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Proud Mommy Moments--Enpowering Our Kids

A couple of days ago, I read this great post from my good bloggy friend Mimi all about praising our kids for things besides the good grades, the perfect attendance, sports, etc.  She gave an excellent post about how some kids struggle just to go.  I highly recommend you read it.  And this is why I love the PMM meme.  It gives us a chance to toot our horns about our kids:  Good, Bad, Silly, you name it!

Kristin and a handful of friends have decided to create a movie.  A zombie movie no less.  She was, to say the least, excited about it.  They got a mutual friend to fund the project for things like fake blood, spirit gum, and even the use of his video camera.  Filming for this movie was to begin on Monday.  Kristin asked if they could use our house(mainly the backyard as our fence is broken.)  I agreed to it because I would know what was going on.  I am a control freak nosy person by nature and I like to know what is going on.  So yeah, a house full of teenagers, most of which are male,…

Epic Battles

It was an epic battle that began innocently enough.  Her own mother delivered the first blow.  She never saw it coming.  It was just a small cup of water, but the message was clear.  The water streamed from her hair and down her back.  It was cold.  Her little brother lit up with glee as he quickly filled his own small cup and threw the water at her.  She was under attack.  And then before she knew it, he did it.  He got her too.  She grabbed a cup and quickly filled it, but her mother had already soaked him.   Laughter ensued, it was short lived however, when they were caught in the crossfire of a full water assault.  Her own mother left the battle field and watched from a safe distance. 

Her brother continued his assault on her.  Her sister was MIA.  It didn't matter, she had to fight back.  She got a water gun.  It was a good one too.  Long range with a heavy flow.  She got him.  Alas, it was short lived as he quickly snatched the weapon and turned it on her.  Mother sat laughi…

Getting Random

Our cat got out Sunday night.  Such a little monster.  I didn't know it, until I was closing up the door and windows for the night.  He had pushed the screen door open and out he went.  I had no idea.  What a bratty kitty.  Of course he came back the next day because he knows where the food is.
Yesterday, Kristin and her friends were supposedly going to start filming their movie.  A Zombie movie no less.  I was expecting at least 8 teenagers.  I had 5 not counting Kristin.  Four of which were boys.  Boys are stupid.  At least most of them are.

I mean there are a few exceptions to the bunch of them.  They just need proper training is all.

I made cookies.  I think I like to torture myself.  I must...I let 5 teenagers in my house and then made cookies.  Yep.  Torture is something I must enjoy.

I am looking forward to this weeks Proud Mommy Moments!  I have got a doozy!  Yep, another shout out for my bestie.  Cause I am good to her like that.

I had a lot of good ideas today.  It'…

Inaugural Graduation

Graduations, by my standard and experience are long and boring.  Speeches that drone on and on.  Sitting on hard bleachers with no support for your back.  And then reading of the names for diplomas.  It can take forever!!!  So when Kristin's boyfriend invited us, I was less than enthusiastic about going.  However, I support her and well...I get it.

Their school is just a baby.  It is a whopping three years old.  This is its Inaugural Graduation.  How exciting.  I was pleased that I got a parking spot inside the school itself!  We got primo seats too.  Before the ceremony started there were prerecorded messages from the seniors.  I was impressed by how many mentioned God and Jesus.  Kristin got mentioned by her boyfriend which of course, made her day.  The speeches were brief and poignant.  Not at all boring.  And with 352 graduates, the name reading went rather quickly.  All in all, it was a very nice and NON boring ceremony.

So what is it I am asking today?  Well I have to know..…