Friday, January 15, 2010

Not Me Friday and Some Pet Peeves

I really don't know where the "not me" list started.  I just know I wanted to play.  So if you are reading this, please raise your hand.

I did not take a nap on the couch while the boy watched a movie.

I did not finish off the fudge.

I did not procrastinate at all yesterday.

I did not yell at anybody.

I did not stay up late.


Pet Peeves

People who speed up when they see you are signaling to get over in THEIR lane.

People who inch forward at the stop light, and then when the light turns green they just sit there.

Mean girls.

People who insist on cranking the base of their stereo and sharing their music with the world.

The fact that most drivers do not know how to do a four way stop.

People who freak because it is raining.
And just because I can't stop there...a letter or two.

Dear Old Lady,

Was I in your way?  Were my kids?  I am asking because you parked your cart right in front of us.  I couldn't get to the wipes station to hose down my petri dish cart.  What's worse is you left it there.  And I bet you would grumble if I did that.

Dear Loan Co.

It's okay....mail the docs already. 


Picture of the Day

I actually took this one on Wednesday.  This is when the termite guy was here replacing the shelving under the sink.  It was very loud.  Ryan doesn't like loud noises.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Writer's Workshop

It's Writer's Workshop Thursday!!  If you are not familiar with this, there is a lovely button at the bottom of this post for you to follow!  This is one of those weeks where I can't just pick one!!  I am writing from 1, 2, & 3.

I have many complaints that I can lament about.  But I think I will take this opportunity to gripe about something I mentioned earlier this week.  Homework.  First of all, as my dear friend says, "Homework promotes child abuse!"  And I have to agree.  Now there is no need to call CPS on either of us.  We haven't actually reached that point.  And since her daughter is a junior in high school she is mostly free of the homework torture chamber.

From kindergarten kids are saddled with loads of homework.  Do you remember kindergarten?  Do you remember what your homework was?  Of course not!  Because you didn't have ANY!  Do you remember your homework in first grade?  It was probably spelling one night and math the next.  Reading.  But it was kept simple.

On Emily's first day back her homework was as follows:  A spelling worksheet--front and back--.the scholastic news, which she had to read all 6 pages and answer the various questions from each section.  Plus read for 25 minutes.  Okay the child is supposed to have 10 minutes of homework for every grade level.  Therefore, Emily my fourth grader should have 40 minutes of homework.  Okay 25 to read, leaves us with 15 to do the rest.  Tonight there was less, but we didn't get it all done last night so it was double duty.  It's frustrating.  They really put way too much on these kids. And why is that???  Standardized testing.  No child left behind.  The teacher's are under tremendous pressure.  The kids are supposed to like school.  A place to play, talk with friends and maybe learn a thing or too.  Instead they are force fed a gross amount of information and expected to regurgitate it at the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the parents are fighting Monday through Thursday for up two hours a night to get through homework, make dinner, do dishes, and get them to bed at a reasonable hour.  The teachers are helpful, they offer suggestions to help take away the stress of getting through it.  I appreciate it, but seriously...if you want to help me, come over, sit with my child, mind the 4 year old, help the 12 year old when she needs it, make dinner, answer the phone, do the dishes....etc.

To Emily's credit, as much as she struggles, she does it.  She may not like it at times, but she does it.  She is a trooper.  She has way more homework than Kristin.  It doesn't seem fair.   And it's not, there is simply too much  for these kids.

#2) My life at present has me days away from closing on my first house.  I have three beautiful children.  I live in Southern California.  Married 16 years to my eternal companion.  Rewind 5 years.

I was either just pregnant, or about to become pregnant for the third time.  We had been trying for 2 years.  My doctor even offered to refer me to the fertility clinic.  I quickly declined.  We had two beautiful girls.  I wasn't worried.  Now show me that picture.

Look at my son!  He is sooo cute!  Look how lovely Kristin is becoming.  Look at Emily trying so hard to be like her big sister, and at the same time be her own person!  Look at that house.  I never dreamed I would live in a house like that.  And so close to mom.  I can push through two more years of VA now.  I know I am coming home.  I know there will bumps and slumps along the way.  But the end result is worth it! 

3.) "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."  My name is Lourie.  I was named after my father's mother.  Lourene.  My parents simply shortened it.  Grandma Lourene was the sweetest kindest woman a person could know.  She would open her door to anyone, make sure her family ate before she did, and she had the most even demeanor.  I can honestly say, I never heard her raise her voice.


