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Proud Mommy Moments--Mixed

Well this time I am hanging my head a little, but I can also hold it up.  Does that make sense?  Maybe after reading this post it will....

After weeks of long hours and hard work we finally saw the production of Thoroughly Modern Millie!  And it was FANTABULOUS!  Those kids put on a stellar performance.

Can you see her?  She was a party guest in the ensemble.  A very beautiful one, I might add.
I just can't believe how grown she looks! *sigh* Aside from that.  It really was an amazing show. 

But as we all know, we are given "humblers" (thank you Bill Engvall for that word!)  and Ryan was more than happy to oblige me my humbler this week when he decided to entertain the class with arm farts.  Awesome.
What are your proud moments?  Link up with Emmymom and Kmama!

DWTS Week 2--Better Late Than Never

I really like that they have started giving all the dancers an extra week to dance.  One week just isn't enough to show if you can do it. Last week was totally amazing and the scores blew me away. This week, however, had more beginners scores.
Roshon and Chelsie 1-800-868-3405
This week Roshon can not rely on his Hip Hop dancing skills.  It's ballroom only.  The Quick Step.  I actually think this quick paced dance worked well with his skills.  He had some pretty fancy foot work.

Len told him to look at his face, "I liked it! It was young and fresh!"
Bruno said that he had more start than a bolt of lightening.
Carrie Ann told him she was a little worried about him this week, but she said he turned his swagger into technique and sophistication.
CA:  9
Len: 8
Bruno: 9
Total: 26

Sherri and Val 1-800-868-3406 The Jive.    Sherri wishes she was 20 pounds lighter for this dance.  She  backed out of on the move of going under between his legs--said she was afraid…

Ten Things to Smile About

This month was crazy busy for me.  Me?  Really?  Hard to believe I know.  Despite the month that nearly ran me into the ground, I found that I had a lot to smile about. So I am linking up with my Bestie EmmyMom and in no particular order am listing 10 things that made me smile in the month of March.

1.  Spending time with an old friend of mine while we watched a Monkees Marathon.
2.  Every once in a while I take a good picture...but when a pro tells me it is a good one I get super excited....
3.  Seeing the final result of a lot of hard work...  The play those high school kids put on, Thoroughly Modern Millie would wow the pros.  Their hard work paid off.  It was a fabulous show.

4.  Seeing family I had not seen in years, and an added bonus it meant seeing Emmy too!  Hey girl where's the pictures? 

5.  A big combined birthday bash.  We have 5 birthday's in March.  And just this past Sunday we celebrated them all in one happy package.  I got to see the grandest nephew!
6.  And …

I Must Have ADHD

What is it about any type of weather, be it snow or rain that makes people crazy, stupid, reckless, or reckless....well more so than normal???  People just seem to lose their minds if the ground is wet.  Maybe they think the sky is falling!!!!

What is the most tired you have ever been?  I mean aside from the obvious after your babies were born and you were operating on an hour of sleep.  This past weekend for me was a nonstop roller coaster ride that did not stop until about 9PM last night.  I am so ready for Spring break.  Did I really just say that???

My biggest question of all is why do the wrong budgets keep getting cut???  Our teachers, aides, food service people, and crossing guards all agreed to a 6 percent pay cut and if a tax in crease doesn't pass(yeah that'll happen) another pay cut for the above mentioned bringing it to a near 10 PERCENT plus FURLOUGH days!  Again, why are the wrong budgets being cut??  Why cut the administrators budget?  Has it been cut? If it ha…