Friday, February 19, 2010

So Random

I want to apologize on behalf of Southern CA to any all readers who are buried in snow, getting more snow, or has snow on the way.

The movie RED DAWN scared the you know what out of me.  I was convinced for weeks, possibly months that we were going to be invaded.

I love Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal.  I know it's disgusting and terrible for you, but I like it.

We (me, mom, Kristin and Ryan) went to Wally.  It was time to restock supplies.  We had both finished up and Kristin wanted to show me some dresses that she liked.  I told my mom to get in line, figuring we would finish long before they would even begin ringing us up.  Ryan followed close behind.  Kristin showed me the collection she liked and I told her she would need something over or under that style.  We looked at a couple of other things and I pointed out that they were too short.  We headed back to the registers to meet Grandma and I started to unload my half of the cart.  It was then that I noticed someone was missing.  I looked all around the general area and Ryan was no where to be found.  I headed back to where we had been and didn't see him.  I called his name about six times at the top of my lungs.  People were looking around.  Kristin was also looking for him.  I told her to go back to Grandma.  I didn't want to lose another one.  As I walked over to customer service all the terrible thoughts started to flood my mind.  I told the girl behind the counter my son was missing.  For about two seconds she gave me a blank stare.  Noooo!  Please dear Lord, not now.  She asked me what his name was and how old. Then she turned to her more experienced associate and asked her what she needed to do.  They call a code "Adam" and the store is now on alert.  The gal then asked me what he was wearing.  Oh my gosh!  What is he wearing!?  Think!  It's times like these I think that perhaps taking a picture of them with my cell phone every morning would be a smart move.  I finally remember and I rattle it off and add his description as well.  They have him at the fitting room.  I make my way over there, and two associates had him sitting on the bench waiting.  "He came over to us and asked if we could help him find his mom."  I was floored.  He knew what to do.  He was a little shook up, but not a single tear.  I told him he did the right thing by asking for help.  I don't like that part of parenting.  It's scary.

I learned how to find the percent of a number.  In school, I totally sucked at math.  Since Kristin had to be home all week I was forced to be the teacher.  It took me a while, but I figured it out.  I was very pleased with myself.

I love random Friday's because you can talk about anything.  SQUIRREL!! 

I am going through a funk.  I don't know why.  I need to just pull up my big girl panties and deal with it. 

Have a great weekend!  We are supposed to get rained on for the next several days.  Which most likely means more snow for those you just getting out of it.  Again, I apologize.

Picture of the Day
Having an older sibling is the best!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Do My Own Stunts

For the Writer's Workshop this week, I chose prompt #4 Childhood memory. If you want to learn more about the workshop, visit Mama Kat.

My son has a shirt that says, "I do all my own stunts."  It suits him since he has already chipped a tooth and broken his nose.  Oh and then he hit himself in the head with a rock.  So this shirt definitely suits him.  Where does it come from?  His father?  Rich would laugh at that one.  Oh no, his mother is the guilty party.  Yes, I do all my own stunts.  And I have the x-rays and the glow to prove it.

When I was 5, I learned to skate.  I remember skating up and down our very long driveway.  I was so happy.  I could skate!  I had those metal wheels.  Yeah.  Old.   I skated every chance I got.  I wore through skates faster than shoes it seems.  I remember my first really cool pair of skates.  I bought them myself with my own hard earned money.  
Oh how I loved my skates.  I skated with friends and I skated with my sister.  She and I would do tricks.  We would skate down to the school and make our own Olympics.  We had to do certain tricks just like ice skaters.  I could skate backwards almost as well as forward.  I could jump off curbs at full speed.  Other things I did I would cringe to see my own kids do.  It was my favorite pass time.  About the only time I wasn't on skates was if it was raining or I was sick.  That was until one day when my sister and I went skating.  We skated to our usual haunt: the school.  When we got there, we decided to race.  It's what we did.  During that race, our wheels locked.  She stumbled a few feet forward and recovered quickly.  I went down and braced myself with my arms.  I remember screaming.  I remember crying all the way the home. And yes, I remember throwing my arms onto the table declaring, "I broke my arms!"  Dramatic?  Maybe a little but gosh darn it they hurt!

