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Too Many Brains

What does it mean to have too many brains? Does it mean you have some to spare? Does it mean you are really smart? Sadly, no. This is when you have about a zillion--it's a word--things going on in your one brain and then it splits into little mini brains that are all buzzing at the same time. It's a little annoying when it happens at 1 in the morning because there is nothing to distract them. No fights to referee, no need to get someone juice, or a snack. There is no TV, music or computers. So those thoughts are demanding your attention. Luckily for me, mine are speaking now so I can get them out. Now the choice is yours to stay with me or move on to the next blog.

The other day my mom and I went Christmas shopping. On the way home, I observed a woman driver to my left with an infant car seat in the front seat. Ummm...isn't that like totally illegal? I also noticed two small children in the back. The windows were too dark to be able to tell if they were in sa…

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I think I have been mostly good. I yelled a lot less this year. I refrained from name calling...okay...I didn't "refrain" but even you must admit that I did a lot better this year. I finally cleaned my side of the room clean. I know I still have a problem sharing, but it is mine right? I think you know what I want, but just in case I will include my list now.

A maid...I think I could use one
A chef....this way we would eat healthier
A chauffeur...this way nobody would be late or miss anything
A personal trainer...this way I will stay motivated
A personal shopper...this way I will have more time with my kids maybe I am asking too much. I will be more realistic.

digital camera or auto focus lens for the one I have
A nice sweater or light jacket that can be casual or dressy...ask Mrs. Claus she will understand.
A vacuum. I know it sounds totally lame, but mine sucks. Welll actually it doesn't and that is the problem.
New cookie sheets...and please not…

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

When I was growing up we got a lot of Charlie Brown trees. You know the type, the scrawny little trees that lose their needles if you breathe on them. The kind of tree you can see through. I never knew a Christmas tree was supposed to be lush and thick with lovely branches. Well maybe I did, but we just always got the Charlie Brown trees. There is something to be said of the Charlie Brown tree. It just needs a little love.

As an adult, we got a few Charlie Brown trees, but then I decided I wanted one of those thick and lovely trees. I am particularly fond of the Noble Fir. I love the smell of a fresh cut tree. Take in a deep breath and ahhhh it smells so good. But, here's the problem I have: the needles! What huge mess they leave behind. Even when you put that gynormous bag under it. Plus, over the years I discovered I am quite allergic to them. So after much debate some talking and nagging gentle pushing we got a fake tree. It's beautiful and no mess, no hassl…


This Thanksgiving was huge at our house. It started out to be big and then grew and expanded to HUGE! I knew we would have my parents, my brother and sister, my nephew and niece. Adding to a total of 11. Then, I decided to invite the missionaries. I love to feed them anyway, but to feed them on a holiday is extra special for me. It was so cute because they both kept thanking me so much for having them over. And I am the one who was thankful to have them in my home and the spirit they invite.

Next we invited my aunt and uncle. Then, it turns out a cousin of mine just finished boot camp and is going to school (for the Navy) so we added her to the list. Well it turns out that these youngin's are not allowed to travel alone. So they must travel not in pairs, but at the very least a group of three. Sure why not! The more the merrier! We had a grand total of 18 guests. I was shaking in my boots at the very prospect of feeding 18 people and having enough for everyone. Not t…

Was it Worth It?

Raise your hand if you got up before the sun on Friday. Raise your hand if you were still in a turkey coma. Raise your hand if you don't know what the heck I am talking about. I did get up before the sun; 2AM in fact. I woke up at 2 and couldn't get back to sleep. My alarm was set for ten after 3. My niece and I were going to Kohl's first. They opened at 4. I stubbornly stayed in bed from 2 until 2:55 as I fought to get that last hour of sleep. I finally threw in the towel and trudged around trying to wake up. I ate a small breakfast and sat for a few minutes before I drove over to pick up my niece at my mom's house.

We got to Kohl's within minutes of it opening. This was especially nice because we had little or no time waiting outside in the cold. We spent a little over an hour at Kohl's between shopping and waiting in line. Our next stop was Target. We got their 15 minutes after it had opened, and there were already people coming OUT with their pur…