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Five Things: If One Person Can Get Me Blogging...

If anyone can get me blogging again, it will be Emmy! Yes, you will. It will happen. Stop shaking your head, woman! Today is Friday Five with Emmy and that is where you share five thoughts and five pictures. Okay this could be interesting...

1.  Summer vacay so far has been mostly uneventful. No major dramas--knock wood. Ryan and Rich did Cub Camp and the weather was fantastic! The weather overall here has been HOT! He and Rich both had a good time.
2.  Rich's brother and sister-in-law and daughter came to CA for a visit. Their visit was short but we were happy to spend time with them just the same.
3. My sweet Emily turned 16! I just can't believe it. She had such a rough beginning born three weeks early and not breathing! YOu would never know it. She is a brilliant artist and incredibly sweet and funny.
4.  I am continuing on with college. It's hard! I will not quit. I am going for the finish! Sometimes I think about going for a Masters Degree, but I shudder at the extra sch…

Ten Things to Smile About

Yes, I know it has been far too long. It may be a long time again, but here I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy.

1. This kid and his silly ways always make me smile everyday of the year.
2. Trying on a Medium shirt and having it fit!
3. Seeing this shirt at a thrift store and finding it oddly amusing.
4. This sweet girl being abundantly pleased with her birthday cake
5. Spending time with family even if it was short.
6. An impromptu one shot "photo shoot" for Father's Day
7. When my mom and I dressed alike without even trying. It happens a lot.
8. When Ryan invited his Dad to talk at Scouts as a hero. Just look at that face! 9. In a moment of weakness, Spencer put an arm over his brother.
10. I am actually on the fence about this one. But he sure is a happy kid.

That is what made me smile this month. What made you smile?