Wednesday, December 2, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

When I was growing up we got a lot of Charlie Brown trees. You know the type, the scrawny little trees that lose their needles if you breathe on them. The kind of tree you can see through. I never knew a Christmas tree was supposed to be lush and thick with lovely branches. Well maybe I did, but we just always got the Charlie Brown trees. There is something to be said of the Charlie Brown tree. It just needs a little love.

As an adult, we got a few Charlie Brown trees, but then I decided I wanted one of those thick and lovely trees. I am particularly fond of the Noble Fir. I love the smell of a fresh cut tree. Take in a deep breath and ahhhh it smells so good. But, here's the problem I have: the needles! What huge mess they leave behind. Even when you put that gynormous bag under it. Plus, over the years I discovered I am quite allergic to them. So after much debate some talking and nagging gentle pushing we got a fake tree. It's beautiful and no mess, no hassle. I buy pine scented candles. It's nice trade off. Plus we get to put it up sooner! For me this is a major bonus. I am like a child at Christmas. Songs, decorating, presents, baking, I love it! The kids make it even more fun for me. And now our kids are the perfect age and height to get all of the tree decorated.
Ryan takes care of the low places.
Emily has the middle
Kristin can get those hard to reach places.
TA-DA! This is our tree!


Rachel Sue said...

I like the Charlie Brown trees as well, but they have to be real. My sister in law has an artificial Charlie Brown tree and it doesn't need love. It needs to be thrown out!

Emmy said...

So cute!! I always had a real tree growing up, we would go chop it down ourselves and always end up with a tree that was too tall or too fat.. they look small out there amoungst all the trees!
But now we do the fake route as it is so nice to have one up for a long time. Though we are tempted to go chop down a really really big one to put in our living room and just put lights on it. Two trees! Now that would be something :)

Rachel said...

Your tree looks great! I love the smell of real trees, but convenience of fake ones wins for me.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That tree is gorgeous!!

KK said...

A gorgeous tree it is! I have a pre-lit fake tree that I think looks very real. Plus, there are no needles, no allergies, and no getting a big old tree home all by myself! (I'm also a little worried the dog would pee on a real tree!)

As Told By Molly said...

We moved and tossed our fake trees, so this year we're going with the real stuff and I'm so excited!