Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012 Oct, Nov, and Dec.

We are in our final week of the Extravaganza!  It started out so simply, and has grown into a true Extravaganza with prizes valued over $300!!  I hope you all have been playing along!!!  In this our last week, we are recapping October, November and December.

Rich completed all of his treatments for his toe, which had become infected to the bone.  He was released by the wound care treatment center and no longer required crutches. A few minor setbacks with his feet has left him on disability and he is currently under doctor's watchful eye.  However, his blood sugar is the best it has ever been and he is being most obedient in his treatments.
I started a huge step in my life.  Something I had been thinking about for a very long time.  I started school.  I thought about trade school, and community college, but I wanted more.  I wanted a formal education.  What I didn't know, is what I wanted my education to be.  I finally landed on English.  There is a world of opportunity around the English Major.  For now, I am going for my Bachelor's but down the road, who knows...a Masters?
I do all my courses online five weeks at a time.  Each course earns me 3 credits.  At the end of January, I will begin my very first English course.  The first three courses were prep classes and adult learning.  
Kristin created a storybook suitable for children for History that told the story of the French Revolution.  She used her brother and sister as models.  Her teacher loved it and she got a perfect score on it.
Of course a play was done at the high school....The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Kristin was in it, and I did a review of it for The Patch.  Because I did this, I was given comp tickets.  These kids never disappoint.  They are quite professional in their performances.  He teaches them well, and treats them honorably.
Halloween came...we had an odd assortment of characters this year.....
An angel, a Super Hero, and a real Joker!!!!
Kristin did all of her own make up.  She has learned a lot being a drama student.
Superman saves the day!


November kept me busy as I adjusted to college life.  I graduate in September of 2016.  Just an FYI there.  Oh and I can fly to Iowa to the campus for a full cap and gown ceremony!  How cool is that?  

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a small group this year...we only hosted 13.  One year we had 22.  It was nice and the food was delicious.  


It got here soooo fast that I didn't know what hit me.  The year is over.  In a lot of ways it really sucked.  In other ways, it had good moments.  So what did December bring????


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We decorated our tree...and the house too.  

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Kristin's friend by for a look at Ryan's face...right after I took the picture...Ryan proudly told me, "I farted."  

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Emily went to her first Winter Formal...with a BOY!  He brought her a rose!

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We saw Santa ...TWICE in one day!!!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Our tree on Christmas Eve before Santa brought his goodies!

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
The mess that Ryan seriously did not see.

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The promise of a great new year

My 5 goals....

  1. Successfully teach Kristin to drive.  Yep, she will be 16 in 2013.  She was 12 when I started blogging.  
  2. conquer parallel parking....I have done it with a very generous amount of space.  But I want to do it with a tight space!
  3. Lose my 25 pounds (again) and keep it off!!!
  4. De-clutter my house and become more organize in my life....I believe that even though this is two in one...they will work together.
  5. Save a little money each week for Christmas next year.
      ***Bonus goal***  To go back to being a better blogger.  

All right... linky linky time!!!   Get linked up!!!  This is it.  

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Review Extravaganza July, August and September

It's week three of the Review Extravaganza, and we are covering July, August and September this time.  As I walk down "memory lane," I realize that this year kind of really sucked.  As I go over the next few months, we can see the good, bad, and the hey we survived!!!

We lost our fur baby....
He got out on the 4th during the day, and we never saw him again.  We rescued two brothers about 3 weeks later...
We went to the beach and had lots of fun...
It was cold but that didn't stop them from going into the water.
Yes, I am wearing jeans in that picture.
Then, Rich got hurt....
I never knew that one toe could cause so much drama....
We had a very long ride ahead of us.

dream, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
We went to Indio again with Emmy and her Family.  
We always have a lot of fun on these trips.
Okay so technically this picture is from May's trip..but I am making up for the last picture.

A Sophomore, A seventh grader, and a second grader.

My (grand)nephew turned 1.  He is a monkey!


Two birthdays, and an anniversary....

Kristin wanted a Batman Cake

I just wanted my bestie to come over

I told you we survived!

Now it is your turn to link up!  Remember, each time you do, you increase your chance to win!!!  

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Review Extravaganza 2012 April, May and June!

It is week two of the 2012 Review Extravaganza!  Remember when you play to be sure to only link up your post and not your whole blog.  Grab that button up there.  There are fabulous prizes this year worth over $300!!!  


We celebrated Easter...can I find my pictures anywhere???  Nope.

Something developed....

I still do not know what to think of these two who claim to only be friends.  It will be an interesting two years.  He leaves for his mission next month in Taiwan.  

We went to the Living Desert.  A new and interesting experience.

I know I have a good friend in Emmy because whenever I text her to shoot me, she simply sends me a "bang."  It's only because I've got her back.
Speaking of my bestie we went to Indio with her family in May and had a blast.

She is fun!  It's why I love her!  

Kristin was in her third play in her high school.  It was a student written and directed play.  Everything, in fact was done by the students.  I barely recognized her.

The play that she was in, was the winning production.  It was a great night.


June marked the end of the school year.  Kristin had completed her first year in high school.  Emily was turning 12 and Ryan would be headed to the second grade.  It was an amazing time.  My kids are growing up.

Kristin and I attended the Inaugural graduation of her high school.  It was the first time it had graduating Seniors as it is a brand new school.  We went to see some of her friends that she made...but mostly we went for...

