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Proud Mommy Moments: Short & Sweet

I have fun, short and sweet proud mommy moment this week.  I realize as my kids get older that those "proud" moments come fewer and far between.  Well at least, that is the hope.  I mean, I don't want my 15 year old throwing herself on the floor at Walmart because I won't buy her a shirt.

In recent weeks, I have been telling my kids (Ryan mostly) that those things on the sides of his head are not for decoration.  They are in fact, for listening.  So the other day, when we were en-route to picking up his sisters from school, and he once again said, "What??" I heaved a heavy sigh, gripped the steering wheel a little tighter and asked, "What are those things on the side of your head for?"  He very promptly and happily responded, "Decoration!"  At least I know he listens.

I Always Remember...

I always remember it was a Tuesday.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was because Kristin was in preschool and I was getting her ready.  Maybe it was because at the time, my husband was stationed at A school in Northern CA, and he mostly worked M-F and hardly no weekends as he was an instructor.  Maybe it was because I had the news on as I always did during the week.  I don't know why, but I always remember it was a Tuesday.  You can google it to test me.  I did, because I thought:  that is weird.  That can't be right.  It is.  I remember it, because it is etched not only in my brain and on my heart, but it is forever in my soul.

Today I posted this on my FB:

As we are scrambling today, to get from place to place, let us pause for a moment and remember those who scrambled for their very lives. And for the brave men and women who sacrificed their own lives as they came together as one united front to end the destruction that was this awful day. Remember all of them.

And I changed…

Come and Vote For Me!

I have entered a photo contest.  It's on FB and you can just go right to it and vote for my pic.  And the beauty can vote more than once.  It will tell you how many votes you get or when you have used your votes for the day.  I will probably be doing this shameless self promotion more than once until the contest ends.

This is the pic...and the story behind it is here.
And last but not least...the link to the contest!  It's super easy.  Go and vote for me please.