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My Name is Lourie

My name is Lourie and I am a bad housekeeper.A pack ratBlog-aholicchoco-aholic...what?  Oh, that one is okay now?  Whew!I hate doing laundryI hate doing dishesI don't dustI hate grocery shoppingI procrastinateI yell at my kids...ah come on!  It does to count!I watch shows I have seen a million times before because I like them and because it gives me a sense of comfort.Whew!  I am glad I got that off my chest.  Now it is your turn.  Go head over to Glamazon's place and play along.

"O" Face

I know I may regret using the term "O" Face here.  But since today is Alphabe-Thursday with Jenny, I thought I could risk it. 

When Ryan was just a baby he had the best face for happy and excited.  He made this awesome face whenever he saw his favorite toy.  We called it his "O" face.  We called it that, because that is what it looked like.  However, we decided it probably wouldn't be to funny when one of our daughters said, "My brother makes his "O" face whenever he gets excited." at school, or worse...CHURCH!  So we dubbed it the "toy" face instead.

I give you.... the "O" face...

You Must Vote

There is always drama of some sort on DWTS.  Some seasons are more so than others.  Last season everyone kept getting sick.  Derek Hough actually got sent home and his partner had to dance with someone else for one week.  Dancers and celebs alike have danced with injuries and while sick.  However, when I saw Evan trying a flip with Anna, and not only saw but heard his head hit the mat(thank God for the mat) I just cringed.  He ended up with a head injury that ended him up in Urgent Care.  He was okay, and carried on.  The show must go on I guess....

Jake and Chelsie:  The Dance:  The Samba--Chelsie took him out dancing to see the Samba.  Looks like fun was had.  I think what I like about Jake is that not only does he give it his all, but he has fun doing it.  And that is what it is about.  The dance was going great and then he bumped into the steps to the judges table.  He quickly recovered it, but it was there.  Len commended him for his increasing confidence and noted that there we…

Why Are You Smiling?

At the end of each month, Emmy at Emmy Mom--One Day at a time answers this very question with ten simple answers.  She doesn't list things that are on the grand scale--like winning the lottery.  She lists things like warm weather, flowers, and being able to clear a clogged drain. 

Now Emmy is asking us to play along with her.  Well, some of my happiness are big things, but I can't help it. 

1.  A new dishwasher.  After 4 months of dishpan hands, this is a most awesome treat and definitely is something to smile about.

2.  A new laptop.  My poor machine.  It was 4 + years old, missing keys, some keys simply didn't work, took it about 5-10 minutes to completely boot up.  No joke, I could eat breakfast while it warmed up.  So a brand new laptop sure is something to smile about

3.  A haircut for me.   I love it when I get a haircut.  We don't get those very often do we?

4.  White Diamonds perfume.  It's one of my favorites for two reasons:  it reminds me of my Grandmot…

What If...

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Friday about me having some "issues"  Mostly I talked about silly quirks I have.  But one of the comments I got, struck a chord with me, that I have often wrestled with.  It was a comment from my friend, Holly.  She said, " Everything about me is a quirk...I think I used to be more normal...but I am pretty sure it was an I am older and I don't care...I am who I am."  I love this statement.  Isn't it wonderful?  I am who I am! 

Yesterday, in church we talking about virtue and how it is diminishing.  One sister spoke up and said that when she was in middle school and high school, her mother would tell her to say hi to people from school even if she didn't know them.  Her mother's reason was, "You don't know her, but maybe she knows you."  She didn't want to because she would feel "weird."  She went on to say, that after high school she saw someone from school who she recognized, b…