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I Am Proud...

We were talking about mean girls who say mean things.  Then, that dreadful word came up:  UGLY.
It took no coaxing, no hints, just a simple question to an honest young man...

I asked him...."What is your sister?"  And with a little grin, and his eyes looking down in a bashful manner he answered sweetly, "She's beautiful."  Just like that.  
Out of the mouths of babes!  I was very proud.

I am linking up with Emmy for Proud Mommy Moments.

The Kool-Aid House

Have you ever heard the term, "Kool-Aid House?"  In case you have not, let me sum it up in a nutshell. This is to describe the neighborhood house where all the kids go to play.  I have been that house since I had kids.  I am not sure what it is.  Once my children started making friends, I was the "it" house.  One fine autumn day in VA, I had about 10 kids in my front yard.  I had to thank the Lord that they were not inside!  My driveway was littered with toys.

When we first moved here, our street was very quiet.  There were hardly no children. That is except my own.  At times, I felt pangs of guilt when I let them play out in the backyard.  What if they were too noisy?  Would the neighbors complain?  My kids are pretty good kids.  They don't throw rocks at people's windows.  They don't throw mud.  They just yell, sing loud, chase, run, and play.  They do not cause mischief, or do things that are harmful to others.  However, their noisy games had me wo…