My brother and sister also do their own stunts.  And since they are older, my mom had the opportunity to see some ugly fractures.  U.G.L.Y.  So when I came home and flung my seemingly normal arms on the table, it didn't seem possible for them to be broken.  They were.  Both arms.  Both bones.  Same places.  It was an impacted fracture, where the bones are driven into each other causing them to buckle.  Not only was this the type of fracture I had, it was also in the growth line.  Our regular doctor was not even going to touch me.  He sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.  My arms are actually a little shorter than they should be.  Your wing span should match your height.  Mine is off by about 1/2 to 1 inch.

Despite the fact that I had two broken arms, I went to school every day.  I did my school work and homework.  My teacher was very happy when the casts came off because it meant she could read my work again.  It didn't matter that I broke my arms.  As soon as I got the all clear, I was back on my wheels doing the same tricks as before.  I loved skating.  I am not sure I could do it now without falling over.  Is skating like riding a bike?  If so, I should be safe.
And there I am looking bad working those casts!  I was 10.

Picture of the Day
Yeah, he looks like he is going to sneeze.  But he was having a fit. Check out his puffed out chest.  He is the alpha-male.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Really Wordless, Wednesday

There is just too much to share, and too much to say to make it a "Wordless Wednesday."

Yesterday, I got to take Ryan and Lucas(Emmy's son) to the fire station.  What a thrill for a little boy!  Ryan has at least three fire trucks that I can think of.  Plus a fireman hat.  What a thrill for me.  Firemen.  'Nough said.   While we waited for the tour to start, the boys made a game called ROLLER COASTER. They were an instant hit with the other boys.
This is the drop part.

I didn't try this ride.
A call came in just as we arrived
Ryan was a little worried about the Fire Truck.  They are much bigger in person.  
Did you know there is a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine?  A fire truck is the really big one with the 75 foot ladder on top.  The fire engine is the smaller one with the two small ladders.  

The fire fighters stay in their station house residence for 24 hours at a time.  I am not certain exactly how the duty rotation works, but I do know a fire chief and he tried to explain to me and my husband how his schedule worked.  It made me dizzy.  I had enough trouble keeping Rich's straight when he was in the Coast Guard!  Anyway, their residence has a TV room.  It is a TV lover's dream come true.  A great big flat screen with lazy boys lining each side of the room.  None of which had a single fire fighter in them.  Their kitchen was huge and spotless.  Maybe I should have them come to my place and clean mine!  Their sleeping quarters--yep we went there!--made me feel claustrophobic.  A good size room, with beds, separated by lockers with gear on top of each of them.  Our tour guide, Fire Fighter Sean said, that when they get a call an alarm will sound and the lights--that are red will come on.  Usually when they are soundly sleeping.  He said that the Fire Department is the first responder to medical emergencies because they have better equipment, better training,and the ambulances cover the entire county while they cover our city so they are able to get any place faster.(I don't know if this is true county to county or state to state)  He went onto say that if you were in their care that they would go to the hospital with you and make sure you are taken care of.  

The boys didn't want get in the truck...until...

After I got in--how cool is that!?

Fire Fighter Lucas

Fire Fighter Ryan

The kids were treated to a fire fighter in full gear.  That gear weighs about 40 pounds by the way.  At the bottom of the oxygen tank is a valve release that will sound an alarm if the wearer is in danger.  These fire fighters train for four years before they are eligible for a probationary position.  This probation period lasts 18 months.  After the year and a half, it is determined whether or not the candidate is suited for the job.  They train, study, and work out daily.  They have an amazing and frightening job.  I am glad I don't have to do it.  And I am thankful they do!  It was a fun tour and those boys had a blast.  Their favorite part:  sitting in the truck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

Janiece from One Moment At A Time has awarded me this blogger award.  Thank you so much Janiece!

Now the rules are these....

1.Thank then link to the person that gave you the award
2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered & whom you think are fantastic
3.Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won
4.State 7 Things about yourself!
In no particular order.....

