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Is it TMI or just time to confess?  Well I will go with confession time with Mamarazzi! 

I confess...

My house is a disaster is the biggest understatement!  It's bad people.  But, the dishes have been done everyday for almost two weeks straight!  And not at 11 at night either--with exception of snack dishes.  And that is saying something. 

My car isn't any better.  How do cars get so out of hand anyway?

I confess...

I am spoiled.  Spoiled.  But, I have to say are you.  I have proof.  My AC in my car is broken.  Perfect timing for it to break.  It's been 100 this past week.  But I have a car.  A car that works.  And my house...HOUSE has central air.  See what I mean?  Spoiled.  I think of the pioneers.  The pioneers with their dirt floors, one room cabins and if they were truly blessed they had horses.  So yeah, I am spoiled.  Really spoiled.

I confess...

I want to buy Ghostbusters on DVD.  I dig that silly movie.  One of my favorite lines is, "Shhh....listen.…

Proud Mommy Moments--No More Monkey's Jumping...

Do you remember or currently sing that silly nursery song, "No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed"?  We know they do it.  We know, because all kids do.  We know because every once in a while we catch them in the act.  We know because we are the parent.  And well, I know because I let my child make videos with my iPhone.  Some are worthy of youtube.  He could totally start his own channel.  But sometimes when he makes his videos, he forgets who will see them....

Yes, I am so very proud.  And when he angled the camera towards his dresser, for a brief moment I had visions of him climbing up on top of it to use as a launching pad.  Not that I ever did anything like that.  *heh*

I am participating in Proud Mommy Moments with EmmyMom and Kmama.

For the Love of Food

I love food.  It's just so dang good.  When people ask me what is your favorite food, I have a hard time answering that.  It would be far easier to answer what don't I like.  I don't care for liver and onions.  Yes, I have tried it.  I don't think I would like to try cow tongue.  Not a big okra fan.  But food overall is my frenemy.  I need to food to live.  We all do.  But I love food.  It's just good.
I started Weight Watchers almost 2 years ago when I decided to stop kidding myself.  I was the biggest I had ever been.  I couldn't look in the mirror any more.  And then my doctor was very frank with me.  She told me she didn't want to treat me for diabetes in two months.  Which is where I was headed.  So between that and my vanity I lost 30 pounds.

I hit that 30 pound mark and leveled off, and then slowly have been creeping back up.  ANd by slowly, I do mean slow.  I have only put back on 5 pounds.  Five pounds in 8 months.  It's been a real struggle.  Up…

Let's Get Random

Emmy and I have decided to start a new tradition.  Each time we get together we take a picture of us together.  So far, we have managed it.
I finally got Emily all settled at the right school.  The middle school.  And now am receiving emails from the elementary school.  I wonder when I will start receiving truancy notices.

My car battery died on the first day of school.  Dead.  Nothing.  Luckily everyone was safe and at school.  And I was fortunate enough to be at a gas station.  I got a jump, but it was only enough to get me home.  I needed a new battery.   I got the new battery, and AC --in the car--doesn't work.  D'oh!

I got to see my little baby grand nephew.  He's so sweet.  But, I just might be a little biased....what do you think?
I haven't used them yet, but I bought some Nestle dark chocolate chips.  I want chocolate chip cookies now. We watched the International Space Station fly over two nights in a row.  With the binoculars, you could actually see t…

Summer Fun

Today I am linking up with Shell over at Things I Can't Say in her Summer Fun Link Up...

So what do you do?  It's what did you do this summer?  What is fun?  Show it?  So here goes.... Lots of fun and laughter. And more laughs Beach days Family New Life!
Yep summer in CA has been a grand adventure!  But life is an adventure.  What was your summer like?  You have a little time left to link up!!