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No Longer MIA

I had a very busy and crazy morning.  First was a Mother's Day Tea with my son's kindergarten.  After the tea I had about 15 minutes to get ready for Zumba.  After Zumba, I pick up Ryan from school and then make lunch for us.  And now, finally I am sitting and able to share this little morning of mine with you.

A hat made special just for me

Each child made a special card for their mother.  Inside each is all they know about their moms.  Here is how mine looks.
My mother is very:  "cool" She is: "23" inches tall She weighs:  "344" pounds.  What the what!? She has:  "grayish/greenish" eyes. She has:  "blond" hair. The food she likes best is:  "ham and rice."  Well hmmm....okay....I guess. Her favorite color is:  "red" My mom is prettiest when:  "It's Thursday and Friday."  all the other days of the week, not so much. My mom cooks the best:  "pancakes"  I color mine.  That's the big secret.  Y…

Proud Mommy Moments: Church

It's Thursday-do you know what that means? It is time for Proud Mommy Moments!

Proud Mommy Moments is a brand new weekly meme hosted by EmmyMom and Kmama of the Daily Dribbles. Whether it be something that truly makes you proud or something that makes you want to hang your head in embarrassment.  You can tell a story, share a picture, or video.  Anything you want.  It's time to brag.  It's time pray you're not the only one.  So come on and play along!!
Last Sunday, we didn't go to church.  It was Stake Conference.  And two hours is a very long time for a five year old.  It's even longer for the mom of said five year old.  As I sat reclined in my chair, yes it is MY chair, my kids asked me if we were going to church.  I simply said no because we slept too late.  Which was mostly true.  It was nice to sleep in.  It was then that all three of them started organizing their Littlest PetShop toys.  Between them they probably have close to 200 of these things.  Soon…

DWTS Team Dances

Team Dancing
This week they are doing team dancing along with their regular dancing. Mark and Chelsea and Hines and Kym get to pick their teams since they were the top of the leader board last week.  Once the teams were picked the fun begins.  I thought it was funny  -- not haha funny-- that Romeo and Chelsie were picked last!  The dance is The Cha Cha.

Team One--Mark and Chelsea
Chelsie and Romeo
Ralph and Karina
Mark and Chelsea

In rehearsals they decided the order should go:  Chelsea and Romeo, Ralph(who has not danced the Cha-Cha yet) and Karina and then Mark and Chelsea.   Chelsea (Kane) told Romeo she was happy to have him on her team, but that if he screwed up she was going to kill him.  The dance was great.  I thought they did very well and that it was spunky and fun!

Today we have a guest judge:  Donnie Burns a Latin dance champion.

Len said how much he appreciated the challenge that they had to learn two dances.  A team dance and individual.  He said they kept it in formation a…

Ten Things To Smile About

1.  Marveling at my kids as they go for a swim even when it is 50 degrees outside

2. Having fun at the local children's museum
3.   Meeting a bloggy friend in person!
4.  Walking with my BFF EmmyMom (see I told you I was totally going to "borrow" from you!) It is a mix of exercise and lots of laughter.
5.  Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's. 6.  A new outfit
7.  A new purse too!

8.  Spring Break and sleeping in
9.  School resuming!
10.  An iPhone for me!!  Yippeee....just made the April cut off.
What made you smile this month?  Link up with Emmy and play along!

Big Brother Is Watching

Big Brother is watching.  Surely you have heard of this before.  Pretty much everywhere we go these days we are being “watched.”  In other words, there are security cameras all around.  I walk into my local grocery store and the first thing I see is: myself on a monitor.  It tells me, that someone is watching.  (I think.)  I am fine with this.  It means my best interest is being protected.  When I walk along the isles of Wal-Mart or Target, I can see the security system at work in the ceiling.  Again this is for my benefit. It is also for the benefit of the store.  They make sure the customers are safe while likewise keeping their merchandise in the store.

In my town, there are four photo enforced intersections at three locations.  One of which has proved to be very effective.  The number of traffic violations per day has gone down from 25 to 40 per day to less than one per day.  When my mother went on a senior trip to The Getty, the Mayor spoke about these cameras and how they have sa…