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Dwts All Star champions!

Okay, I really wrestled with whether or not I would even do this, but I have been asked and told how excited you are to read my "famous" recaps.  All 3 of you.  Haha.  So, I am gathering all my strength and I am going to go for it.  That will be $500 please.  Hey, I want that new iPhone!  *ahem*

This new season promises to be an exciting and downright nail-biting! Why?  Because this season they brought back past champions and runners-up!  Now, why didn't they bring Donny & Marie on!  What a smack down that would have been!!! But alas, they did not.

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson 

Joey Fatone danced in Season 4 and was one away from the Mirror Ball trophy.  During practice, Kym kicked him in the face.  Ouch!  Despite that little accident...or was it...?  They wowed the crowd and me!  He came off the dance floor huffing and puffing.  "I can't breathe!" He yelled.

Len started by explaining that judgung is going to be tougher, and that they will be putting in a 1/2 point.   He then said Joey was like a boomerang.  "Throw him out and back he comes!"  He advised him to check the footwork, but otherwise it was spectacular!

Bruno told him he could bring it on and give it large! He warned him about his posture.

Carrie Ann said that Joey one of her favorite show men.

Carrie Ann:  6.5
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total:  20.5

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough (she had Mark last) and says she feels like she is cheating on Mark.  Derek told her he was the new husband.  haha.  They danced the Foxtrot.   I could tell right away that Len would not like it.  It was a little too modern and not enough ballroom.  It was fun though.

Bruno called it  fully loaded! Two dances for the price of one, but that stylistically it has to be more defined.
Carrie Ann said that is what the all star season is all about.  "Perfect posture, package.  Loved it."
Len told them they did well BUT (here it comes)  he said his famous line, "For me..." it didn't feel like a "true" foxtrot and that it disappointed him.  He got boos for that, but I knew he wouldn't like it.  I wonder if the audience is told to boo him.  haha.
CA:  8
Len: 6.5
Bruno: 7.5
Total: 22

Sabrina and Louis

Sabrina Bryan is a Disney Alum. She was on season 5 and was robbed of her chance to win when she was sent home at week six.  Even the judges were dismayed.  Len was reading the riot act to the voters (us!) that we have got to vote. And so she is back!  And she is as good as I remember!

Carrie Ann told her that she was on fire! But warned her to be careful, because she over dances.
Len called it clean and precise with a lot of impact, and then added so does a hammer.  Yeah, he got boos for that.  Meanie Len.  Go eat some fruit.
Bruno said she was a fury on the dance floor and pointed out that she missed a few passes. Then he added he was happy she was back. Maybe I am tired, maybe Bruno is...but come on man...wake up!  Rev it up!
CA  7.5
Len: 7.5
Bruno: 7.5
Total. 22.5

Helio and Chelsie

Helio was originally partnered with Jullianne Hough (Yup, Derek's sister) and they won the trophy.  Well he is back.  And I forgot what a character he is.  Their foxtrot was more traditional and actually, maybe I am turning into a Len...I liked it better.

Len said it was a joy to watch... mostly; that there were some "incidents"  throughout.  Was he really watching???
Bruno agreed tho, saying that people look at his face, and forget about his feet.  Seriously Bruno, did someone give you Nyquil?  Where's the passion?
Carrie Ann wants to see a tiny bit more body contact to help with the leading.

CA:  7
Len: 7.5
Bruno:  7
Total: 21.5

Pamela and Tristan

Pamela does not excite me.  Maybe if I were a male she would.  Hmmm...perhaps I should ask my husband about this.  She circled around Tristan, sizing him up like a prize.  Of course he enjoyed it.  He's a pill.  He also added that after years of abuse for taking dance, it has finally paid off.  I digress.  They danced the cha-cha, and sure she can shake it, but that was about it.  Not overly impressed here. 

Bruno kind of smirked and said, "You look like a girl who could go all the way."  There you are!  Where have you been, darling! *ahem* He added that she needs to work harder.
Carrie Ann said when she is dancing she is living the drama.  She is? And that she has a booming body.  Okay fine...she can have that one.  She told to get the technical side of it.
Len said it was little bit like a kid on a bike when you take the training wheels off.  "A bit shakey but you didn't fall over."  Ouch!  Did someone bring him the fruit?

CA;  5.5
Len:  5.5
Bruno: 6.
Total: 17

Melissa & Tony

Melissa was a last minute replacement in her first season on DWTS and I believe she won.  She was a break out favorite.  Now paired with Tony, (I am pretty sure she had Derek before) their foxtrot was great.  but....

Carrie Ann liked it too saying that she had gorgeous lines, but they needed more body contact!
Len is such a fuddy duddy, maybe he needs some happy juice because he thought the dance was a little bit theatrical for him.  Psssh!
Bruno: Bruno agreed with Carrie Ann on the body contact, but said overall it was excellent.  Somebody shake him...he's falling back asleep!

CA: 7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total:  21

Apolo and Karina

Apolo is another former mirror ball trophy holder and claims to be rusty.  Karina is a new partner for him so her style is different.  They did a cha cha.  I liked it.

Len called it a bronze not a gold, but said that he came out and he sold it.
Bruno called him the "Eager beaver."  and that the extension of the arms were exquisite .
Carrie Ann asked, "Is it just me, or did you get 3 thousand times more sexy since the last time!" Okay quit trying to be doesn't look good on you.  She said he had good hip action and leg work.
CA; 7.5
Len: 7
Bruno: 7.5
Total.  22

Giles and Peta

Ahhh Gilles....swooon.  And he has charm.  What if he is a total clod?  I hope not.  He seems very gracious in the interviews on the news tho.  I digress.  What a beautiful foxtrot.  Yep, he's still got it, ladies!

