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Review Extravaganza 2012 Oct, Nov, and Dec.

<br /><center> <a href=""><img src="" /></a></center> <br /> We are in our final week of the Extravaganza!  It started out so simply, and has grown into a true Extravaganza with prizes valued over $300!!  I hope you all have been playing along!!!  In this our last week, we are recapping October, November and December.October...
Rich completed all of his treatments for his toe, which had become infected to the bone.  He was released by the wound care treatment center and no longer required crutches. A few minor setbacks with his feet has left him on disability and he is currently under doctor's watchful eye.  However, his blood sugar is the best it has ever been and he is being most obedient in his treatments. I started a huge step in my life.  Something I had been thinking about for a very long time.  I start…

Review Extravaganza July, August and September

<br /><center> <a href=""><img src="" /></a></center> <br /> It's week three of the Review Extravaganza, and we are covering July, August and September this time.  As I walk down "memory lane," I realize that this year kind of really sucked.  As I go over the next few months, we can see the good, bad, and the hey we survived!!!July...
We lost our fur baby.... He got out on the 4th during the day, and we never saw him again.  We rescued two brothers about 3 weeks later... We went to the beach and had lots of fun... It was cold but that didn't stop them from going into the water. Yes, I am wearing jeans in that picture. Then, Rich got hurt.... I never knew that one toe could cause so much drama.... We had a very long ride ahead of us.August...
We went to Indio again with Emmy and her Family.   We …

Review Extravaganza 2012 April, May and June!

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It is week two of the 2012 Review Extravaganza!  Remember when you play to be sure to only link up your post and not your whole blog.  Grab that button up there.  There are fabulous prizes this year worth …

College Life

As you all know, I am in college now.  I am so excited about taking this step.  I just completed my first class.  Three credits towards graduation!!!  117 to go.  A bloggy friend of mine, Hermit Mom, suggested I share some of my work here.  So here is a sampling of my work.  This is my final for my first class.  It has not been graded yet.  We were asked to write three paragraphs about transformative learning.
            In the story of “The Ugly Duckling”, the ugly duckling is made fun because she is ugly compared to her siblings who are bright, yellow, and fluffy.  She is left feeling unwanted, unloved and ugly.  The “ugly” duckling goes through a great transformation in which she turns into a beautiful swan with a long and lovely neck and pretty white feathers.  As adults, we also go through our own transformative changes.  The process, like that of the ugly duckling, can be painful and stressful, but the outcome is desirable.  First, there is recognition of a problem, second, it …

Review 2012 Jan-March

Welcome to Week 1 of the Review Extravaganza 2012.  This week we will be recapping January, February and March.

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Ten Things in November

I try my hardest to smile in the face of adversity.  I try to remain ever faithful during times of trial, especially when those times seem to drag on and on.  So I am grateful for this monthly meme, by my bestie, Emmy, to remind not just me, but all of us of what makes us smile.
1.  Free haircuts for my kids.  Yep...FREE.
2.  Ryan in a leather jacket, looking pretty darn cool.  Fonzie, eat your heart out.
3.  Our kids blowing bubbles for the cats.  Yes the cats.  And how those silly beasts loved those bubbles. 4.  Have you ever patted your kid's butt in the form affection?  I did/do, and while doing it, Ryan farted. Yeah we laughed. 5.  Getting to spend time with my bestie!
6.  A really nice Thanksgiving 7.  A good report from Ryan's teacher 8.  I am doing well in school too!!! 9.  Our Christmas tree topper "died" which was sad, and now we have a new one.

10.  Knowing I can still laugh and be a little bit nutty!