Friday, July 29, 2011

The Bottom of the Barrel

I didn't post yesterday.  It wasn't because I ran out of steam, or had nothing good to say.  In fact, yesterday I could have played along with Emmy and KMama in their meme for Proud Mommy Moments!  But I was in the middle of a medical mess.  I still kind of am.  So today, instead of the usual Friday Confessional with Mamarazzi, I am going to drop an F-Bomb.  This was something Mimi over at Living in France used to do.  Whether she does it or not still does not matter.  She is hilarious and you should visit her(along with all the other fabulous ladies I have mentioned!)  And now onto my rant explanation.

Wednesday, we went to a local lake.  A lake we can not swim in.  It's drinking water so they don't want bodies polluting the water.  But boats are okay.  Yum.  Anyfumes...they have a water park.  I don't mean slides and pools and things.  I mean all kinds of sprinklers and fun fountains and waterfalls.

 It was a lot of fun, and I would certainly take them back for a longer stay.  I will gladly share more fun pictures next week.  Today is another story.  We left after only an hour simply because we only had snack food.  We had Carl's for lunch.  Then we headed to my mom's for a short bit.  The kids were playing.  We were visiting.  All of the sudden, Kristin was crying.  She is 13 and past the accident prone stuff of toddler-dom and preshcool stage. So tears like that from her are rare.  It was her knee.  She was almost hysterical.  She was trying to explain what happened but it was hard to understand.  Luckily, Ryan had my phone and was making a video.  It turns out they were pretending to be pirates.  All she did was jump from one spot to another.  Her knee popped and buckled.  It was ugly.  And she went down.  She asked me not to share the video.  Since I wasn't sure of damage done to her knee and I know about her genetics, I took her to urgent care.

Two hours of wait time for her to be seen.  Luckily by this time, she had was calm and her pain level had dropped.  She could not bear any weight on her leg--my sister had crutches so we had those for her and ice on her knee.  Her knee was only slightly swollen because I am smart--ice!  Crutches because she couldn't put weight on it.  She was calm because the shock of it was mostly over.   

The Physician's Assistant came in and barely examined her.  She had Kristin bend her knee, and she probed it a little for about 3 seconds.  No x-rays, and she didn't wrap it.  She told me an x-ray wouldn't show soft tissue damage.  Well no duh lady how about bone!  What if there is bone damage.  (They do have an X-ray machine on site).  She told me to schedule an MRI.  Yeah cause I can just do that.  But she didn't even wrap it!!!  I had to go out and buy an ace bandage and wrap myself--actually I had my sister do it. 

I now have a complaint opened with them, and they did call me back and left me a message yesterday but I spent most of my day at the doctors.  We went to our regular doc--also a PA whom I love.  She probed, had her attempt walking, straighten her knee and noted the swelling.  Big time swelling.  Ordered what?  An X-ray.  To check for what?  Bone damage, and to make sure the ligaments stayed attached to the bone.  All is normal.  She is in a brace for two weeks, crutches for the weekend, and must start range of motion on Monday.  If she is not improved in two weeks, she then has to have an MRI which of course I will have to have a referral for.  Ooops I need to schedule her follow up appointment now.  What a way to start school!  Yep they go back the second week of August!  But they get long crazy breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

Do you have any medical horror stories?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We Want to Know...

I am participating in the weekly meme hosted by Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso.  This week the questions are provided by Queso.  And they are some juicy ones.  Are you ready?
1.  Who would call if you had to get bailed out of jail?  Well, I would hope it would never come to that!  But I would probably call my SIL since she has money and would help me hide the body hire a good attorney for me.
2.  If you were a SuperHero what would your name be?  Probably indecisive girl or something like that.  Right?  My family would say Super Mom.  But since I already hold that title there is no fun in taking it. 
3.  What do you think is one of your best qualities?  Not taking sides.  It could be because I don't like to rock the boat--which I do not, but I want to know both sides before making any judgments.  I once declared "Switzerland" but instead it came out "Sweedish"  Oh well.  You get it, right?
4.  What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song?  Oh that's easy!
That one and....
Cause yeah...I need at least two!!!  (Just substitute the beer reference with ice cream! haha)
5.  What celebrity do you think is most overrated?  Justin Beiber!  I am sorry but that kid rubs me the wrong way.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it is his inflated ego.     

Now it's your turn!  We want to know!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About July

Where did July go?  It came and went in a flash for me.  And now it's time to start thinking about school starting??  Before I do that though, I am going to link up with my BFF Emmy and name ten things that made me smile this month!

Living in a free country!
Spending a week with my oldest and dearest friend...
Going to the beach
Sure I got totally pummeled by the waves but it was an awesome day
Learning a new trick with Paint shop Pro....being able to turn this picture..
into this....
Knott's Berry Farm

Discovering new places to play and keep cool...
Sharing Knott's, The Beach, and new places with Busi* (Boo-shee) and Grandpa!
Playing games with family and friends

Getting to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2.  HOLY COW!  And I am sad now.  It's all over.  Guess I need to have a marathon.  ;)

And number ten has yet to happen....we are waiting on the arrival of my (grand) nephew.  He is due TODAY!!!  My niece is more than ready to have him.  We are rooting for him and her to make the list for this month!!!!
Yep she is ready--this picture was taken last week.

* Busi is Polish for Grandmother*

It's not too late to link up with Emmy!  The linky will up all week.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Do's And Don't's of Knott's Berry Farm

Ryan looks petrified I know, but he came off saying it was AWESOME!

Here are a few friendly do's and don't's for when you go to Knott's Berry Farm.  But really it can be applied to any amusement park.
  •  Do bring sunscreen
  • do bring chapstick, blistex or some form of lip protection
  • do bring water...more than you think you will need.
  • do bring snacks healthy and junkie
  • do bring jackets even in the summer
  • do bring a second pair of shoes--your feet will thank you
  • do bring a change of clothes for the little ones and even the not so little ones
  • do bring a brush and spare ponytail holders
  • bring hats
  • bring a wagon or money to rent one--better to bring one
  • do make a plan for rides, eating and shows
  • do communicate
  • use your cell phones
  • Do bring your required meds and anything you think might need for things like...headaches.  
And now for the don'ts....

  • Don't BRING your make up.  
  • Don't BRING your hair spray
  • Don't take pictures with your BFF in the bathroom (saw some girls doing this) plenty of awesome photo opps outside!!!
  • Don't wear heels
  • Don't wear mini skirts, dresses, bootie shorts or fish net stockings
  • Don't leave the line and rejoin your group later.  
  • Unless it's like a potty break..which you should have thought of that before.
  • Don't force your child to ride any rides they do not want to.  I have seen that too many times.
  • Don't stand in the middle of the walk way to make your next plan.  Pull over.
  • Don't go if you are pregnant.  Unless you plan on getting one of the cart deals so you don't have to walk everywhere.  

Did I miss anything?