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Proud Mommy Moments--A Family In Crisis

I am no where near caught up in blog world.  I wonder if I ever will be.  But I couldn't let this opportunity go by without bragging about my kids!

I will start with Kristin.  The oldest.  Rich called her his rock.  I call her my little mother.  Saturday, when we decided Rich needed to go to the ER for his foot, he wondered if someone should come with him.  Kristin didn't even let me speak.  She volunteered (as tribute?) to go since I was sick.
This was me just the day before.
So needless to say, I had little fight in me, and my daughter stepped up to the plate and rode with her Dad to the ER.  At 11PM, it was decided that he needed to be admitted to the hospital, so my mother helped me out to pick Kristin up at the hospital.  I was super impressed with her maturity and her ability to handle the situation.  But it doesn't stop there.  The other two are doing their part too!

Emily has been the second in command to Kristin while I am running Rich to his appointments and wor…

The Boomerang Effect

Standing in line for a roller coaster, your heart begins to beat a little faster as you wind your way through the line.  Then the butterflies start flitting in your stomach.  Nervous chatter is a way to lamely calm the nerves.  Yo watch the coaster do its initial climb and drop.  Your breath catches as it turns upside down and the riders gleefully squeal in delight.  Or is terror?  Steadily you approach the train, its now or never.  You board the train.  The harness is locked on.  The brakes release and your heart drops into your stomach as it begins its 90 second journey.  You laugh, scream, shut your eyes and hold on for life.  Or maybe you ride with your eyes open, laughing and arms in the air because you know the ride.  But what about life?  What about the roller coaster of life?  When it tossing us up and down, upside down.  We don't know this ride or its effects and yet we waited in line with anticipation.  We got on board--so to speak--and the brakes have been released!  W…