Picture of the Day

Brand new shelving under the sink.  Why?  Because there was dry rot.  We dished out $405 yesterday to replace this shelf plus some dry rot that was under the eaves outside.  *sigh*

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kind Words

Kind words are sadly hard to come by.  Harsh and hurtful words seem to be the commonplace these days.  So isn't it nice when we are showered with lovely kind words from our peers?

Today when I picked up Kristin from school, I met her in the classroom where she is the Teacher's Aide.  A choice she made on her own, and a choice I think has been quite good for her.  Her teacher thinks very highly of her.  In her classroom is a large piece of paper with Kristin's name at the top.  Below are things the class all said about Kristin.

I love the "talks a lot."  I am not sure if this a good thing or not.  But what I saw I noticed, are the things she worries about most:  many friends, smart, cute dresser.  And what she should take most notice to are these:  Cheerful, respects others, smart, nice and kind.  Those words are the ones we should carry with us.

It is hard to accept compliments.  Why?  Because we don't deserve it?  Because we are somehow conceited when we say, "Thank you."  Instead we find ourselves dismissing the kind words.  "Oh it was nothing."  "I'm not always this cheerful.  You don't live with me!"  "That wasn't so smart...more like luck."  No, it's not luck. We are smart.  We are kind.  And we are cheerful.  That last one isn't always easy, but hey I think we all get an A for effort.

So the next time, you hear a kind word...remember to simply say, "Thank you."  It doesn't make you conceited.  It shows you are appreciative of a few simple kind words.  Here's a few for everyone:  You are funny, smart, sweet and beautiful people.  Thanks for letting me peek into your lives, and being interested in mine.


Picture of the Day

Christmas is over, but the memory lingers on.  The last of the decorations.  Rich's village.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It is the most wonderful time of the year...again! After three weeks(yes THREE) they are going back to school. And they will go four days and then have a 3 day weekend. Man these kids get the mother load of time off. But then, their summers are cut way short. I digress.

I am the kind of parent who celebrates school! Ah school, beautiful glorious school. I do not boo hoo about my kids being gone. I don't throw a wild party in their absence either. I think I am in the happy middle some where. I do miss their silly games, the laughs, and being able to be a bit immature for a few glorious moments. But at the same time, I am thrilled to not have to referee arguments for a few hours. I am happy to not have to watch another episode of Full House, Hannah Montanna, or Phineas Ferb...well I actually kind like Phineas and Ferb. Call it a secret indulgence. I am also happy that I do not have to remember who got the last turn on the Wii, the big computer, or "daddy's spot" on the couch.

Now there is a trade off for this freedom from kid TV and petty arguments, and other such chaos. It is called HOMEWORK. Now, I will not go off on a big tangent on it here. I will leave that for another day. Let's just say these kids have way too much pressure and way too much homework piled on them. It's no wonder kids today have depression, anxiety, ulcers, migraines and other such physical ailments that shouldn't even be a thought in their happy lives!

For now, I will enjoy my time that has a little less chaos. Note...the word "little." Chaos is my life. Without it, I would be lost.

Picture of the Day(2 actually)

Ummmm...yeah...I can't do that!

Some things never change.

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Why Do I Torture Myself?

Every night when I finally put head to pillow it after midnight.  Since Christmas vacation--yes I say CHRISTMAS vacation and not WINTER break--I have really become lax about getting to bed even by midnight.  I don't need to worry.  No need to get up early.  I have had the luxury of sleeping til 8 and even 9 on some occasions.

Despite being able to sleep in a bit, I am still so tired the next day that I am dragging my feet.  And then I do the same thing all over again!  So why do I torture myself? Well I know the answer to this!  It's because from the time I wake up until all my kids are in bed, I am on duty.  Why would I want to waste a few precious hours of solitude on SLEEP!  Yeah, it's true:  early to bed, early to rise.... but I am talking sanity here.  It's that time when I can watch grown up TV.  When I can play absolutely non-stop on the computer without any interruption...unless of course my bladder has something to say about it.

So every night I indulge in my solitude.  It's torture the next day to crawl out of bed.  But every night I know I can again indulge myself.  Is your indulgence just that...indulgence....or does it come with some form of torture?  In the long run, I believe this bit of indulgence is worth the trade off.  It's my me time.  My guilt free do nothing unless I choose to time...because of course, I devote my every waking hour to my children!!!  You might want to stand aside, the lightening is about to strike!

Picture of the Day 

Every girl for herself on the Mario Kart Wii!  It gets ugly, folks. Toadette is lovingly referred to as:  Toad Turd.  And Peach is affectionately called Peach Pit.  I never said it was pretty.