1.  The Rachel Way
2.  Kamp KK
3.  504 Main
4.  Ah Me So Hongry
5.  Embrace the Chaos
6.  A Hermit Mom's Cave
13.  Picture Me 
14.  Salsa Mom 
Seven Things About Me

1.   I auditioned for a Bud Light commercial
2.  I chastised a school teacher once
3.  I walked out of a classroom in a protest
4.  I can pick things up with my toes
5.  I have broken 7 bones, 4 at the same time
6.  I got lost in the mountains and the mall.  Guess which one I remember.
7.  I have been able to drive since I was 16, but I was not legal until I was 21.

I love all my bloggy friends!  Thank you all for reading me and my ramblings.

Picture of the Day
Who says you can only make these at Christmas time?  Bonus:  my house smells like Gingerbread...yum!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Who's In The Wrong?

It's question time, and I have just one but with three real or fictional scenarios, you can decide.

Scenario One:  You are at the Dollar Tree 4 days before Valentine's Day.  See you forgot that there was no school on Friday and you still haven't bought a couple of those little Valentine's Day boxes for your kids.  So an hour and 45 minutes before pick up time you decide in your ultimate wisdom that this is the right time to get said boxes plus some candy to go with.  Cause let's face it, you have to give SOMETHING besides a card because all the other kids parents are giving candy, pencils, stickers, bikes....okay maybe not bikes.  Much to your chagrin, there are no boxed Valentine's and you have to claw your way to what is left of the good candy.  When you decide you have had enough, you make your way to the registers, where you are cut off by The Rude Family.  The Rude Girl who isn't in school, is particularly rude and snotty.  No, I already know they are in the wrong.  The cashier announces she is closed and that the next one over will take care of us.  Rude family pushes to the front.  Their we stand for an eternity.  Why?  Because this checker was not open at all.  We were then sent to another.  Rude family B-lines it and tries to take out  your cart and your kid at the same time.  Wow.  You all need to get a life.  This is the Dollar Tree folks.  Totally annoyed and ready to 'accidentally' mow them down, you begrudgingly move to yet another line.  This is where you meet Crazy  Lady. You don't know she is crazy...YET... but you have your suspicions.  Crazy Lady turns to your sister and says, "watch my stuff I will be right back."  You didn't hear this by the way.  When it is finally your turn, the cashier is ringing up Crazy Lady's stuff.  "That's not her stuff!" your sister says.  Just as you are about to hand over your 4 items to crazy lady's 100, she is back announcing it is her stuff, and she is back.  Dumbfounded, you are not sure what to do.  Then your mom says, "You shouldn't have left."  crazy lady defends that they would take her stuff back.  Mom is getting hot under the collar now--don't cross a mom ever, "We are on a schedule, we have to pick up kids from school."  To which crazy lady looks at you and says, "Well I have a psychiatric appointment, I think that is more important."  Oh really!?  Tell me, who is in the wrong.

Scenario #2:  You are in pick up mode the next day.  Child A needs to pee, but you still have 2 more kids to collect at the other school.  To save you from a golden flood you drive over to the Dollar Tree--it's across from that school you are picking up kids B&C.  As you are driving through the parking lot, you notice a car is backing out.  You honk.  Car keeps coming.  You honk a second time.  At that moment you see that the driver witch sees you.  Witch lady continues to back out of her place.  You lay on the horn.  Witch lady still backs out.  You swerve to avoid being hit and almost cause another accident in the process.  Who is in the wrong here.

Scenario #3 This is tied to the second.  After child A has taken care of her business you all pile back into your car and make your way back to the other school to pick up children B&C.  There is a big SUV on your tail.  You are driving only slightly less than the prescribed 25 mph since A) there are children present and B) you are currently looking for a place to park.  SUV is almost inside your car at this point.  Finally you are able to pull over.  SUV takes off like you have been going a mere 2 miles an hour the whole time.  Who is in the wrong here.

Not that any of these things happened to me last week.  I am just giving an example and asking a simple question.


Picture of the Day
Purple roses from hubby, because purple means:  Love at first sight.