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In A Word...

I have been reading on several blogs lately where people have been choosing a single word to live by this year.  Among them:  Present and Less.  There are more out there.  And it got me thinking.  What word would I use?  What word do I need?  After a lot thought, I decided my word is:

PUSH I am pushing myself to do things.  Simple things.  New thing things. Boring things.  Mundane.  You name it.  Back on the (weight loss) wagon.  I am pushing myself.  It won't always be an easy thing, but I think that is part of this exercise.  I have become far to comfortable.  It is time to push myself out of that comfort area. I can do it!
Do you have a word?  What is it?

Proud Mommy Moments: Something To Sing About

The first time I heard her sing, I nearly cried.  She was only 2.  She sang a Primary song.  It wasn't just cute.  It was perfectly pitched.  I am sure I have it on video some where.  She has always sung.  And her singing, in my unbiased opinion, is a gift from God.  I have spent years telling her so.  This year, she finally had the courage to put herself out there.  She auditioned for the Spring Musical Production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  Sadly, she was not cast.  But she is a freshmen.  And she kept on truckin' saying she would tryout for ensemble.

Now fast forward, where she puts herself out there again for a solo part in the Women's Ensemble performance.  Not chosen?  Is her choir teacher tone deaf?  Or he is on the take with some other parent?  (He is part of the Spring Production too!)  But she still holds her head high and reminds me she is trying out for ensemble for the play.  All right!   You go girl!  The day after the auditions, the cast is posted.  I told…

100 Days

When I was in school, I don't remember ever making a big deal about the 100th day of school.  However,when my kids started school, all of the sudden it was the biggest thing since sliced bread.  Make a fancy project.  Be as creative as you want!  What the what?  What are you talking about?  I was never really super creative.  I am just not.  I need to be fed ideas.  Maybe it is lack of oxygen.  Maybe it is the blond.  Maybe it is something that happens after 35.  Whatever it is, I just never have come up with anything cool!  Even now.  But, my BFF Emmy did something totally cool, and as promised, I totally stole borrowed her idea.

Everybody's hands on the front= 50 fingers And again on the back  for 50 more=100!  
I can't even take credit for the cool design on the back!  Nope.  That was Rich's idea.  My idea was the sleeves.  We have big handed people.  I just knew to buy an oversized shirt for the boy!  
What clever things have you come up with?  Are you crafty?  Or …

Ten Things: January 2012

It's the end of the month and I am linking up with my BFF EmmyMom and her Ten Things to Smile about!  
1.  Getting together with my BFF!  We got together at the very end of Dec.  And then one week later(first week of January!) We got together again! Sweet! 2.  School starting up again.
3.  Emily made Honor Roll.  A very huge deal.
4.  Kristin also made honor roll.  Also a big deal.  
5.  Although there are no letter grades for little ones, Ryan continues to excel academically.
6.  Despite getting a flat tire thanks to a spark plug...we had money in the bank to take care of things.  Definitely something to smile about (and be thankful for.)
7.  Going out with my family.  We had not done it in a very long time and it was loads of fun.
8.  Watching the kids play with the display computers.  They liked Apple the best.
9.  Getting to see my (grand) nephew.  Just look at those THUNDER THIGHS!
10.  The weather.  It has not been frightful.  It has been A*MAY*ZING!
What made you smile th…

9 to 5?

Tumble outta bed and I stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition
Yawnin', stretchin', try to come to life
Jump in the shower and the blood starts pumpin'
Out on the streets the traffic starts jumpin'
And folks like me on the job from nine to five

Except....I start at about 7....okay 7:30 if I snooze too many times.   I definitely stumble out of bed.  Shower comes first though.  After I am dressed, I have wake the night of the living dead my two younger children the other zombie the teenager is already at school.  Once we are downstairs, we eat breakfast...if it is a good morning, we are all down here at the same time.  But most mornings, Emily lays in bed or plays around in her room.  Today was one of those days.  Then she gets mad and wonders why she doesn't get to play after she is dressed.  *sigh*

I have to make lunches.  I have to because I forget to make them do it themselves.  And there isn't enough time in the morning to mess with it. Oh man, …