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Little or Grown

My baby turned 21 yesterday. 
I am not sure where the time went, but she is now 21. Her eyes are still crazy big just like her heart. 

It's true what they say, blink and they are all grown up. There are times now and then when I long for the days of kiddie shows and barbies. However, as it was told me to recently, the trade off is quite nice. They are right. We share secrets--it's true. We laugh...a lot. I have spent years building this relationship and I would not change it; even if it meant I could have her little again. Nope. They are such a pure treasure when they are little, but who they become is an even greater one. 
I have truly enjoyed the first 21 years, (and yes I have two others) I cannot wait to see what comes next not only for her, but for each of my kids as they forge their way.