Bruno said he's got style and panache, and the technical is so good.Then he grinned and said, "Can I see it again?"
Carrie Ann simply said, "I miss you!"  And then called their dance, "Poetic and gorgeous."
Len said there is a sophistication about him.

CA:  8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Total: 24

Bristol and Mark

Remember when Bristol was on?  It was such a big deal too.  She looks great.  I mean wow.  And she has this confidence about her.  I don't know if she will go all the way, but she is different this time.  She and Mark danced the cha cha and it was pretty good.

Carrie Ann told her she was the most improved and added the she was confident and sassy.
Len seconded that she was far more confident.
Bruno told her she was giving it. And that she had power and focus.

CA:  6.5
len: 6.5
Bruno: 6.5
Total: 19.5  Why such low scores then?

Drew and Anna

Drew won in the second season with Cheryl.  Now Anna is his partner, and she says that his arms are bugging him.  He smiled and said, "Thank you!" Theirs was a foxtrot.  Smooth and he has charm too.  Not quite like Gilles, but it's definitely there.

Len said it was too hard and hectic, but still a nice dance. He said to soften up the arms.
Bruno called him Dynamic Drew! He said that sometimes he stiffens up.  But for the first time out, he loved it.
Carrie Ann said his posture was fabulous, but sometimes rigid. She wants his frame to be firm, not rigid.
CA:  7
Len:  7
Bruno: 7.5
Total: 21.5

 Kelly and Val

Kelly won the very first mirror ball.  Do you think she remembers any of it?  Also, it was only a six week run, so she only learned six dances.  The Cha Cha was not one of them.  She did pretty good just the same.

Bruno said she was hotter than ever.  He called her a stunner.
Carrie Ann said that Apolo wasn't the only one who got a whole bunch sexier! But she tell her to straighten her legs more.
Len told her she was good in season one, but she needed to lower her shoulders.  He added that he loved it.
CA:  7
Len: 7
Bruno: 7.5
Total:  21.5

Stuart and Maks

Kirstie and Maks  reunited!  And who better to be with Maks.  She is bada**!  She knows what she is up against, so she tells Maks they should be the comedy duo.  He won't have it.  He tells her that they are the sexy duo.   They dance an elegant foxtrot.  My Fair Lady!
Carrie Ann tells her she has the most beautiful sensual quality when she dances, but she that she didn't turn it all the way on tonight.
Len wants her to lift up her rib cage, and says it needs refining.
Bruno says he loves the way they blend. Then advises her to mind her shoulders, frame and footwork.
CA:  6.5
Len:  6
Bruno: 6.5
Total: 19  As Kirstie put it, "We really like you, but we're breaking up with you."

Emmitt "Twinkle Toes" & Cheryl

Emmitt is our last mirror ball champ.  He was dubbed "Twinkle Toes" in his season.  And he has not lost his touch.  Still very light on his feet, his cha cha was a rockin' finish to the night.
Len:  last dance and the best

Bruno finally got a little revved up here, and said that this was the essence of dance.  But come on Bruno...bring the good stuff!
Carrie Ann loves the athletes...and she only had this to say, "Yabba dabba do, Twinkle Toes is back!"
CA:  8
Len: 8.5
Bruno: 8
Total: 24.5

First week had an elimination.  And it was Pamela Anderson.  The right person went home this week.  However, each week it is going to get harder and harder.

Photos From ABCTV

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ten Things To Smile About in September

I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy for Ten Things to Smile About.  Why?  Because it is cool.  And it's also a great way to look back and see the good things!

1.  My birthday!!!  And got to see my bestie!  Hey...I don't have the most recent picture....hmmm...I will use....this one....

2.  Our church had a Variety Show, and for the first time, my Little Middle put herself out there!!!  She and Kristin did the "Evolution of Dance"  and it was awesome!!!

3.  Sometimes a nice cool fountain drink is all it takes.

4.  Babysitting this little cutie--but don't be fooled--he's a stinker and he knows it.

5.  Chocolate...because sometimes it is just a necessity of life as we know it!
6.  Going to the high school football game and only staying for one quarter because the score was already 49-0.  Oh yeah we kicked butt.  
7.  Putting a tattoo on my little baby nephew!  Oh what fun that was!  

8.  Shhhh....I listened to....Christmas Music.  I know!  I just was in the mood for it.  And guess what?  The world didn't come crashing around me.  In fact...I smiled..a lot!

9.  My car died...but as it turns out, it is okay...and running fine now.  I am definitely smiling about that!!

10.  Today September 25, is a good reason to smile...

19 years today!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do...

I am not interested in political flaming.  I am not interested in who is voting for whom.  That is a personal choice.  It is what makes this country great.  Not only do we get to choose our leaders, but we as women, also get to be a part of that!  And still less than a hundred years for that!  And wow did our sisters, fight hard for that.

What I am interested in, is the amount of badgering I am seeing.  It is downright middle school.  How in the world are we supposed to teach our children about cyber bullying and its affects when the adults are just as guilty of it?  I can not tell you how many horrible comments I have seen in the cyber worold directed at the candidates.  Would these people dare say that right to their face?  Maybe a select few would be dumb enough.  And then they would be quickly wrestled to the ground and have a foot on their neck.

I understand that this is a free country, and we do have freedom of speech.  I also understand that the internet is not regulated.  But let's be real here.  If your child was being harassed the way these men are--and grown up and all they are still someone's child--you can not tell me you would not go all Mama Bear for your cub.

So I ask you:  How do we prevent cyber bullying when the adults are just as bad, if not worse??

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