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So Random

I want to apologize on behalf of Southern CA to any all readers who are buried in snow, getting more snow, or has snow on the way.

The movie RED DAWN scared the you know what out of me.  I was convinced for weeks, possibly months that we were going to be invaded.

I love Peanut Butter Captain Crunch cereal.  I know it's disgusting and terrible for you, but I like it.

We (me, mom, Kristin and Ryan) went to Wally.  It was time to restock supplies.  We had both finished up and Kristin wanted to show me some dresses that she liked.  I told my mom to get in line, figuring we would finish long before they would even begin ringing us up.  Ryan followed close behind.  Kristin showed me the collection she liked and I told her she would need something over or under that style.  We looked at a couple of other things and I pointed out that they were too short.  We headed back to the registers to meet Grandma and I started to unload my half of the cart.  It was then that I noticed someone was m…

I Do My Own Stunts

For the Writer's Workshop this week, I chose prompt #4 Childhood memory. If you want to learn more about the workshop, visit Mama Kat.

My son has a shirt that says, "I do all my own stunts."  It suits him since he has already chipped a tooth and broken his nose.  Oh and then he hit himself in the head with a rock.  So this shirt definitely suits him.  Where does it come from?  His father?  Rich would laugh at that one.  Oh no, his mother is the guilty party.  Yes, I do all my own stunts.  And I have the x-rays and the glow to prove it.

When I was 5, I learned to skate.  I remember skating up and down our very long driveway.  I was so happy.  I could skate!  I had those metal wheels.  Yeah.  Old.   I skated every chance I got.  I wore through skates faster than shoes it seems.  I remember my first really cool pair of skates.  I bought them myself with my own hard earned money.  
Oh how I loved my skates.  I skated with friends and I skated with my sister.  She and I would d…

Not Really Wordless, Wednesday

There is just too much to share, and too much to say to make it a "Wordless Wednesday."

Yesterday, I got to take Ryan and Lucas(Emmy's son) to the fire station.  What a thrill for a little boy!  Ryan has at least three fire trucks that I can think of.  Plus a fireman hat.  What a thrill for me.  Firemen.  'Nough said.   While we waited for the tour to start, the boys made a game called ROLLER COASTER. They were an instant hit with the other boys.
This is the drop part.

I didn't try this ride. A call came in just as we arrived Ryan was a little worried about the Fire Truck.  They are much bigger in person.   Did you know there is a difference between a fire truck and a fire engine?  A fire truck is the really big one with the 75 foot ladder on top.  The fire engine is the smaller one with the two small ladders.  
The fire fighters stay in their station house residence for 24 hours at a time.  I am not certain exactly how the duty rotation works, but I do know a fire chi…

Beautiful Blogger

Janiece from One Moment At A Time has awarded me this blogger award.  Thank you so much Janiece!

Now the rules are these....
1.Thank then link to the person that gave you the award 2.Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered & whom you think are fantastic 3.Contact said Blogs to let them know they've won 4.State 7 Things about yourself! In no particular order.....

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1.   I auditioned for a Bud Light commercial 2.  I chastised a school teacher once 3.  I walked out of a classroom in a protest 4.  I can pick things up with my toes 5.  I have broken 7 bones, 4 at the same time 6.  I got lost in the mountains and the mall.  Guess which one I remember…

Who's In The Wrong?

It's question time, and I have just one but with three real or fictional scenarios, you can decide.

Scenario One:  You are at the Dollar Tree 4 days before Valentine's Day.  See you forgot that there was no school on Friday and you still haven't bought a couple of those little Valentine's Day boxes for your kids.  So an hour and 45 minutes before pick up time you decide in your ultimate wisdom that this is the right time to get said boxes plus some candy to go with.  Cause let's face it, you have to give SOMETHING besides a card because all the other kids parents are giving candy, pencils, stickers, bikes....okay maybe not bikes.  Much to your chagrin, there are no boxed Valentine's and you have to claw your way to what is left of the good candy.  When you decide you have had enough, you make your way to the registers, where you are cut off by The Rude Family.  The Rude Girl who isn't in school, is particularly rude and snotty.  No, I already know they are…