it was on the wagon.  I never got a picture of the frog, but it was quite the spectacle.

2.  There is an iPhone cover I saw at Wally, and I just might be getting it, it has Perry the Playtpus on it!  I laughed so hard.  Loved it.  My niece was more into the pink one with the lips and hearts.  She just doesn't get the coolness.

3.  Despite losing Midnight, I like to believe someone kind has taken him in.  He's a beautiful cat.  In turn we have taken in tw…