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Confessions--One of Those Days

I am a whiny cry baby.  I don't like it when things go wrong.  I try to keep a positive attitude, but that is not easy when nothing goes your way and everything goes bad!  My morning was filled with drama.  I had to fight with Verizon(FIOS) about my bill.  I had to deal my electric bill.  I hit my head while I was unloading my groceries.  It was not a good day.  Then...
A power failure that went from Tijuana to southern Orange County and even parts of Arizona left me feeling grateful that I had power and realizing my day wasn't so bad after all.  Some are still without power.  It's been over 100. Some places as high as 117.  
I was en route to some where...who knows where...I am always on the go.  Aren't we all???  It was in the peak of the heat of the day.  I saw a van pulled over.  Hazards on.  Oh dear.  No she wasn't in trouble that way.  She had a sick kid.  She was busy cleaning up her van and he was busy being sick.  Not a good moment for her either.  We al…

Proud Mommy Moments--Hands On

Each night we go through the same bed time ritual.  It starts with the five minute warning.  Then it goes into, "I'm not tired." Followed by hiding, or making himself "small."  i.e. he curls up into the smallest ball and tucks his head down toward his chest.  After the usual threats, and counting to three he gets ready for bed.

We read a story, sometimes two.  We take turns with the pages.  He is doing really great with his reading.  After we read, we say a prayer and then he gets kisses and a raspberry on each cheek.  I don't know why.  It's just something I've always done with him.  He laughs.  Sometimes he returns the favor.  Last Thursday everything was going just like always.  Then after the prayer and the kisses my son, my blue-eyed heart breaker, smiled up and said, "I had my hand on your boob when you did that!"*
Yep.  My son.  Lock up your daughters!

I am participating in EmmyMom's and Kmama's "Proud Mommy Moments.&…

Social Networking is Like Jump Rope

Do you ever come up with an awesome blog in the shower and by the time you can write it down, you have totally forgotten what it was in the first place?  Yeah, this wasn't one of those times.  Although that has happened!  How about driving down the street and suddenly you are hit with a stroke of genius, and yet by the time you get home and are able to write about it you are actually reading other blogs thinking, "Man I wish I could write something clever like that!"  Yeah...that didn't happen this time either.  But it has.  Totally.

No, this was one of those thoughts that hit you right before you go to sleep at night, so they border on strange and reach for genius.  And the more tired you are the further the reach.  Well this was Monday night and I was exhausted so the reach was miles from my grasp, and strange was right at my feet.  That is when it hit me.  Social networking is a lot jump rope.  Sure it is....especially at midnight.

Let's start with Facebook.  …

Really Random,But Not Really

It was my birthday!  And I made an event out of it.  Friday I went to Zumba like always, but I got to wear my new Zumba skirt!
My mom wrote, "Happy Birthday, Lourie K" on the white board and our instructor put me in the middle of the room and the warm-up was done around me to "Happy Birthday" in both English and Spanish.  It was fun.

I got the AC in my van fixed.

Rich took me out for Chinese food!  It was soo very good....which is exactly what I told my BF Lorraine.  And so imagine my surprise, when during Relief Society, I received this text message...
Turns out it was Lorraine's MOM!  See Lorraine was sending group messages of pictures of her new house.  And one of them was her mom.  Her mom some how got the message from me that simply said, "It was sooo good!"  We had a good laugh over it.  And hey, I learned how to do a screen shot with my iPhone!

Saturday we cleaned!  And I mean cleaned!  We gutted this place.  I made myself sore from working so …

Labor Day Questions

What are you doing today?
Are you grilling something?
Are you going to wear white after today?
Do you care?

My answers:

Hanging out.  We are not doing anything.  We earned lazy.  High school is busy.  I had a nice party yesterday, but there was a lot of work before hand.  We are just hanging out and that is good.  It might rain here.  In sunny CA.  It will be on the news.

Ribs.  Even if it rains.  I will be grilling.  I once grilled in a hail storm.  True story.  That's CA for you.

Of course.  I don't let fashion dictate what I wear.  Mostly because I don't have a lot of choices, but also because I don't care. 

I hope you all have a great day!!!