 It was a really nice ceremony.  I was pleased with it.  And they were happy.  But they are just friends. ;)

Sometime later, my lovely neighbors called CPS on me.  There was a list of bogus charges, that upon entering the house, the social worker knew were complete and total crap.  You can read about the whole thing here.

So there you have it....April, May, and June....What will you find next week?  What were you doing?  Tell us and link up!!

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

College Life

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As you all know, I am in college now.  I am so excited about taking this step.  I just completed my first class.  Three credits towards graduation!!!  117 to go.  A bloggy friend of mine, Hermit Mom, suggested I share some of my work here.  So here is a sampling of my work.  This is my final for my first class.  It has not been graded yet.  We were asked to write three paragraphs about transformative learning.

            In the story of “The Ugly Duckling”, the ugly duckling is made fun because she is ugly compared to her siblings who are bright, yellow, and fluffy.  She is left feeling unwanted, unloved and ugly.  The “ugly” duckling goes through a great transformation in which she turns into a beautiful swan with a long and lovely neck and pretty white feathers.  As adults, we also go through our own transformative changes.  The process, like that of the ugly duckling, can be painful and stressful, but the outcome is desirable.  First, there is recognition of a problem, second, it must be confronted in order to find a solution, third, integrating a new perspective, and last a new set of assumptions in your life.  This was no easy is task the first time I became a mother.
            Before my oldest child was born, I had fantasies of what motherhood would ultimately be like.  In a nutshell, I fell for the diaper and Gerber Baby images.  I had grandiose images of a cooing baby and lazy walks in the park.  However, what really happened was a startling dose of reality.  She was a colicky baby.  She cried night and day for three very long months.  That was only part of the problem.  The real issue at hand was how devastated I had become.  I did not want to be a mother, and that meant I was a bad one.  After all what mother does not want be a mother?  Little did I know I was suffering from Post-Partum-Depression.  PPD can be serious if it is not confronted.  Until my husband spoke frankly to me about his concerns, I wasn’t even aware there was a problem to begin with.  Once I was able to confront the problem, I was able to move to the next steps of learning.  I was able to see life in new perspectives.  My baby cried a lot because she happened to be colicky and that was not my fault.  My new assumptions were simply that I would have to work around her needs for the time being until such time she was a happier and calmer baby.  However, in the beginning it was definitely disorienting learning experience.
            Jack Mezirow described seven different phases of transformative learning.  The first phase is a “disorienting dilemma.”  Becoming a parent is no easy task.  It does not matter how many books get read, or how much advice is taken.  Parenting is perhaps the most complex thing a person will ever do.  I had my own visions of what it would be like in the early stages of infancy.  I was extremely disoriented in my learning when my child was born.  I had no idea how little sleep a new mother actually got.  I had no idea how many diaper changes and clothing changes a baby went through in a 24 hour period.  I also only had a fairy-tale impression of motherhood.  My learning experience was certainly one that began with disorientation.  As I have learned over the years, motherhood comes with joys, and pains.  It also is a constant learning process one that will never be the same for long because each child is different, and each child grows and changes.

So there you have it.  A first look at what I have been up to.  As soon as I get my grade, I will let you know. week two for the Review Extravaganza!!!!  Come on and play!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Review 2012 Jan-March

Welcome to Week 1 of the Review Extravaganza 2012.  This week we will be recapping January, February and March.

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And now for my recap....


Ryan was an all star reader (and he still is totally rocking it) mastering his rainbow words and was the top of his class.

Emily made honor roll for the very first time!  It was so exciting to see her grow like that.

And Kristin tried out for her very first musical.  This was a huge step for her at the time.  One would never guess she was born to act.  Not only did she audition, she got a part!!!
I got a little and there....

I helped Ryan with his 100 days of school by making a shirt (totally stole the idea from Emmy)  and made a couple of other things.
Just flip your computer ;)

My van had a fight with a spark plug and lost.  And I continued to get my craft on. 

Something sad for me happened.  Being a huge fan of The Monkees, the death of Davy Jones was a huge loss to me and left me sad.  I still feel sad now and then.  But it also brought up lots of happy memories.

And some where in there, I got to see my bestie...and as we well know, there is always a picture when that happens! have until next Wednesday, Dec 12th to link up.  Remember to post just a link of your recap and not just a link to your blog.  There are lots of prizes so why wouldn't you want you want to play along!  I sure wish I could.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ten Things in November

I try my hardest to smile in the face of adversity.  I try to remain ever faithful during times of trial, especially when those times seem to drag on and on.  So I am grateful for this monthly meme, by my bestie, Emmy, to remind not just me, but all of us of what makes us smile.

1.  Free haircuts for my kids.  Yep...FREE.
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2.  Ryan in a leather jacket, looking pretty darn cool.  Fonzie, eat your heart out.

3.  Our kids blowing bubbles for the cats.  Yes the cats.  And how those silly beasts loved those bubbles.
4.  Have you ever patted your kid's butt in the form affection?  I did/do, and while doing it, Ryan farted. Yeah we laughed.
5.  Getting to spend time with my bestie!

6.  A really nice Thanksgiving
7.  A good report from Ryan's teacher
8.  I am doing well in school too!!!
9.  Our Christmas tree topper "died" which was sad, and now we have a new one.

10.  Knowing I can still laugh and be a little bit nutty!