Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Do I Torture Myself?

Every night when I finally put head to pillow it after midnight.  Since Christmas vacation--yes I say CHRISTMAS vacation and not WINTER break--I have really become lax about getting to bed even by midnight.  I don't need to worry.  No need to get up early.  I have had the luxury of sleeping til 8 and even 9 on some occasions.

Despite being able to sleep in a bit, I am still so tired the next day that I am dragging my feet.  And then I do the same thing all over again!  So why do I torture myself? Well I know the answer to this!  It's because from the time I wake up until all my kids are in bed, I am on duty.  Why would I want to waste a few precious hours of solitude on SLEEP!  Yeah, it's true:  early to bed, early to rise.... but I am talking sanity here.  It's that time when I can watch grown up TV.  When I can play absolutely non-stop on the computer without any interruption...unless of course my bladder has something to say about it.

So every night I indulge in my solitude.  It's torture the next day to crawl out of bed.  But every night I know I can again indulge myself.  Is your indulgence just that...indulgence....or does it come with some form of torture?  In the long run, I believe this bit of indulgence is worth the trade off.  It's my me time.  My guilt free do nothing unless I choose to time...because of course, I devote my every waking hour to my children!!!  You might want to stand aside, the lightening is about to strike!

Picture of the Day 

Every girl for herself on the Mario Kart Wii!  It gets ugly, folks. Toadette is lovingly referred to as:  Toad Turd.  And Peach is affectionately called Peach Pit.  I never said it was pretty.


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am the same way...stay up way too late to enjoy the solitude. Now I can't sleep at all!! And 6 am comes very early!!

Emmy said...

Yes me time is so so important. I look forward to the days when all of my kids are in school.. though I am currently in the process of prolonging that time... but I try to just enjoy them now to.. but when it is momma's time, well it is momma's time!

mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah, that's me too, although now that I'm "trying" to exercise in the morning, I'm in bed by midnight.

But I hear ya sistah!

Kelly at Home said...


I can totally relate! I'm the same way. :o) There's something about having everyone in your house quiet and sleeping (quiet is the most important part, LOL) that's peaceful and tranquil.

P.S. My 3 year old daughter loves to play (crash cars) Mariokart on the Wii with my hubs. LOVE the pic in this post!

Kelly at Home said...

P.S. Stoppin' by from SITS...hope you had a GREAT Monday!

KK said...

Happens to me everyday. I get up at 6:30 cranky and mad I stayed up past midnight, swearing I'll go to bed early that night, but it never happens!

CJ Sime said...


Holly said...

I stay up until about 1 am and up by 7 or so. I need some along time and from 10-1 seems to be it...and the blogging! The Mario Kart photo looks all too familiar...except I am one of them.